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  1. Thank you for the ideas using Laughing Cow. I haven't had it lately but really like it, and imagine it is low in points. I just rejoined WW after many years so need to get used to the new point system.
  2. Hello. I just joined WW. I was a member about five years ago and lost some weight, but didn't stick with it. This time I really would like to lose weight and get in better shape. I came upon this website by chance while looking up restaurant menu WW points. Good luck with your WW program!
  3. I love tiramisu so will give this a try. I also do not have an espresso maker but could try some French Roast or similar. Has anyone tried a different kind of coffee? All ideas welcome.
  4. Thank you for all of the info about Indian food and points. I love Indian food and just joined WW, so wasn't sure what I could eat.
  5. I love avocados, too, and was surprised at their high point count. I see that I can still enjoy them, just in moderation. Thanks for the tips.
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