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  1. You guys are such an inspiration -- all of ya!! Just did weights this morning w/warm up on the elliptical. Did a full leg routine and some ab work. Looking into a yoga class for next Saturday that I'm pretty excited about and am waiting for that trainer to get back with me about a workout in the park. Trying to vary things a bit...the gym can get a bit tedious!! GREAT GREAT job all!!
  2. Hi Ladies!! Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Just got back a few days ago from a trip to DC on the motorcycle - beeaauuutiful!!! Didn't see a drop of rain which always makes me happy!! Sounds like everyone is doing well and swinging into fall...I absolutely love fall but there's always a bit of melancholy that comes with it right?? Looking forward to the fall activities though!! Also looking forward to this weekend - have a ton of yard work to do and getting together with friends for dinner Saturday night followed by a ride out the bike rally in Geneva on the Lake. Sunday looking forward to doing NOTHING but watching football. Looking forward to weigh in on Monday - not sure that I lost, but planned for that while on vacation. Have a GREAT weekend buds!! Catch up more on Monday. Hugs ~~ Kellie
  3. Sorry this is late BUT CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a wonderful achievement!! Kellie
  4. Hey gang! Just a quick check in - been busy busy busy. Sounds like everyone has! Such is life huh? Got back from Ellicottville late Sunday - one more weekend to finish the job but this weekend we're taking the kids with us. Really looking forward to that - not often we all take an entire weekend to just reconnect and then school starts for my son on Monday -- he'll be a senior in high school this year. Made the COW pancakes Sunday night - will adjust next time and not add so much Splenda. It was a bit much. Going to play around with the SF Davinci Syrups next time. Weighed in on Monday - no loss no gain....okay with me! Of course, would have liked a loss, but ok. I did however, get into a skirt this morning that had just gotten a little too snug for comfort so I was realy happy about that! Lynn: Hope the finger is healing quickly! yes yes mandolins are not my friend either! Karen: Have big fun!! Becky: The beach sounds lovely!! Hi Sue! Gotta run .... hugs ~~ Kellie
  5. Ahhh - the other "KellBell"!! I hear you girl!! I did the EXACT same thing - Lynn makes a ton of good points and I do have a different mind set this time around - progress and not perfection, taking it one day at a time, treating it more as a lifestyle, etc. We're here -- great user name by the way lol. Hugs ~~ Kellie
  6. Hi ladies! Like Karen - been crazy busy lately BUT I'm here and I'm OP!! Got in a 30 min. walk last Saturday and Sunday, 45 min. on the elliptical on Monday, 1 hour walk last night and an hour at the gym this morning doing various weights/abs. Way to go everyone on moving that thang!!
  7. Good morning!! Not much on my agenda today - work and then we have to go back to Ellicottville this weekend and do a side job. So we'll be there again this weekend. Kinda messes up my plan cuz I wanted to do some cooking for the week this weekend but I keep remembering my leader saying "Be Flexible". So I'm going to try and make a few things Monday night after work. Lynn: The same thing has been happening to me when I post - it just disappears???? A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad!! Enjoy the cake and the time with him today. Hope everyone else has a great Friday and a good weekend...talk to you guys on Monday Hugs ~~ Kellie
  8. Morning! TGIF!!!! Did not make it to the gym this morning - will get a walk in at some point today tho. Lynn: I did do PT in the pool and "on land" for a time. It did help; however, my insurance only covers 20 visits so it only lasts a few months. I am thinking about getting one of those hydrobelts and finding a pool. What is the hydrolift that you do? Seems that the cortisone shot helped some...I'm able to do much more than I used to. It was getting to the point that just doing laundry, vacuuming, etc. would have me in pain the rest of the night so I'm encouraged by that!! WAY TO GO on all that bike riding!!! TTYL ~~ Kellie
  9. So yesterday ended up being a rest day, which is just fine with me. I'm trying to push myself a bit but not too much...hoping to find that happy medium where I can remain consistent with exercise and not be suffering with my back. Had some pain going on yesterday but feel better today soooooooo at the gym this morning and did 45 minutes on the elliptical. Thanks for the encouragement/inspiration/motivation guys! Love love love being here!! ~~ Kellie
  10. Morning all! Hope everyone is well. BEEAAAUUUUTIFUL day here...wishing I didn't have to be at work! But you know what they say, you're either born rich or beautiful HA!! We rode out to Thompson Drag Raceway last night - great night for riding but we got home later than I would have liked. 5 am came early this morning but I got my butt up and went to the gym. Also, spoke with one of the trainers who is willing to train people on the side which is very cool...me and a friend are going to have a training session at the park next weekend. Really looking forward to that! Lynn: Glad you got the computer issue straightened out!! Bummer about your riding partner...that would really tick me off. Karen: Boy you did do some cooking huh?? I tried that white bean garlic dip and didn't care for it - do you make it as directed or do you add stuff? I added extra garlic but still seemed like it was missing something. I am going to try that carmelized onion dip - need veggie dipping stuff (besides FF dressing!). Becky: Hope you're having a good morning! Hi Miriam!! Have a great day buds!! ~~ Kellie
  11. What the heck --- this is my third time posting to this thread today...why aren't they showing up?? This is just a test. Okay - working now! Anyway, pretty much right after I posted yesterday about my gain at weigh in, along came TOM. So I was pretty happy about that! However, I didn't have any of my usual "lovely" symptoms beforehand - think that was from eating healthy? Lynn: Thanks for your assurance with that - body changes indeed!! Hope your riding buddy got his rear out of bed! Very frustrating! Becky: Thanks for directing me to "why the scale lies" - really good info in there. Ohhhhh, a springer spaniel. Yes, I get it. We had one for a SHORT time that we got as a rescue. Cute as a button but a toddler indeed. My husband finally said "its me or the dog" and as it was easier to place the dog He's now with a very good friend of mine and they just love him to death. Karen: What'cha cooking?? Hope your energy has returned today! I'm going to do some cooking this weekend for next week - definitely making those COW pancakes and the summer muesli and not sure what else yet. PLAN PLAN PLAN!! One of my biggest obstacles! Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! ~~ Kellie
  12. Morning ladies! Yesterday I took a 20 minute walk at lunch and took the stairs instead of the elevator back to the office...going to work on doing that every time. After dinner I got with a walking buddy and we walked for another hour and forty minutes. Paying for that a bit this morning with my back but still glad I was able to do it! Took a break from the gym this morning, but am planning a walk after dinner tonight. Hope everyone has an active, happy day! Hugs ~~ Kellie
  13. Morning! Weigh in was NOT so kind - I GAINED 2 lbs!!! Do not know why -- I'm thinking because I lost so much week one (8.2 lbs) that my body is still kind of adjusting?? Either way, moving forward and not going to stress over it too much...see what next week brings! Becky: Congrats on the job! What kind of dog is Odie (cute name by the way!)? We have two puggles and they are my babies now that my actual babies are older! Karen: Hope your Tuesday is better! Lynn: Hope you got your ride in yesterday! Talk to ya'll later! ~~ Kellie
  14. Morning all!! Up and at the gym this morning...40 minutes of a light weight routine and 30 minutes on the elliptic. Absolutely beautiful morning and day ahead!! Enjoy the day! ~~ Kellie
  15. Karen: KUDOS!!! 94 minutes on the elliptic is AWESOME!! All of you are such an inspiration!! The elliptic has been a saving grace for me...just about anything else throws me flat on my back for days. Just as an FYI - I won't be posting on weekends so I'll be catching up with you guys on Mondays to report in my weekend activity. So so so glad you guys are here!! xoxo Kel
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