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  1. I like the new FP program, although I have noticed that I am not losing as much as fast as I once did. I could either be that my body is slowing down on it's own, or it's the new program. Up until just recently, I had been losing 3-4 pounds per week, and for the past six weeks I have lost 1-1.5 pounds. I usually don't eat all my FP's unless I go out for dinner, and I usually eat them all in one shot instead of spreading them out. Overall, I think it's a good program, and I am still seeing results, so I shouldn't complain. Good luck! ~*CaLGaL*~
  2. Aw, good for you, Pat! You should be so proud of yourself for doing so well! Keep it up! ~*CaLGaL*~
  3. Kraft light PB is not too bad. Also, if you have a Safeway grocery store close by, the light Safeway brand is pretty good! Just another idea for ya! ~*CaLGaL*~
  4. Wow Andrea! You should be so proud of yourself! You have done so well, and you look fantastic!!! Congratulations! ~*CaLGaL*~
  5. I tried this recipe this afternoon, and may I say, it was fabulous! Thank you, Laurdee! *~CaLGaL~*
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