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  1. Subbing dried cranberries for the strawberries (when they're not in season) is also very tasty!
  2. I have a rather small plot for my garden. Two years ago we tried peas. I found you have to plant a LOT of peas to harvest enough for even one meal. What I did find easy and plentiful was squash - both zucchini and crookneck. This year we're trying green beans, green onions and leeks, tomatoes and of course, zucchini.
  3. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/ranks.htm
  4. If you're having trouble meeting your daily points, do away with some of your low-cal or "diet" foods. Use full-fat dairy products, make sure you're getting your healthy oils in, add some nuts for a snack. These are just a few ways of upping your points without adding junk into your meal plan. It is very important to meet your daily points requirement at the very least.
  5. Genoa - Are you wanting to calculate points for a recipe? If that's the case, yes - total the calories, fat & fiber and divide by the number of servings. That will give you a point count for one serving. As for dining out... Do you usually go to a chain restaurant or a local place? If you know where your going ahead of time it helps to plan. If a national chain, check their website first. A lot of them now offer nutritional info there. Or try www.dietfacts.com and www.dwlz.com For a local place you can check www.calorieking.com This way you can at least be in the "ballpark."
  6. One question...what's your cooking process? Tamales are usually steamed, but there's no mention of that with your recipe.
  7. Unfortunately, the Cinnaspin's are a regional thing. They're not here in CO, however I was lucky enough to try them when my DH brought me home a box he bought while on a business trip to MS. Hopefully they'll do well enough that other areas will pick up on the idea. I just finished the last pack yesterday (there's actually only 5 packs in the box) and I hope DH will be able to find some more on his current business trip. I enjoyed them!
  8. Not sure if these are the ones you're referring to or not, but sounds like they should be left at Costo! 690 calories, 38g fat, 3g fiber = 16 points for 1 muffin! http://www.calorieking.com/foods/calories-in-muffins-kirkland-double-chocolate_f-Y2lkPTIxNTM5JmJpZD0xMzEwJmZpZD0xNTA1MjEmZWlkPTI0MzM3NjAwNiZwb3M9MiZwYXI9JmtleT1Db3N0Y28.html You can find a whole host of Costco foods listed at Calorieking.com. http://www.calorieking.com/foods/search/Costco
  9. Not sure what stores you have in your area but as mentioned in an earlier post: These locations carry it according their website: Walmart, Fleet Farm, Giant, Stop & Shop, Kvat and Food Lion. If you've checked any of these stores and they don't have it you can put in a request and the store manager should be happy to order it for you.
  10. If you know the total calories, fat and fiber you can do a little math to figure points. The equation is: calories/50 + fat/12 - fiber/5 (just remember to cap your fiber at 4). Just checked the nutritionals for 2 of the burgers: 655 calories, 45g fat, 1g fiber = 17 points!! Not worth it in my book
  11. You can also check here: http://dietfacts.com/list.asp?brand=ruby_tuesday
  12. No, they come in packets like other "to-go" drink packets. You can see it here: http://www.sturmfoods.com/minisite/mooMagic/index.html They should be in the same area where you find the powdered Koolaid and Crystal Light products.
  13. There is lactose-free cheese. It's made by Smart Balance. I use to be able to find it in both shreds and slices, but lately haven't seen the shreds in the store. Short of the LF cheese, I suggest trying the Lactaid tablets. My DD is LI and uses the Lactaid tablets with great results. http://smartbalance.com/CheeseFamily.aspx
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