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  1. Wow! Your story sounds like mine. I had to restart too. But we learn from our mistakes! Vanne is right, WW is the best way to go. Stick with it and in-no-time, you'll be a good, healthy weight. WELCOME! And post often. Find a board that suits you and introduce yourself to that group. Post often and stay OP. ~Sandi~
  2. WOW! I don't know what to say... I'm in the same boat as you. DH is very heavy though and should be doing this with me. Instead he eats anything AND everything. He just does not care. It's hard to do this when you see someone else eating something that you know, A. Isn't good for you B. Is empty calories C. Just isn't worth the points Sometimes I slip and end up eating what he has but most-of-the-time, I am in control. I guess that's what you have to tell yourself over and over. Ok, that's good advice for both of us. Say it with me: "I AM IN CONTROL" Your BF should be happy you are even cooking for him. I tell my family if they don't like it then they can cook from now on. Hope this helps and I hope someone else has suggestions for us. LOL Sandi
  3. WOW!!! 72 pounds! Keep up the good work! ~Sandi~
  4. WOW! Thanks for posting this. I almost considered doing this. Not only did I save a fortune, but I also saved my taste buds. ha ha Thanks for the input. ~Sandi~
  5. WOW! Thanks alot for the great receipes. I'm definately going to try a few. I'm so tired of eating oatmeal for breakfast so first I'm gonna try the sausage/egg muffins. Thanks again, Sandi
  6. Hi Mimi, I'm Sandi from Pa. I just jumped right in and started yapping. VERY friendly bunch here. Enjoy your journey. ~Sandi 203/172/145
  7. Just exactly what does this toy do? Measure how far you walked? Like a pedometer? Just curious. ~Sandi 203/173/145 web page
  8. DH thinks I'm nuts! I'm laughing VERY loudly at the computer. Thanks alot!!! lol ~Sandi
  9. Glad I'm not a man. I would've responded to that too! Very funny! ~Sandi
  10. Ok, I just read the whole thing to DH and for some strange reason, he didn't think it was funny. Is it because... He's a man? lol ~Sandi
  11. Well, I totally agree with the Wendie plan. It's the only thing that works for me. If I eat around the same points everyday---then nothing! But I agree with Christina and Kathryn, you have to really "bounce" around the points sometimes. Then your body won't get to used to a certain amount. Hope all these posts help. ~Sandi 5'7" SW-203 CW-175 GW-145
  12. WOW Laura, I just checked out your pictures and all I have to say is "GREAT JOB" You ARE an inspiration!!! Joe~ 12 lbs. in two weeks is incredible. Keep up the good work. ~Sandi 5'7" SW-203 CW-176 GW-145
  13. I thought it had something to do with the amount of posts, but I wasn't positive. Thanks for asking that question. ~Sandi 5'7" SW-203 CW-178 GW-145 Queen runs-with-the-bulls
  14. What is bulgar? I keep seeing this come up, but I never asked before. ~Sandi
  15. WHAT??????? I thought all the Lays WOW chips were 1 point for 1 ounce. Is the bbq higher? Are you sure? I don't have a bag handy (already ate them) That will mess-up everything if that is correct. I plan them into my daily points, gotta have chips! ~Sandi 5'7" SW-203 CW-178 GW-145 Queen runs-with-the-bulls
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