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  1. Yes, exactly I agree with you. I have been doing weight lifting for months now and infact, I even have a trainer still I have not been able to lose any weight at all. I seriously doubt, if it is actually worth doing weight lifting or not because in my case neither it has helped me lose weight nor it has helped me improve my joints. I feel disappointed.
  2. Thank you so much for your advice. I went to a gym near my house and the trainer also told me that I should not start rigorously otherwise my joints will be hurt. I will surely check out some videos on youtube and then follow the advice of the professional trainers.
  3. I love Hot Cocoa. In my childhood days, I used to drink it everyday but not with splenda, I used to drink it with regular sugar. At the time, my metabolism was fast so I did not put on weight, but I guess, I can't do that anymore
  4. Hi, I have started my weight loss journey just now. I have heard that weight-lifting helps a lot with losing weight, but I have never done that in my entire life. I have purchased dumb-bells of 1 lb, 2 lb and 5 lbs. So, I want your help. Can anybody here, tell me how much weight-lifting should I do everyday? I am really new into this and I don't know much about weight-lifting so any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Jingle
  5. oh no that video is unavailable now I wish that was available, I wanted to see it.
  6. I will turn 29 next year and I have decided that before turning 30, no matter what I will lose the extra 40 lbs that I have right now. And I have started taking my first steps towards losing weight. I have started doing 30 minutes walk everyday.
  7. I would like to add one more thing - Water. Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated so that the body can function properly.
  8. This is really funny especially the one about "arguments". If there is an argument between a man and a woman, the man will say something that is related to the current event but the women will start talking about things that happened years ago and so on hahahah
  9. hahahahaha this totally makes sense, I guess I should also throw away my shampoo and start using detergent
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