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  1. Paris!!!!! How are you? So good to see you!

  2. Very well done! I so understand your victory--overweight is my next milestone!!!! kd
  3. Browndog, welcome to Bootcamp! You might want to check out the 100+ club, that's where I hang out. It's a great group! But all the groups are great! You arrived at one of the most helpful WW sites on the web! kd
  4. Hi Sassyfreckles! First, welcome to Bootcamp! This is one of the best places on the internet for WW support! Where should you start? Well, check around the different groups: you can join by interest, by age, or by amount of weight you have to lose. And by "join," I mean just join in--you do this simply by posting. Read around a bit, and see where you think you might be comfy. I post in 100 + because that's how much I had to lose when I started, and I felt I had a lot in common with those folks. But every group is great! Again, welcome! kd
  5. Welcome Hilary! I also do WW online and found the support here was really the missing ingredient! Read the different groups and I'm sure you'll find one that you "click" with! Again, welcome! kd
  6. Welcome Jen! I lost my weight, quit smoking, regained the weight, and now I'm losing it again! I am now losing without the assist of smoking--didn't think I could. But as you know, it CAN be done! We are strong, aren't we? kd
  7. And by "works well", I mean I think it's hilarious. Am I the only one? kd
  8. My niece turned me on to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xga_wchTpW8 I think it works surprising well!!! :bcb_grin:bcb_grin:bcb_LOL: kd
  9. I do WW online and love it, with BCB for accountability...but, you can't achieve lifetime online, only get that by attending meetings. When I'm closer to goal, I'm pretty sure I'll sign up for meetings again. kd
  10. Lisa, You are doing great, picking yourself up before things get out of hand! And Katie's right, joining a forum is a good idea; and even though you no longer need to lose 100 pounds, the 100+ forum is a good one--that's the one I post on...but they're all good! hope to see more of you! Or less of you, I guess! (great photos, btw!) kd
  11. Laura: Welcome! and...keep reading, find a group you like, post and post often! kd
  12. Twinmommy, may I add to the wonderful advice given so far: Use BCB as an added support group! Read around the forum, find a group you identify with, and post and post often! This keeps you accountable during the week! kd
  13. Welcome Summer, look around, choose a group, make yourself at home! You've arrived at an excellent support group, and you will do this! kd
  14. Absolutely! Great insight! Welcome back to BCB! kd
  15. Michael, I've congratulated you elsewhere, but this bears repeating! Congratulations and have a great time reaching lifetime! I'll join you there eventually! kd
  16. I also did not make my goal, but I DID lose 9 pounds and got a good way into Onederland, which is wonderful for me! I have really appreciated this "competition" or game or what have you! Whatever it is, it has been fun! Well done everyone! kd
  17. Jenny you are also welcome on the 100+ forum...I'm biased too! But you're right to lurk and browse for a while, then you can jump right in! Anywhere you go, I know you'll find support! This is a great place, and you will be very thankful you (like me) stumbled across it! kd
  18. Congratulations Black team!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work Melissa! kd ( go red!)
  19. Well done Tracy and Tamara! Is Char ok? Did she have computer trouble before? I know someone did... kd
  20. Yay Cindy!!!!! Congratulations! :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo kd
  21. Congratulations Alice! Hang in there Tanya! Irene, good job on making lunch last...I'll have to try that! Cressa, congratulations on the loss! RED TEAM, whether or not we won last week (and maybe we did!!!), we did pretty darn well, I think! Congratulations Rosie for being our biggest loser!!! Everyone, have a great week! kd
  22. Skinny vibes to you Alice! Melissa, thanks for being jealous!!!! Don't worry, you'll be here soon! And, by the way, thanks for all the hard work. I didn't realize what a pain it was when someone dropped out (all the recalculations that had to be done!) You are wonderful!!!! Georgia, thanks for the encouragement! Everyone have a great week! kd
  23. thanks you guys! Ellen, absolutely! Rosie, thanks...so much! Prissy, think I'll buy some shoes...! Cindy, I'm definitely saving a place for you here! kd
  24. Hi everyone...well, I finally did it: made it to Onederland...2 weeks late, but what the heck! I'm delighted! kd
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