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  1. I want sugar-free cherry. Any ideas?
  2. Were is the cheapest place online to buy this stuff? I want some so bad! The local health food store's is $10! Is this normal? Help! Thanks!
  3. Well the store bought rice krispies are 2 points. I ushally eat these because i can not cook deserts often. I eat the whole pan.
  4. This cracks me up! I used to be the person that went to MsDonalds and made fun of the salads. Then I got a huge calorie and fat meal. Well I have changed my ways I think the salads are delish. Why doesn't anybody else put WARM chicken on a salad? It isn't a crime!
  5. Really? Are those the rice cakes?? I am excited I am on a mission!
  6. I am in love with salt and vinegar chips. But they are very high points. Does anybody have a low point substitute? Ant tips would be helpful!
  7. What suceed flavor did you get? The Penut Butter one I tried tasted horrible!?! Just confused!
  8. You know i might have ate these along time ago! I remember getting these but I have no idea if i liked them! Geez.. My memory!
  9. Thanks guys! I am using my flex points for the week, I know it iwll be worth it. I know if I sit down and say I am going to eat only one I will get really down. And when that happens I eat a plateFULL! Well thanks guys!
  10. Hello All- My brothers birthday is tonight so mom is making his favorite dish... Lumpia. It is a recipie from the Phillipines. It is like an eggroll, but there is meat and veggies. Then you wrap it in really thin rappers and fry them. Does anybody have any ball park point ideas? Thanks guys!
  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cinoman applesauce by Musslemans. It is only one point too. I eat at LEAST one a day. But I agree! Try the cinoman. amber
  12. Can you buy this at the meetings? It sounds great. And my leader mentioned it today! Thanks! Amber
  13. Hey- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I ushally only eat ice cream if I can have the full cup. That makes me very angry. I bet the neopalitian does that too. But thanks for the heads up! amber
  14. I thought this was a rcipie and I got SO excited Have a great day!
  15. I LOVE th cheddar cheese rice cakes! They are so good. And they are a great "crunchy" snack.
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