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  1. :lol: that is so funny!!! Thanks for the laugh Tammy
  2. :lol: That is funny! Tammy
  3. WOW!! Your pictures are truly amazing Thank you so much for sharing them with us! That is really inspiring! You look awesome!! Tammy
  4. WOW!! Awesome pictures Congratulations!! It's just so inspiring to see your journey! Tammy
  5. Joanne Thank you so much for sharing your pictures through your weightloss journey!! They are truly inspiring! You look great! Tammy
  6. Treesaw! Those pictures are amazing! It's so inspiring to see your weightloss journey! You look great!! Congratulations for reaching your goal!! Thank you for sharing with all of us Tammy
  7. WOW That is so cool!! I just signed up! Thanks for posting about the challenge! I know I'm a bit behind because I just joined today but I will work hard Tammy
  8. LOL!! It took me 4 times to get 100% Tammy
  9. LOL!! It took me 4 times to get 100% Tammy
  10. WOW! Andrea that is AWESOME!!! It is just amazing to see your journey through weightloss like that! I know I'm making a scrapbook of my journey and I can't wait to see how things will go for me! Congrats! You must be so proud of yourself!!! I am just so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Tammy
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