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  1. I am sitting here 11:00 pm. all by myself laughing my fool head off. I have got to send this to a dog group I belong to. If I can find an old Dog In Elk story I will have to post it. Sue
  2. I have to show that to the grandkids! I can't believe it really doesn't move.
  3. No puppies here but right now we have a Lab and 4 Golden Retrievers. We help rescue GRs for GRREAT and are fostering one right now. I will hate to see him leave. He is 10 and his family turned him into the Wash. DC shelter. He is such a sweetie, except when he decides I need to get up at 7 am.
  4. Boccas are not my favorites but I do eat them. I don't like hamburgers unless I make my own from very very lean beef and it has to be rare. When everyone else eats a regular ( From a box) burger, I grab a soy. Dr. Prager is the best followed by Gardenburger. IMHO! I detest the Pizza flavored Bocca and the Fajita one isn't that great either. I think I have the brands right. LOL!
  5. Thanks, I not only smiled, I laughed out loud.
  6. Shoot!! I fell for it too! Good one!
  7. I agree about Farmer's Markets but I also love being able to grow my own. Even the markets around here don't have tomatoes as good as mine.
  8. It is a keeper!!! Thanks!! We all loved it and I made extra for lunch tomorrow.
  9. Yahoo!!! We are buying our plants today for our garden. I have to have tomatoes, all kinds, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, and eggplant. I can taste them already. The grandgirls want beans, melons, popcorn and pumpkins. Did I say we have a very small plot?
  10. That sounds really good. I copied and may try it this weekend. Thanks.
  11. When I used the nutrition value on the can to figure points, it came to 0 for 1/2 cup. That is what I use. I don't use that much of it at one time for 1/2 point to make a difference.
  12. Have you tried it on oatmeal? It is delicious. Just add some cinnamon.
  13. I also make it with the rice vinegar. I love it the next day.
  14. You drop down to 20 at 149. I used flex last week because we were away. Monday was WI day and travel day so I didn't have time to exercise, plus, it was either too hot or raining most of the week. I love the new plan.
  15. I love them. I usually have the meatloaf when my husband goes out of town so I don't have to cook. I also like the ribs.
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