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  1. I am thinking about joining this program but wondering if any one is familiar with it. Thanks for quick feedback since special ends tonight.
  2. In the 'Fit and Sexy Fifties' are there a few people on the new WW Free style program ?
  3. Thank you Ann ! Yes, this group sounds really interesting. Aiming to join when entitled to (after 5 posts) and be able to share experiences ☺
  4. Hi, I am Jocelyne and I am 58 years old. I will retire in six months from now and wish to loose some weight and increase my activity level (and stick to it) for this huge life event. I am actually working as a WAH and I am looking forward for this new life change after 33 years... My spouse and I are both aiming for this important goal (healthy retirement). I will be more than happy to share good tricks to help reach this goal. I lost 40 pounds with the WW points program (2012-2014). However I gained some of it since then ... Therefore still 25 pounds to go... Thanks for sharing your experience !
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