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  1. I'm still struggling... I'm OP, haven't exceeded my points at all in the last 19 days, and my weight is 3 pounds up from what it was last Friday. It's so discouraging. I'm working harder then I have in several months and I feel like my body is failing me. I'm not giving up and I'm using all the tools I have to continue to stay OP. The food demon lies.... he says.... go ahead, binge, your body needs the shock to pump up your metabolism. I know it's BS. I could rationalize and use all of my 35 wpa's, but you know what they say.. a bite is too much, and a bag full is never enough. I know once I eat for the wrong reasons, it will set me off. I applaude myself for making good choices last night, and I plan on doing the same thing tonight. NO CHOICE (from the Beck Diet Solution Book). I'm going to continue to deal with my sabotaging thoughts so that the outcome is positive. It would just help so much if doing all the right things resulted in a loss instead of a gain. I was losing consistently through Thanksgiving. It's been since the day after that my weight started going up. It just makes no sense. Oh well.... life isn't fair. But at least in my heart I've done everything right, and if I hadn't I would have been feeling guilty and remorseful in addition to feeling discouraged. I'm just going to trust in the program and know that as long as I stay OP, my weight will eventually start to drop again. Today's menu so far.... Target Points 20 B - Coffee, milk and DaVinci syrup and Oatmeal 3 pts. L - WW Pot Roast entree, carrot sticks, grapes 4 pts. S - English muffin, ww cream cheese and SF Raspberry jam 2 pts. I haven't planned my dinner yet. Right now I'm off to the gym. Have a good weekend everyone.
  2. Well, the night's not over yet, but I did go for that hour long walk and came home and made sure I fixed something I really liked for dinner so I wouldn't be tempted or feel deprived. I'm using the tools I've been reading about in Beck's book. It's not easy, but it's working and if I just make it through tonight I'll be OK. Today's menu Total Points : 20 + 2 activity points Coffee, DaVinci syrup and almond milk B - cottage cheese and pineapple 2 pts. L - chicken noodle soup 2 pts. S - yogurt and bran buds 2 pts. S - apple D - roasted brussels sprouts, olive oil. Turkey pepperoni pita pizzas, grapes 11 pts. S - WW peanut butter cup sundae 3 pts. I haven't used any of my WPA's this week, so if need to later tonight I might use 3-5 for cereal and milk (depending on what cereal I choose). Thanks again Buddies for being here. Goodnight.
  3. Hi everyone, welcome Christine. I'm having a rough day today. The food demon has been calling me since my drive home from work. I'm feeling discouraged because I've been OP this past week. Below are the dates, my weight and the points eaten on those days. My weight is up 2 pounds !!! 11/28 153.5 14 points (got home from the gym late, wasn't hungry) 11/29 154 21 points (earned 6 AP's, used 1) 11/30 154.5 18 points 12/01 156.5 23 points (earned 3 AP's, used 3) 12/02 156.5 20 points 12/03 155 20 points 12/04 155.5 7 points so far, haven't eaten dinner yet. Now, I did only exercise 3 times this week, and I've been having problems with constipation, but damn... I didn't do anything to deserve a 2 pound weight gain. It's frustrating and makes me just want to binge. On my way home I talked myself in and out of going to the grocery and buying cake and ice cream. I didn't do it, and since I've been home I've been talking myself in and out of ordering a Pizza. I hate this battle in my head. I don't want to blow this tonight. I should change my clothes and go to the gym, but I just don't feel like it. While typing this, I made a decision. I'm going to change my clothes and go for a walk for an hour. Hopefully the fresh air will clear my head and I'll come home and make myself dinner, using the rest of my points. Thanks for letting me vent my frustration. This will be the first time in a long time that I came here BEFORE the binge. Now..... off to go on my walk. I'll be back later to post my dinner. Thanks for being here.
  4. I was too busy to get to the gym yesterday, but my food plan was OP and I didn't exceed my 20 target points. For me, I think it's 80% exercise and 20% diet. I say that because I don't exceed my points, but if I don't work out at least 1-1.5 hours a day, the scale either doesn't move, or moves in the wrong direction. The only fault anyone can find in my food choices is I don't always get the 2 fat/oil servings. With only 20 points a day, it's hard to get them in. I usually use whatever activity points I earn, but wouldn't want to use WPA's for a few teaspoons of oil.
  5. sorry, I just saw your message. I do the Flex plan. It helps me stay on track.

