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  1. FWIW, I heard a study on NPR a few months ago that said running is not harder on your knees than not running, statistically. To SOME extent, exercise is good for old arthritic knees.
  2. I came back to BCB after several years away. I went to Jazzercise and then walked my dog for 30 minutes (very slow minutes, even the 4 legged creatures are struggling on the sidewalks lately.) Ate a LOT of not-so-great stuff as PMS and marital fight were bugging me, but I had the WP to use so I was still on plan. Forgave myself for eating my WPs. That's what they are for!
  3. Besides the metabolism issue, losing weight too quickly can harm your liver. Toxins are stored in fat, as you lose fat your liver processes those toxins. Don't want to overload the liver! Also, weight lost slowly is more likely to stay off.
  4. I wonder if cocoa powder and Splenda wouldn't give you the same kick for a lot less points.
  5. One more reason to love CORE-but I know it's hard to eat out on CORE.
  6. Make sure the rolls are pinched tight around the marshmallow. Sealed=no leaks. I use only two mini marshmallows to make it work better.
  7. In addition to great advice already given, I make myself take the dog for a 20 minute walk, even when tired (tired is how I get into trouble every time.). Then I drink a glass of water. It's how I "clean my slate", so to speak, plus I earn an AP, and help digest the overeating I just committed. As time goes by, this will happen less and less-I haven't had this problem since last October. The planning will become automatic with practice!
  8. OK, this was really funny, but I have to say, I HAVE DONE number 26. In front of the school in the morning. I feel sure I saved some children's lives! (If you do this, wear a dark blue shirt and sunglasses)
  9. This was really good! My kids said they would like less cheese in theirs next time, or sharp cheddar. That would be easy enough. I LOVE recipes that feel like you're "cheating", and this one does with the creamy cheese and the ham. I bought four very thin slices of very good ham-$9/lb, my 4 slices cost $1. YUM!
  10. You know, PF, this quote makes me think you are like me-extremely sensitive to smell. Do people's perfume bother you in public? Can you tell the milk has gone bad two days before anyone else? That's how I am. I too, had to learn to eat veggies and can only stomach fish when it is covered by a spicy smell such as garlic. I will never eat eggs by themselves as long as I live. They simply will not go down. It doesn't always have to do with "being an adult" and "sucking it up". (although trying with an adult attitude is important!) And by the way, that soup certainly does count! I second CW and NancyNY-V8, the veggies you do like, and fruit count. Stay away at first from strong smelling veggies like Brussel sprouts or anything that smells to you. Roast veggies-I like the roast SMELL more than the flavor! And my little trick-hold your nose when eating a veggie you don't like. It's still a chore but not gag-inducing!
  11. I used to eat fast food every day, by myself, giving that and soda up freed about $25/week that yes, I spent on groceries. Over time, I reduced meat and increased beans, starting buying rice and beans in bulk. Within a few months my bills were back to where they had been. I think groceries in GENERAL are skyrocketing. There is competition for corn now, it's used in fuel, so stuff with corn, meat animals fed corn, and stuff with corn syrup are all increasing. Tha'ts half the stuff in the dang store! Also wanted to add-when spring comes (please God let it be SOON lol)-can you get into a community garden? Or plant one in your backyard? Even starting in late June last year, I grew tomatoes and peppers and basil galore. I am too lazy to can so I made 40 quarts of spaghetti sauce to freeze. My total cost for the sauce and three months of fresh veggies was about $25. (Our garden is on a route I drive anyway, otherwise the price of gas makes it impractical to water and weed the thing). Even a 3 x 3 plot in your yard can grow several plants. This year I'm growing eggplant-that stuff is EXPENSIVE!
  12. latebloomer

    Man Cold

    For us it's the massage. Every day of the week something needs "rubbed". God help me if I don't feel like rubbing it. If I get a sore muscle, he says "Call Massage Envy". (Won't go himself). SO I DID. Got the one year plan and a massage therapist who is all of 22! I adore that guy!
  13. Well done you! I weighed 90 lbs. on my first license, don't want to weigh THAT again--I would love to weigh what I weighed on my wedding day-125#.
  14. My beloved Texas leader (Lord I miss her!) used to talk about how the door to WW gets "heavier" every time, and you should be proud of opening that heavy door! She personally joined 13 times, decided 13 was going to be "lucky" for her (although we know it isn't about luck, don't we?) and eventually became our leader. So I join her in saying "Well done you!"
  15. Pilates focuses on the core of the body. In some ways it is strength training. I could never pay the prices that were charged when it first got poplular, but now take the free YMCA Pilates that does not use true Pilates equipment. It is awesome. I had a very weak core, strengthening it really does make daily life easier. Have fun and let us know how it goes!
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