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  1. CW

    CW Checking In.

    Hi Ann. Good to see you. Looks like you have done well.
  2. CW

    CW Checking In.

    Hello Buddies. I’m back doing WW. Down 11 since starting again. Looking forward to reconnecting with old and new friends. CW
  3. Glad to have you with us. My wife and I are on the same path as well. The fun thing is we do not have to struggle through this alone.... Welcome CW
  4. Its a common thread that I have seen here often over the decades... So many of us do for others before we do for us. Its backward thinking because we can do more for others when we are healthier ourselves. If we invest in our own life we can give more of ourselves to the ones we care for. CW
  5. Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolfe - Sandy Dennis
  6. There is only one Administrator/Owner that I know of. Try writing to her (Mudpies) I'm sure she will respond. CW
  7. Good Morning. Are you able to carry fruit to work? I find it helpful to have apples, oranges and bananas ready to get past hunger at work. Do you Journal? That is the best way to know where you stand so that you KNOW what points you can spend on food. Are you getting enough water? Lately that has been my challenge. I have to keep bottled water at work and remind myself to drink. What are you doing for exercise? Congrats on the loss so far. You really have done well. CW
  8. Welcome Home "Life Goal: To be half the size but TWICE the woman." You may be half way there by Committing to treat yourself as well as you deserve....... CW
  9. Start at the top of a hill....... CW
  10. CW

    Amazing article

    Great discussion. Great post Peg. CW
  11. Welcome. Kiwi. Yes, those of us that do the current WW program have fruit and veggies as free from points And, its a great change. Many here do an older version because of fear of change or they don't want to pay for meetings or they had success with the old system that they don't feel they would get with the updated version. Welcome to BCB Glad to have you with us. CW
  12. The cheapest plan for meetings includes Online at no extra charge.....So, I do both. CW
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