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  1. Welcome! Many of us return to WW when we are ready to get serious again. You are not alone. You are in the right place to get lots of encouragement. BCB rocks~!
  2. Greetings BCB'ers! I just restarted WW again and am back to BCB. All my previous experiences were with FLEX, and I had great success. I am really liking the new PointsPlus plan. I find it really nudges me to more closely follow the healthy guidelines, and since fruit is now free (Yay!) I am more apt to use it to satisfy my sweet tooth than to use 100 calorie packs, etc. I am finding that I feel more "satisfied" like I used to hear other people say all the time that were doing Core when I was on FLEX. I won't weigh in until Monday. So, I am hopeful that the scale is as happy with PointsPlus as I am.
  3. Hi buddies! I'm checking in again after a few hectic days. The new school called a parents' meeting to go over the mandatory science fair requirements, and I have been swamped dealing with all of the other differences at this school vs. the regular public high school. It is definitely a positive move, but I didn't realize the first few days would be so overwhelming.... My teenager now officially has a boyfriend.... (He's a sweet boy from church and they are at the homecoming dance tonight.) She is really excited and we are glad that she settled on such a nice boy. Well, my food has not been fantastic the past few days. I have been OP but not POP. I missed an oil and 1/4 of a dairy yesterday. Hopefully it won't throw me off too much. I still have to eat another 3/4 dairy today to accomplish POP, so I'll be doing that shortly. Ann - Congratulations on your WI! Any loss is good in my book! I haven't done that great on exercising this week either, but I did manage to get a walk in here and there.
  4. Hi buddies! I just wanted to touch base and report that I am POP today. I meant to pop in last night and report, but I was not feeling well. Yesterday was just OP instead of POP.... I missed 3/4 of a dairy serving to be POP, but I was not feeling well at the end of the day and went to bed early. Ann - Thanks for the praise! I am glad to have a good loss again and hope I will do as well this week. I haven't managed to exercise yet this week since I've been dealing with a lot of stress at home, etc. We decided to move my daughter to a college prep charter school, and it has taken every ounce of energy within me.... I'm hoping to fit in some exercise tomorrow. Lynne - Hope you are doing well! Hope everyone has a great day! Emma
  5. I also do WW on my own at home. I am a W online subscriber and used the online tracker for journaling.
  6. Hi buddies! I had my WI this morning and lost another 2.8 pounds this past week. I am convinced this is part of being POP since my losses are generally not that dramatic. So, I'm convinced to continue POP for another week. Anyone else in this week for POP? Emma
  7. Hi buddies! I'm just checking in to confirm another POP day. I didn't get any formal exercise in today, but I had a lot of walking running errands, etc. So, I was more active than my "typical" day. I'm off to take my multi-vitamin before bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Emma
  8. Hi Buddies! I'm just checking in to confirm that I am POP today. Also, I tried a new food. I decided to try the Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal. Instead of pouring milk over it, I mixed it in with my WW yogurt. Definitely yummy and will do again. Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Emma
  9. Hi buddies! I forgot to check in last night and confirm that I was POP. I did forget my multivitamin, but am taking it this morning to make up for it. Have a great weekend! Emma
  10. Hi Buddies! Checking in to confirm another POP day. I spent the day with a friend today and took care of some business at a charter school that I am about to switch my older daughter to. While we were out, we decided to go out to lunch and my friend wanted Chinese food. I found myself in a bit of a quandry since I didn't know the exact points for my choices, so I just the WW Online tools for my best guesstimate. Then I walked for 80 minutes tonight to earn a few activity points. Tomorrow should turn out to be another busy day as I finalize the decision about the charter school and get all the paperwork completed. Ann - I hope your son is feeling better soon! Lynne - Hope you are having a great day! Happy and OP day to everyone! Emma
  11. Hi buddies! Just checking in to confirm that today is another POP day! Emma
  12. Hi buddies! I have a little over half my HG's in today, so I am in good shape. My neighbor and I also went for a 50 minute walk this morning after putting kids on the bus. It felt good to get my exercise out of the way. I may go again later tonight to up the intensity, but it's nice to know that if I feel lazy all is ok. Lynne - I am also really enjoying exercising with my teen. She has a lot on her mind with boys, etc. and it is good to have time to chat with her, etc. I'll check back in later when I have some more free time... Happy OP day to everyone!
  13. Hi Kris! Welcome to BCB! Pick a spot and feel free to join in posting. I post in a "Buddy Group" called "Old School Buddies" for accountability. Feel free to read through our post and join in if you would like.
  14. Hi Crystal! Welcome to BCB! If you haven't yet, be sure to read the training manual, etc. There is a lot of really great information there. Much of it is encouraging and inspiring as well. Just pick a spot and start posting for accountability. There are groups divided by age, how much to lose, WW at home, etc. There are also some "Buddy Groups" in the "Buddy System" section of the forum. I post on one called "Old School Buddies" for accountability. Feel free to read through our thread and chime in if you'd like to. You have the right attitude about one pound at a time. If you follow the program, all of it will come off.
  15. Hi everybody! Thanks for the warm welcome back! I ended up going for a low intensity walk with my teenager tonight for exercise. I just took my multivitamin, so I am finishing up my day POP. Lynne - I am also noticing that my body prefers it when I eat more whole foods and less of the processed stuff. It's good that you have recognized your triggers. Ann - I know what you mean about posting here for accountability. It really makes a difference to me about staying POP to know that I will check in here each night.
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