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  1. "I looked into the core plan the other day but theres just so many things that I would have to give up " You don't actually have to give up any foods on the Core plan. You still get 35 points/week to eat whatever you want, plus activity points. "Today I weighed myself and tonight I weighed myself again and im up like 4/5 pounds from this morning" This is totally normal. EVERYONE weighs more at night than they do first thing in the morning. "My biggest problem is the bad foods I eat." I forgot to mention yesterday that the reframing tool for living can really help with this kind of thinking. No foods are "bad" or "good" on WW. You're allowed to have anything. Some foods are higher or lower points, and some foods are more or less nutritious than others, but NO food is off-limits on WW. All things in moderation is what makes it so unlike other diets, and really makes the plan(s) sustainable over the long-term, at least for me.
  2. I have a few suggestions/ideas for you: 1. I'm surprised no-one has recommended considering Core, which lets you eat without counting points until you're physically satisfied. You'd need to learn to stop before you're stuffed, but that just takes practice. You can even have beef and other meats, but you're limited to the lean cuts, and ground beef can only be once/day. 2. If you like the WW Frozen entrees, a great way to make them more filling is to mix veggies into them. It's also an easy way to get more fruits & veggies without eating them "plain". 3. Put the Tools for Living to good use. I cringed when I read, "So me getting my head around the idea of eating an apple or a piece of fruit as a snack is something I cant do." It might not be a habit for you yet, but try not to rule it out. Maybe try it a few times this week, and experiment to find what fruits & veggies you might like plain, then build on it until it's second nature for you. Just my thoughts, but you're in the right place to get loads of support, and I hope you have great success with WW.
  3. I've read before about "The power of a new idea is often measured by the resistence that it meets. " I haven't really thought about it lately, but I need to. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. WW doesn't have anything in writing about weaning nursing points. As an unwritten guideline though, lots of moms have recommended using 2 nursing points for every time you nurse or pump, like activity points, up to a maximum of 10/day. If you're still using all 10 though, and had been losing until now, even if you're only nursing 2-3 times/day, I wouldn't drop to 2 points/session all at once, I'd drop 2 points/day every week until you find the right points target that gets you losing again, and stick with that. Good luck, and congrats on nursing as long as you have!
  5. I think LT members can also WI once, then attend additional meetings without weighing in if you think you might have to pay to weigh in.
  6. I drink 16 oz. every morning before I even shower. Then I drink another 16 oz. when I get to work (sometimes spread out over the course of the morning). Another 16 oz. with lunch, and there's my 6 cups for the day. I usually get at least one more 16 oz. cup or bottle in the afternoon, or after dinner (I drink milk with dinner). At work, the water I drink is plain, but at home, more of the water I drink is Fruit-2-O. It's still 0 calories, 0 caffeine, so I don't worry about it. My understanding of the 3 c. can be non-water rule is that it applies to anything with calories, which includes Crystal Lite, Juice, decaf soda, etc.
  7. Thanks. I suppose I could try to stay awake for even 15 minutes of activity after both kids are in bed. I'm afraid to do too much right before bed though, b/c even if my body can take it, I'm nervous it might get my heart going and wake me up TOO much, if that makes any sense, and if that happens, I'd have a hard time falling asleep, and then a hard time getting up @ 4:30 the next day, KWIM? Any ideas on how to get back in the 100% OP mindset for following a food plan too? When I made LT in '01, I never specifically exercised, but following the food plan 100% made for nice steady losses. I'm having a hard time getting back to that, and I know if I can get that right, I can worry more about activity when I quit pumping (prob. another month or so)?
  8. Wow -- your pictures are so inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing them.
  9. What an awesome thread, and I LOVE the idea of writing all these lines on index cards for easy reference. The only one I can think to add is from a post I saw on the Skinny Daily a few years ago: "Eat Less, Move More, Love Yourself, Keep Going".
  10. I try to serve meals everyone will eat, but sometimes, if I know I'm making something DD1 doesn't like, I'll let her have PB&J instead. We insist she at least tries a bite of what we're having, even if she's tried it before, but usually, we can just make what we're having more plain for her, and she's fine that way. One of my favorite dinners lately is simmering fish in a mixture of sauteed spinach, canned diced tomatoes (undrained), garlic, evoo, and small white beans (sometimes mushrooms too, but not very often b/c DH dislikes them). DD1 won't eat the spinach/tomato mix, but if we scrape it all off her piece of fish, she will eat that, and we just let her have plain grape tomatoes on the side instead. If we're having pasta with chunky sauce, I'll make some white pasta to mix into her whole wheat, and let her have it plain instead of with sauce, as long as she eats a veggie on the side.