  6. Good morning Delta Force, I'm off today, so it's chores and errands for me... laundry, grocery shopping, holiday shopping and the gym. I'm only off every other weekend, so I try to get stuff done on my Wednesday off before the weekend, so I can "play" on the weekend. So far, I've just had coffee this morning. I haven't planned my meals yet. I'm hoping to have time to make batches of chili and ratatouille today. I like to make enough for several meals and freeze them. I'm usually just cooking for myself during the week. On my weekends off BF and I usually go out, or I'll cook, depending on where I am with WPA's and if I want to use them. Since it's Holiday Party season, I try not to use my WPA's, and save them for the parties. I'd rather eat at home where I have complete control over points whenever I can. Right now, it's 2 down and 7 to go for scheduled parties. I want to make it through the season with a 7-10 pound weight loss, rather then the 7-10 pound gain the "average" person has. Have a great day everyone... I'll be back later to post my meals and fitness activities.
  7. Honey crisp are good, but Fuji are still my favorite.
  8. Good evening everyone... I didn't get to the gym today, no excuse other then being tired. I probably should have pushed myself, but I'll make up for it tomorrow. I'm off, so I'll plan on spending some extra time there. Today's menu: 20 Target points Coffee, almond milk, DaVinci syrup B: english muffin, laughing cow cheese 2 pts. L: chicken noodle soup, tangerine 3 pts. S: turkey pepperoni, string cheese, herb baguettes 4 pts. D: LC Turkey entree, green beans with laughing cow cheese, pumpkin pudding 8 pts. late night snack: cinnamon toast, cocoa 3 pts.
  9. I never get pop ups either.....
  10. Hi Everyone, Sounds like everyone made it through the weekend successfully. Congratulations !!! Those of you who were disappointed, give yourselves credit for getting back on track quickly. I'm off to a Zumba class in a few minutes, but just wanted to check in. I've been doing great with my meal plans and exercise, but I'm having a severe problem with constipation. I posted about it on the Women's Health forum. I've been doing all the right things. The only thing that might contribute is I don't always get my fats in, but other then that I drink water, eat high fiber, fruits and veggies and exercise. It's really becoming a problem, and has caused my weight loss to stall the last few days. Menu: 20 target points / will earn 3 AP's Coffee, DaVinci syrup, almond milk B: cottage cheese, pineapple 2 pts. L: Shirataki noodles and pasta sauce made with Morningstar Crumbles, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, yellow peppers and tomato paste 4 pts. S: Pumpkin pudding 1 pt. Dinner will be: LC Beef Portobello with potatoes, asparagus, olive oil, chocolate pudding 8 pts. Still have 5 target points left + 3 AP's If still hungry, will use remaining 5 points. I'll be getting home late from the gym and don't want to eat too much right before bed. Have a great day tomorrow.
  11. I just got home from work and it's rainy and cold outside. I felt tired and achy all day, so I've decided to take the day off from the gym. If I get a burst of energy later I might get on my elliptical machine. Today was the anniversary of Ed's son's death, so he's feeling pretty down. I just talked to him and told him to come over here, rather then be home alone and feeling sad. We'll have dinner together. I'm still not sure what I'm going to fix, but whatever it is I won't go over my target points for the day (20), since I'm not exercising. I 've got 13 left. Well Buddies, I think I'm just going to lie on the couch and watch a movie till BF gets here. Have a good evening y'all.
  12. I found them at Albertsons. They come in several flavors, but I've only tried the Garden Herb. They're crunchy and flavorful. I've had them with cheese. 8 pieces = 2 points. When I first bought them I thought they'd be great in french onion soup with some grated cheese, but I haven't made the soup yet. I really have to be careful with these... they're too good.
  13. AmyLynn

    Your Demon

    My demon is the little guy in my head that comes out and takes over my thoughts and ability to make good choices. He's the one that screams... "oh, go ahead and eat, you can start over tomorrow". Fortunately my food demon only showed his ugly little face once this entire month. November has probably been my best month all year. I recommitted to WW and getting back to goal. On Halloween night I decided I was going to lose weight through the "eating season" (Halloween - New Year's Day), and except for one rough night, I've kept that committment. In the past when the binge demon came out, he usually stuck around a few days, or weeks, and sometimes months. This time I was stronger then him and managed to shut him up. I'm reading the Beck Diet Plan and it's really helped with the emotional side of my binge eating disorder. I've been doing the exercises in the book and it keeps me focused. I'm well on my way back to goal, I feel strong and motivated and know I can do this. Jeannie.... Don't think about having to lose 100 pounds... Take 10% at a time and make your goals achieveable. Before you know it you will have lost 100 pounds. Many of us have done it, and many of us have done it more then once. You only fail when you quit trying. Hang in there Buddy... we're here for ya.
