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  1. I think the oats she is referring to that says rinse are the steel cuts oats. She said they look more like grains and that's what the steel cut ones are not been flattened like the old fashioned kind or grinded up like the instant each time it is considered more processed and may lose some of the nutritional value. just some thoughts google to find out more.
  2. Hi, I use to post here in 03 and beyond. I am a lifetime member as I reached my goal with a 73# loss however I have gained back . so I am snooping around to see what the new 2016 program is all about, if anybody can put me in the right direction that would be appreciated. I suspect it is basically the same only re-arranged. WW is good for that but it seems to work when they roll out something new. Thanks in advance!
  3. That is great for p+ = 1 pt. Also the Kroger carb master yogurts are 1 pt. very low in sugars hence lower in carbs than most yogurts. jfyi
  4. I went to WW yesterday and just the excitement of the meeting has got me fired up once again to do the plan. I really feel as others that it is a head game but that's ok by me. I needed some thing to get me going, it has been since 03 that I have reached my goal. I keep it off for 3 + years and 50# has slowly krept back on, but I feel confident I can get back to goal with this new program, which I am liking so far. I wish everyone well and success to reach thier goal and to be healthy. Thanks for this board.
  5. You could eat 1/2 ww and 1/2 regular spagetti till you develope a taste for the ww alone. This is what I did years ago and now regular pasta taste lifeless to me. I love the whole wheat and so does the family.
  6. I say if you are losing keep doing what you are doing. But if your losses stal or slow or stop,l then you need to rethink or recalculate the way your doing the flour in your baked goods.
  7. This sounds very good indeed a comfort food for cold weather. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thank you ladies for the info. It is so appreciated.
  9. I'm lifetime, and have dropped out from meetings quite some time. My ? is do I have to go every week or still only weigh once a month and pay till I get back to my goal weight? Also if I want to just go to more than one meeting @ month but not weigh would I have to pay to be there since I am lifetime status( but above my goal )? Hope that made since. Thanks, Jane
  10. I use to buy the cozy cottage or the vermont kind ?? not sure the name they are expensive then I tried the wal-mart brand this last time, it taste just like the cozy cottage brand and way cheaper too. So that will be my syrup by the way it's sweetened with splenda.
  11. I have never found a f/f cheese slice that is 0 points they are 1 point & so is all the 2% cheese slices I have ever eaten. Hope that helps you.
  12. I mix 1 # lean hambuger with about 1/2 to 2/3 cup salsa then make my patties and grill makes it so moist. The last time I bought the southwestern salsa with black beans & corn it was a great change from the regular salsa.
  13. Thanks Ladies for the suggestions, I had a salad for lunch with salsa & the avocado & 1 of my healthy oils (EVOO) it was so good I can't believe I like this cause one gets so tired of f/f salad dressing, so this is a nice change. Then I had egg salad(core) on a toasted piece of core -n- bread. I am really liking this core program. The scales did finally move yesterday when I weighed need to update my signature. Once again thank you ladies for your wonderful suggestions.
  14. Hi, I need a suggestion as to what to do with this recipe that I made the morning, I have never bought an avocado before let alone eat one. LOL! In magic bullet put: avocado - peeled clove of garlic piece of onion f/f sour cream f/f salad dressing or mayo splash of skim milk - to the desired consistancy I also put a dash of salt felt like it needed something else ( any thing else I should add? ) It was ok and would probally grow on you the recipe said to use it as salad dressing? That just didn't sound all that good to me & I surely don't want it to go to waste so any suggestions or help would be grateful. Thanks buddies!
  15. Kroger's has lite buns @ 1 point each hotdog & hambuger both they also come in whole wheat lite as well. I also like the ballpark smoked white meat turkey dogs they are like bun length and very tasty not rubbery like some hotdogs. They are also 1 point. glad to share.
  16. A scale is the best money you will spend to help you succeed on this journey. I could not live without it. If mine died today I would be purchasing one tonite LOL! My hubby got me a digital one before I even started or was thinking about W/W one year for Christmas and I asked him what am I going to use it for. He said maybe you might want to weigh your wax & candle scent when you make your candles ( I make & sell candles ) so I kept it and thought I already have my formulas worked out for that which he was not aware of at the time. But after I started W/W I began to use it for food & eventually I changed and use it to do my candles. I actually have 2 now one for a backup cause they are so handy also use it to weigh mail sometimes. They do come in handy & will become like second nature to weigh your food!!
  17. Chicken Stroganoff - easy I made this today and it is so gooood!! Here is what I did: Brown in 4 teaspoon olive oil 1/2 cup chopped onion 3/4 to 1 cup diced or sliced mushrooms ( fresh ) 1-2 cloves garlic diced then add: 8 oz chicken breast chopped into bite size pieces Continue to brown can add some chicken broth till chicken is done Then add: 1/2 can cream of chicken soup 98% f/f ( 1.5 points ) or add 1 can for ( 3 points ) Add 1/2 to 1 can chicken broth bring to boil then add: 4 oz dry whole wheat pasta I used bowties any smaller pasta shape would work.I use some pepper & seasoned salt to taste. Let it start to boil again then simmer with a lid for approx 20 mins till pasta is done. I use 1/2 cans of the soup & broth if you use the whole cans I would use 8 oz dry pasta. ( this was enough for me and hubby but I actually got about 3 servings cause its so filling ) when done turn off let sit for about 5-10 mins then right before serving stir in 1/2 - 1 cup fat free sour cream. This is so easy and delicious. Hope you try it and enjoy!!! I love core and the only ingredient you need to count is the soup.
  18. Thanks Joanne for listing the # of servings for this cake. Yummmm can't wait to make it. Jane
  19. Joanne, Thanks for the nutrionals on this it sound wonderful. but I have a question for ya did you figure this on 8 servings or sixteen? I kinda think it would be for the 8 pieces. Thanks, Jane
  20. This looks so good and I never would of thought to use salsa or picante as a sauce but why not? It would be good. I did see w/w lasanga noodle the other day for the first time at krogers. I just bought the spagetti to try before I bought any other types of w/w pastas. It was the kroger brand and I really liked the texture and taste. Thanks for this recipe. Blessings, Jane
  21. I tried these yesterday morning and they were good I did not get hungry till about 1pm in the afternoon. I am guessing it's because of the fiber in them. the only thing I did different was use 1 tea of p.p. spice in stead of the individual spices and used 2 T. of egg beaters and 2 T. of skim milk. I used my griddle and sprayed it with canola oil. They are a keeper for me cause I love pumpkin stuff. Thanks to the poster for sharing. Blessings, Jane
  22. OH MY OH MY OH MY I made these tonite for supper and what's not to love about core?? They were excellent.I love the dense type baked core stuff. The only thing I did different was to use 1 egg & 1 1/2 tea of the baking powder. I made 8 mini loafs and put blueberries in 4 of the loafs. They were so good ! This would be my recipe if I wasn't on core or flex they are so good. If you happen to be on flex these mini loafs come in @ 3 points each. Enjoy and thanks to the original poster from the w/w board and to ww carol for posting them here. Blesings, Jane
  23. I fixed these on my griddle this morning and boy do they fill ya up with all the fiber, very tasty too!! I used 1 teaspoon pp spice for the spices and use 2 T. ff milk. Thanks kaitlin for the recipe. It's a keeper, in the BCB language!!! LOL Blessings, Jane
  24. You have done a super job on the weight loss! Congratulations! You look super.
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