  11. Hello friends, I'm a long-time member of this site (longer than my current username indicates), but back in 2001, when I went from 182.2 to 125, I did it 100% the BCB way. After I had my first daughter, I really struggled with staying OP, and never lost all the PG weight before I had DD2 last May. I had lost some of the baby weight, but over the holidays, a lot of what I had lost came right back as a result of the poor choices I made. I'm still struggling to get my head back into the OP mindset, and trying to remember OMOHOD, and "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" but it's been much harder for me with the stress of being a working mom than it was before I had kids. I alternate between thinking I look OK, so it doesn't matter if I stay OP, to being totally disgusted with myself, and beating myself up for going off-P. I hate the head-games that I can see that I'm playing with myself, and since it's been hard for me to get to a regular meeting lately, I've realized I need to come back to the BCB way. I hope I'm welcome back, and I'd welcome any & all advice (or kicks) to help get me (and the scale) moving in the right direction. I just had an annual physical & cholesterol screening, and I'm happy to report that my blood pressure is great, and my total cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides are all ideal, so I'm not facing any huge health risks from carrying this extra weight. My HDL (good cholesterol) is low though. It's only 36, and should be above 50. The results letter I got from the Dr.'s office said "aerobic activity can increase this number". One of my problems is that I don't have any time to set aside for activity though. I've always relied on things like taking the stairs, and parking in the furthest spot available to meet my minimum activity quota, which I've known for a long time isn't enough. I'm hoping that with spring finally here, I'll be able to take the kids for some long walks before dinner, but any advice on how this WOHM can get more activity would be helpful too. My current routine is to wake up @ 4:30/5:00 a.m. (I nurse my DD2), then help get the kids dressed, and get myself dressed & out the door by 7:15 to get to work by 8:30. I take a short working lunch, b/c I also take 2-3 breaks during the day to pump milk, and I leave work @ 4:30 to pick the kids up from daycare before 6:00, so the rest of my day is swamped, plus I've already used up all my permitted breaks. When I get home around 6:15, I usually just open mail and start dinner, then have to clean up, get the kids to bed (with DH's help), and nurse DD2. By then, it's 9:00/9:30, and I'm dead tired. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm making excuses, but honestly, I don't know where I can fit in more activity, except maybe before dinner, but it would have to account for taking care of both kids while I do it, since DH doesn't get home until 6:45. Anyway, thanks in advance if I'm welcome back, and like I said, I'm open to any & all advice, kicks, or words or encouragement. *p.s. Back when I was a regular here, I think my name was jandkb, and I used to post mostly on the 20's board, if anyone remembers me. As RedSoxFan, I posted mostly on the mom's board, and on the leader's board (I became a WW leader in '05, but haven't led any meetings since DD2 was born, and won't until I'm back at least to a healthy weight for my height).
  12. I've never bothered counting fat grams, but 38/day doesn't seem high to me. I thought for a 2000 cal/day "diet", the govt. recommends approx. 60 g. fat/day, but counting would drive me insane, unless I had a medical reason to do so.
  13. In my supermarket, it's in the "Goya"/International Foods Aisle. It comes in a small plastic pouch, and it's in a display with things like whole nutmeg & cinnamon sticks etc... Good luck fiinding it in your store.
  14. Yes, WW will usually result in average losses of 1-2 lb./week, so it sounds like you're doing well on the scale to me. I agree with a lot of the feedback you've received on meeting at least your target points every day, and how you can get more nutrition for your points too. I was struggling with a veeeeeeeeeery long plateau, and when I talked to my leader, she emphasized that I need to be meeting the water, fruit & veggie, dairy, and oil requirements of the plan every day, and it made a HUGE difference for me. I had a great loss after the very first week, not to mention that it's a much healthier approach than my old mindset of making it a priority to make sure I got my "treats". She also recommended, and I've taken to heart, that it's helpful to not eat any "treats" until after I've checked off those boxes on my journal, and that's been very helpful for me too, because some days I'll have the points for a treat, some days I won't, but either way, I've met my body's nutritional requirements. Take care,:bcbsalute
  15. I think another reason WW doesn't want us substituting calcium-fortified products for our dairy is that they don't have the Vitamins D & K that milk have. The WW smoothies are a good (I think non-dairy) milk substitute though, but I don't know how they taste mixed with water. I'd talk to your leader if you're having a hard time getting the recommended dairy. He/She might have other suggestions for you. Heck, at least the V8 still counts as a veggie serving.
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