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  1. Crystal Lite is definitely a freebie!! Water and Crystal Lite are pretty much all I've had to drink since starting WW. Many days, half my water requirement is used up by Crystal Lite. I just wish they'd make CL with Splenda instead of aspartame and I'd feel alot better about drinking it so much.... Diet Rite, any diet cola for that matter are also 0 point drinks.
  2. Here are some low point staples at our house.... 1. 94% FF Kettle Corn....2 points for 7 cups 2. Pretzels 3. Baked Doritos 4. LF Chocolate graham crackers with FF cool whip frozen in the middle 5. Dry cereal...I especially love Special K Red Berries 6. Lite Yogurt...any brand with 100 calories 7. Gardenburgers...this one is new to me this week. 2 points per "burger" 8. Milk and Cereal bars....3 points each plus they have enough calcium to count as one of your milk requirements! 9. Nutrigrain bars 10. The many,many, many recipes I've gotten from this site and Dottis. I've never cooked more!
  3. Wow Andrea!! I just wanted to jump in here with everyone else and give you a big old What an inspiration your pictures provide! You look incredible! As I approach my 40th birthday next month, I hope I look as much younger as you do. Extra, unwanted weight really does make us look older, huh?
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