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  1. Carol and Core buddies, Okay, I am here and statring over. Hoppy where are you hun! I will follow the group, LOL! It worked for me in the pass. Reading the Book over and starting, the workbook is different this time around. I noticed that I would need to deal with issues differently than the first time. I think my greatest revelation was that I could be hungry and guess what? I will live and get to the next meal and not overeat. DH wonders why I didn't get this before I do not understand. Yes, he is very thin!! I honestly thought if I ate less at dinner I would starve and have to overeat later, but I don’t. Does everyone use the response cards in the book or have there one way of doing it. I but mine in Outlook/Task/reoccurring daily It keeps me alert when they pop up and I think that in the long run it has helped me during my 6 month plateau.
  2. Hi Fellow Core BCB'ers, Is this the latest Beck thread? Hoppy and I are coming over to do a round two on the Core Beck thread. I follwed the program once with success and actually enjoyed doing it. Now I have the workbook round two, I am sure I will learn more doing it once more. I searched but just could find out whcih thread was the most recent. Except WWCarol's eating experiment, too cool. Tina
  3. Thank you so much Hoppy. I quit making anything with coconut. Yhis will work beutifully
  4. Joanne and all the other Firmies, Thank you for responding so enthuisatically to this post. I was thinking of hiring a personal trainer. Yes, I know it is expensive, but to correct my form and help me to know when to move to the next steps. But I have my Firm DVD's the first and second sets. With your advice and maybe the stability ball workout and dance one I would be better off. Have to wait for my trip home next year, but it will be worth the wait. So on Spetemeber 1st, I will be back to being a Firmie. I have to start at ZERO, but I know I loved it when I used to do them. :bcbsalute
  5. HI Marie, We do not know each other, but I wanted to say "Good job, soldier!!!! :bcbsalute "
  6. Now that I would call some good news!!! Way to go!
  7. http://http://www.iconfitness.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prmenbr=979&prrfnbr=550597&cgrfnbr=10671 I have Proform, the link above. I love it!
  8. Christena and Carol, I am here and reading. My week on vacatuon was a bust. My dog couldn't walk and needed an operation, so I couldn't leave him alone for any lenght of time. he was in so much pain. The terrible wet weather didn't help either. The I got home and my disablity decided to throw me a curve ball. I only walked on Saturday and it is now Thursday. So this will set me back two weeks. But I will get with the program as soon as I have some relief. Way to go on the marathon. Christena Carol, I finally lost 2.2 lbs, but it wasn't because of the exercise. Did you know not being able to eat and no exercise could lead to weight loss. I am not complaining, I will take it anyway i can get it, but I am ready to get back on track and do it the healthy way. After treatment the pain should be a lot less.
  9. Christena and Carol, Hi there teagranny!! I was on vacation and the weather was so bad I couldn't get out much. The dog was hurt and couldn't walk. So I couldn't leave him alone, strange place and in pain. I am back on the treadmill. I am not doing the program Teagranny. I just hang out with these two, that way after I get home and buy the book they will help me stay on the makeover track, LOL!!!! You guys are really doing great. :bcbsalute I won't get that show over here for at least 6 months and then we never know what they are showing ahead of time.
  10. Hi Christena and Carol, I am here and following my plan. I could not do double on Sunday, I was in too much pain. I am feeling a little better today. I already did my weights and need to get on the treadmill. The weight is light, but it felt very heavy today. I was getting ready to go up another lb., maybe I should wait. I might wait take another rest day. My body is sluggish and just a little off. You guys are doing great. I am losing weight so slow, I need to work harder for more success. Loved the website!
  11. Carol, The get with the program has strenght exercises 8 and 8 functional exercises with pictures. I just don't get the weights, like what is normal?? Thanks for the info. No the Dutch libraries don't get these types of books. I'll have to wait until I get home. I am so happy you are doing so well. I am doing great with exercise, but I am not losing weight. I am giving myself far to much wiggle room.:angel
  12. Rob, I bought one here in Holland. The Oekker bread is too salt and every single time I try to try a US recipe it just not all together ok! I posted on the International thread, LOL!! If we all get together we can make bread!!!:bcbsalute
  13. Carol and Christena, I am sure it will be coming at a later date. Oh No ,I meant the 3rd. duh!! I was reading and can't type worth beans on this laptop. Check out www.oprah.com/makeover. I am keeping up with the cardio sessions. I double the worout once a week and do a kick b.tt a little out of my reach workout on Saturday to pick up the pace. Does it tell you in the book how every the weight should be for every exercise? Like for a beginner, intermediate, advanced. I started with 1 lb and am now at 2.2 lbs and doing two sets of 12 reps. But if I look at the shrugs, I think wow how much shoudl i use. In his other book he talks about 70% of what you can lift. hello??? I am lost and free wheeling it here. I have the book Get with the program and I am afriad to spend the money on another book with more of the same. You guys are doing great.
  14. Carol and Christena, I have my O magazine, Feb. 2005 (I get it always around the 1st of the month, over here) and it has a whole page ad saying the on Thursday, February 3rd on Oprah Total Body Makeovers. Hmmm, I was looking forward to hearing about. I get it 3 to 6 months later. :angel PS I really don't need the book, but I want it so bad. LOL
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