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  1. THANKS!! Why couldn't I find that??
  2. I was wondering if any of you can help me. I searched on the internet and found nothing. I want to find out how I can bottle my own spaggetti sauce to possible sell. Is there any type of machinery I can buy and what are the procedures for doing so?
  3. All I can tell you is that I didn't like soy milk when I tried it but now prefer it over lactaid. I used to prefer lactaid but now find it disgusting. There was a thread awhile back about acquiring tastes and an article that you can get used to anything. Some people train themselves to like skim milk over whole milk. I'm sure the same thing applies to soy milk.
  4. One more question. Do have to keep them in the fridge after they are opened?
  5. Thanks guys. I didn't think anyone was ever going to post a reply. Really appreciate the link. I thought the peanut butter one sounded good but now will put in on the bottom of ones to try. Wow, they are so expensive. I can get the SF Vanilla and SF Hazelnut at the military commissary for half the price. That's all they have. I looked up VitaLady and the syryps are a little cheaper than the DaVinci site. Any other places to buy for less money that the DiVinci site before I spend my hard earned $$?
  6. What are some good flavors of SF DaVinci syrup. I'm thinking that this has probably been asked before BUT I just discovered I love the vanilla flavor after putting it in my yogurt. Thanks in advance.
  7. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUGGESTIONS!! I only wished I had asked sooner. The disgusting plain yogurt was wonderful with splenda and DiVinci's vanilla syryp. Actually better after I was done. I can't wait to try all the other suggestions. Thank you.
  8. On page 27 on the Getting Started Week 1 book it has astericks on the FF milk, ff sf pudding and ff plain yogurt. Then it explains that one cup of the asterisk item counts as 1 serving of a milk product. My question is does that mean 1 1/2 ounces of ff cheese and ff cottage cheese does not count as a milk serving?
  9. What section of a food store would the syryps be in?
  10. So, if most of it is water weight does that mean those people who are switching back and forth between the two programs would expect a gain during their flex week?
  11. I noticed a lot of big losses with core dieters this week. Is it because you are eating less in general or do you lose wieght in spite of eating more food because the food you are eating is not processed?
  12. I am interested in eating non fat yogurt but could never stand the taste of it. Any suggestions on how to acquire the taste for it or make it taste better.
  13. I appreciate all the responses. I get more out of this board than the meetings!! Looks like I'm going to give in and buy the food companion book and then produce a shopping list from the checkmarked items.
  14. Sounds really good. I will try it. Thanks for posting.
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