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  1. firechick139--I don't know how close you are to the strip district, but there's a coffee shop on Penn Ave. (I can't remember the name, but it is across the street from Pennsylvania Macaroni) that carries sugar free Torani syrups. They are a distributor and have all of the sf flavors Torani puts out. Torani doesn't have as great a selection as DV, but IMO are just as good. If you live close to Upper St. Clair, there is a shop on Rt 19 N (going toward Washington) called The Market (across from Simmons Farm and beside Betty Brite Cleaners) that also carries the Torani. They don't have as many flavors as the coffee shop, but they do carry quite a few.
  2. I love my cocomotion machine!!!! I'm drinking a mocha latte as I type this. To make it, I used 1 1/2 cups of double strength coffee, 1 1/2 cups ff milk, 2 Tb cocoa, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and some sweetener (about the equivalent of 2 Tb of sugar). Very tasty - rich and good chocolate flavor. I really like the taste of coffee so I think I'd like it even better if it had more of a coffee taste. Perhaps powdered expresso instead of the coffee?
  3. These are great. I don't care for pineapple in muffins, so I didn't use it. They still turned out fine and taste wonderful. They really hit the spot in the afternoon with a cup of coffee. Thanks for the recipe.
  4. Thanks CG! I really love your recipes.
  5. Are there any Marshall's where you're going? They sell some flavors there. If you're a coffee lover, try the Kalua. It is wonderful!
  6. I do it all the time. Some weeks are more hectic than others, and I just find a meeting that works for me. Its also interesting to hear other leaders.
  7. Has anyone made kamut? I bought some in bulk at the health food store and have not be able to find cooking instructions. The person at the store said to cook it like brown rice but it didn't turn out right. I checked on the internet and have been able to find tons of info about kamut, but not how to cook it. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Well, my old crockpot finally died. The liner has a crack in it so I guess its time to buy a new one. I looked on the web for some advice, but am more confused than ever. So buddies, how about some help? What kind of crockpot do you use and are you happpy with it? Thanks.
  9. I make shakes out of ffsf pudding, skim milk, and DiVinci syrups. I put 8 oz of skim milk, a couple of ice cubes, 1/2 TB dry ffsf pudding, and 1/2 TB (or to taste) of syrup in a blender and mix until the ice cubes are gone. If you let it sit a minute or so, it thickens a little. You can use any kind of pudding or syrup. I really like french vanilla and vanilla pudding and choc. fudge pudding with Kahlua syrup. I usually have mine in the evening while I'm making the kids' lunches. Helps to keep me from picking.
  10. I agree. I usually post on the 100+ thread and really feel I've gotten to know the people who post there often. I have found BCB members to be very supportive and helpful. You'll get a kick in the behind when you whine and help when you ask. Stick with program for a few months before you try the bypass. I know many people have had success with it, but its such a drastic step to take.
  11. Have you tried making sauce in the crockpot? I make a bunch and freeze it. Tastes a lot better than the stuff in the jar.
  12. Huge disappointment! I've checked all my local grocery stores and no one carries the ff Annies. Where have you been able to find it?
  13. Thanks buddies. My leader is a retired dietician so I was very surprised that she not only didn't know how to count them, she'd never even heard of them! I know these grains aren't what we usually find in grocery stores, but I didn't think they were that unusual. Are they? Any good recipe ideas?
  14. I'm doing core and have been trying new whole grains. How do you count grains such as spelt and kamut? Are they once a day foods like brown rice and whole wheat pasta? I checked with my WW leader and she has no idea. The complete food book doesn't list them at all (At least I didn't see them). Is there a link about whole grains? Thanks for your help, buddies.
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