  14. I love the new Christmas look.... very festive. I worked today, came home, went to the gym and then came home and cooked dinner. I've been watching TV since dinner and thought I'd check in. It's been a great OP day for me. I did an hour on the elliptical machine and swam laps for an hour = 6 AP's Today's menu was: 20 target points + 1 AP. (5 AP's left) Coffee, almond milk, Davinci syrup B: yogurt and bran buds = 2 pts. L: ratatoulli, string chese, baguette crackers, grapes = 5 pts. D: L.C. Chicken l'orange, asparagus, olive oil, cheesecake pudding, persimmon = 10 pts. S: Bran buds, milk, raisens = 4 pts. I'm working again tomorrow and have planned my menu for breakfast and lunch. I'm planning on going to the gym again tomorrow, but not sure yet what I'm going to do. Cardio I'm sure. I'm waiting to meet with the trainer next week to begin strength training. Tomorrow's menu... so far... Coffee, almond milk, Davinci syrup B: english muffin, laughing cow cheese = 2 pts. L: Smart One's Sirloin beef and asian veggies, Shiratake tofu noodles, tangerine = 5 pts. I'll be back tomorrow evening to post my work out and dinner menu. Have a good day everyone....
  15. I'll never buy those again. I bought the Brown Sugar ones when they first came out. I wound up eating the whole box in one night. Sugar is my downfall, and when I eat even small amounts it just sets off my cravings and I wind up binging. I've had to back off most desserts (even WW ones). I'm pretty safe with SF FF Pudding, so that's my dessert most nights.
  16. Well... Thanksgiving turned out to be a huge success weight wise for me. The morning of the pot luck at work I weighed 156. I had a little bit of everything I wanted and that night exercised like a maniac (2.5 hours of cardio). I woke up Thanksgiving morning weighing 154.5. Last night Ed and I went to the restaurant and when we looked at their Thanksgiving menu we decided Turkey dinner at a restaurant just isn't the same as home made. I knew it would be a disappointment and a waste of points, so we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant instead and had a great dinner of grilled shrimp and BBQ Pork, rice noodles and veggies and they gave us rice paper wrappers to make our own rolls. The dipping sauce was great too. I didn't have a chance to work out after work and still woke up weighing 153.5. (down another pound) I am so Psyched. Last year the day after Thanksgiving I woke up weighing 4 pounds more. Ed wants French Toast for breakfast this morning, so it's going to be WW french toast for both of us. I don't know what's on the menu for the rest of the day, but I know I'm going to a Zumba class tonight. It's going to be another POP day for me. Happy Black Friday... be careful out there if you're going shopping.
  17. Good morning.... Happy Thanksgiving. I was surprised to get up this morning and see the thread had already been started. I was all set to post on yesterday's... I'd written that I was worried about the pot luck at work yesterday. Well, I started the day with a low points breakfast. I had a 1 pt. english muffin with a 1 point serving of ham, coffee, almond milk and DaVinci syrup. Lunch was the pot luck. I started off with about a tablespoon of everything, and then, another of the things that were really yummy. Even though I don't think I really overdid it, I did eat things I'm not used to, and had no way of tallying the points. I was planning on going to the gym directly from work, but I was still feeling a little carb overloaded, so I came home and took a nap. When I woke up I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the step runner, 60 minutes on the elliptical machine and 10 minutes on the rowing machine. When I got home I wasn't hungry... just thirsty, so I drank a 24 oz bottle of water. I thought about having a bowl of cereal before going to bed, but I really wasn't hungry and didn't want to see a weight gain this morning. Yesterday morning I was 156, and this morning I was 154.5. It certainly made my Thanksgiving happy. Ed and I were planning on going to his Boss's house today, but by the time I get off, their family will have already had dinner. I really wasn't looking forward to spending the holiday with them so I talked to Ed, and we decided to go out to dinner. They just opened a restaurant 2 blocks from my house so we decided to go there instead. I won't be going to the gym today, but hopefully I can talk Ed into taking a walk around the lake tonight after dinner. My food plan for today: coffee, almond milk, DaVinci syrup. B: cottage cheese, persimmon 2 pts. L: ham sandwich on double fiber bread with lettuce and mustard, carrots and cucumber and an apple. 3 pts. D: not sure yet... 15 points + I still have all my WPA's for the week. My plan is to not overindulge, but enjoy my dinner, and not see a gain in the morning. Have a great day everyone. Happy Thanksgiving !!!!
  18. I had another awesome day today. I went to the gym directly from work today. I did an hour on the elliptical machine and then swam laps for an hour. I'm "paying ahead" for Thursday when I won't be able to go to the gym. Allyson... I forgot to tell you... I made the Rogan Josh Sunday night. It was wonderful. I made my own Ratatouille, so it was more veggies then anything else. I did make it with chicken and basmatti rice. I think I'll try it sometime with shrimp. The spices were great. I added some cayanne pepper to make it a bit hotter. Ed loved it too. Today's menu wasn't as exotic, but it was satisfying. B: coffee, milk, DaVinci syrup 2 pts. S: cottage cheese, persimmon 2 pts. L: cucumber and carrot sticks. Ham sandwich on double fiber bread with lettuce and mustard, grapes. D: Lean Cuisine chicken scaloppini with cheese lasagna, Ratatouille, vanilla pudding 10 points. I'll probably have some fruit or cereal and milk later on tonight. I'm making green bean casserole for a pot luck at work tomorrow. I was warned not to use anything low fat or fat free, so it's gonna be the real deal. I'm planning on being very careful tomorrow to use my points on foods I don't usually have, and I'm going to stick to small tastes of anything that looks dangerous. I'm planning on going to the gym tomorrow after work and I'm planning a low points dinner for tomorrow night, so that I don't exceed my points for the day. I'm planning on saving my WPA's for Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving Eve tomorrow.... We can make it through the holiday season without gaining weight. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.... and prayer.... "God don't let me blow it"!!!!
