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  1. They are great and active there, I'm still getting updats, so read when I need a boost.
  2. sorry I didn't get back here but GO for it Esther! I hope all is going well with your Hubbie.
  3. thanks Judy!!! so great to see you hanging in there too. I've moved over to DeltaForce Thread. I followed Cheryl in
  4. It was the tiniest change that changed the way my mind games were working.
  5. I remember you too Ann. It's been ages! how are you doing? still running? I do not run. I walk and fast!
  6. I'm doing meetings.I need it and I have always had losses when going. I even changed which meeting night I go to to change it up. I end my week the night before my meetings too because I wanted to stop the "last supper" routine. SO the day of my meetings are Day1 vs day 7.
  7. Thank you!! I'll take that warm Welcome and come visit.
  8. I just had another idea. How about kitten videos? LOL
  9. I will Bloom well maybe Shrivel due to losses but My plan is to get back in the game. I'm not sure where though I could plant myself. Yes I got myself caught up over at F B and well I'm sure most people know that is a trip down the rabbit hole. So it's been 3yrs since I've last posted. I'd like to thank the Admin for sending me out a Birthday Wish yesterday. YEs I know it's auto generated but I'll take it! Thank you!
  10. If there was a "this and that"? board, it would be for talking about current movies, or other events going on? or even just having some location posts with current activities for those locations. I'm in Canada. It's fun to see what the rest of the world is doing.
  11. I took found this site in in the early 2000's. I'm back and in the mood to get my self back on track and I myself am responsible. I came back today? Because I got a Birthday email yesterday. I say that works.
  12. Hello, I'm pretty sure I along with others have been down this road before but here I am. I got lost for the last 3yrs according to my profile log in. Wow life gets you busy. So here I am back again. I'm Kyoot(cute) yes I am. I've been back at meetings since First week of July and slowly but surely I will get back to goal. I got an email from this forum yesterday for my birthday. I'm calling it a sign. Yep! I'm so happy to see some familiar names still posting away.
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