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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried the 1 point truffles at gaylesmiracles.com and whether they were any good. Apparently the New York Times has given them a thumbs up but I didn't want to pay all that money for them and it turns out that they taste bad. In case anyone wanted more info - it says they have 30 calories, 1 gram of fat, less than 1 gram of fiber, 6 grams of carbs and are individually wrapped. thanks, Betina
  2. I wasn't very impressed with the Crystal lite sunrise. I also had to dilute it alot because it had a funny aftertaste. I'm sticking with SF Tang. - betina
  3. Betina

    Greek Ziti

    Okay where's the recipe? I'm salivating here! - Betina
  4. Joanne, thanks for posting! I was just about to ask if anyone had tried the la tortilla factory tortillas and if they thought these were tastier. I guess I'm headed to Sams! - betina
  5. I tried the rotini, the mac and cheese, and the alfredo. The flavor is good on all of them but after the first bite you notice a sort of powdery film on your teeth. It reminds me of a thin film of that polish the dentist puts on your teeth after he is done cleaning them. It is really strange. I started putting only half of the mix in with the pasta and it isn't as bad but I don't think I would buy this again. Has anyone else noticed the powderiness? - betina
  6. I just tried the Banquet Fat Free Chicken Breast Patties today and I thought they were decent. They are like a Jack in the Box chicken patty but less flavorful. They are 2 points per patty (90 calories, 1 fiber, 0 fat). They take about 2 minutes to cook in the microwave and 16 in the oven. I found them at Super Walmart and they were 2.12 for a box of 4 patties. So if you are looking for something fast, cheap, and low points or are just wanting something that has that fake fast food taste then this isn't a bad buy. - betina
  7. That's awesome Pat! Congratulations! - Betina
  8. Last Christmas while shopping at Sam's Club I sampled some chicken stuffed with cranberry stuffing. I didn't much care for the chicken but I loved the stuffing. I was hoping on making some for Thanksgiving this year for the turkey but I don't have a recipe. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for a cranberry stuffing that they thought tasted good. - Betina
  9. Main Dish 4 servings at 3 points each. CHICKEN SALAD 2 cups cooked, cooled, and chopped chicken breast 2 tablespoons thinly chopped onion 2 tablespoons diced celery 1/2 cup diced granny smith green apple 1/2 cup halved seedless purple grapes 2 tablespoons fat free miracle whip 2 tablespoons light sour cream Optional: Chopped pecans or Sliced Water Chestnuts Mix it all up and serve on a bed of lettuce or on whole wheat bread. If you add the chopped pecans or water chestnuts be sure to adjust points. The water chestnuts are high in fiber so the point value may go down depending on how many you add. NOTE: I do not have mastercook. I have been counting it as 3 points - according to my calculations each serving has 153 calories, .75g fiber, and 3.25g fat. If anyone has mastercook and could double check that would be great. - Betina [ November 04, 2003, 01:43 PM: Message edited by: Betina ]
  10. I'm so excited. Just wanted to post that I weighed in today and I've lost 62 lbs total. That means I have lost 20% of my body weight!! - Betina
  11. I love these!!! 1.70 seems kind of high though. I usually get them for 98 cents. I also like their salisbury steak and potato dinner that they make. - Betina
  12. Hi Guys, I tried the HB turkey pepperoni pizza and it was better than the veggie. The pepperoni was wonderful - it tasted like the real thing. I actually liked the pepperoni HB alot better than the lean cuisine. - Betina
  13. I had the Heaven's Bistro Grilled Vegetable tonight and I liked it. The cheese melted but not quite as well as I would have liked. As far as flavor goes - it kind of reminded me of the rising crust pizza that jenny craig makes but it had a much much thicker crust. It seemed like the crust was an inch thick. I will say that I have had better tasting pizzas though. Still it seems like this one is really nutritous and something I could have daily. For a third of the pizza you get 4 grams of fiber, 13 grams of protein, and 30% of your calcium for the day. I will probably be buying more of these just because I am willing to sacrifice a little flavor for extra quantity - I'm a bulk eater. I don't think I would spend the extra money to order them over the internet though. - Betina
  14. Hi, I don't know if this is the right board to post on but I just wanted to let everyone know that I found Heaven's Bistro Pizza and Barry's Bakery French Twists at the New Super Target that opened on Parmer in Austin. - betina
  15. Are these shelf stable or frozen? I have never seen anything but the Dinty Moore canned soups. Where did you find them in the grocery store? Thanks for posting - I'm always looking for premade meals that I can microwave. - Betina
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