  19. I just got back from the gym and I'm multitasking .... talking to my boyfriend on the phone, typing and watching Dancing with the Stars. The Zumba Instructor didn't show up for my class this evening, so I did an hour on the elliptical machine. My menu today was: B: coffee, milk and Davinci syrup 2 pts. S: yogurt and bran buds 2 pts. L: Progresso chicken noodle soup, grapes 3 pts. D: Lean Cuisine meatloaf and mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, olive oil, pudding, Persimmon 11 pts. I've still got 2 pts left plus 3 AP's. I may still have a bowl of cereal and milk before I go to bed. My motivation level is still pretty high. I know I'm going to have 2 really challenging days this week. A pot luck at work on Wednesday, and Thanksgiving. I won't get to work out on Thursday because after work we'll be going to Ed's boss's house for dinner. The good news is, at least I won't have to contend with leftovers. I think the pot luck at work is going to be the hardest. Oh well... I'm going to be positive. I don't have to blow it this year. Today we had a weigh in at work. They're having a contest. We had to commit to 30 minutes of exercise 5 x a week. They're going to weigh us again after New Years and the group goal is maintaining our weight or not gaining more then 2 pounds between today and the follow up weigh in. My goal is to lose the 7-10 pounds the average person gains during that time period. At the end they'll enter all the names of the people that were successful and draw a winner. Whoever wins gets a 1/2 day off with pay. Goodnight y'all. I'm going to have a bowl of cereal and go to bed. Take care.
  20. wow Lesa, your pictures are awesome. You really look like a different person. You were pretty then, but you're beautiful now. Way to go !!!!
  21. Laurie... You're always welcome to come visit in Orlando. We had a great time last night. We met some friends at a club and danced to "Boomer Music", then we went to a Columbian Nightclub and did Latin dancing. I got on the scale this morning and I was down another pound. I'm Psyched. I got a 7 day pass at the new 24 hr. Fitness and decided today I was going to join. I did a line dance class there this morning, then a power sculpt class, and then I swam laps for 20 minutes. I feel great. Hopefully this will keep my motivation high. I needed to do something different. The jail where I work has a fitness center and we also have one in my condo. I live across the street from a big city park and I have an elliptical machine at home. I have no excuse not to exercise. My options are everywhere. I like the new gym because it has state of the art equipment and some great classes. They have Zumba 3 nights a week and the instructors are awesome. Tonight we're going to a Swing Dance. It's all fast paced music and another opportunity to burn more calories. I'd much rather be dancing then working out with weights. Today's menu is: B: coffee, 1% milk and Davinci syrup, oatmeal 4 pts. L: 1 pt. english muffin, laughing cow cheese and an apple 3 pts. D: Planning on having Salmon with wasabi ginger glaze, asparagus, and maybe some rice. Pudding for dessert. I'm not sure of the points yet, but I won't exceed my target 20, and maybe use the 4 AP's I earned today. Well, I've got to get some chores done. Enjoy the weekend y'all.
  22. OK, I've gotta ask, what is C25K? Looks like everyone is having a strong, powerful, OP day. It's been a good day for me too. I've got a busy weekend planned. Going to a 70's club tonight with BF to dance. Tomorrow night is the Swing Dance. That's a lot of fun and a great workout. I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to a Zumba class, but I wanted to check in just in case I don't get back here tonight. B: Coffee, milk, DaVinci syrup 2 pts. S: Yogurt and bran buds 2 pts. L: Zucchini Pie, grapes 4 pts. S: SF FF chocolate pudding 3 pts. Not sure what I'm having for dinner, but it will probably be a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones frozen entree and a vegetable. Another choc pudding for dessert. I'll earn 3 AP points at my Zumba class and I won't go over my target 20 + 3 AP's. If I have any points left over after dinner, I might have a fruit or maybe some cereal and milk when I get home tonight after Dancing (if I'm hungry). Have a great weekend everyone.
  23. You don't fail till you stop trying. Most of us have been down this road many times, and yes, it gets discouraging when we repeatedly sabotage ourselves, but it's never too late to turn around and start again. The Holidays are a tough time to be starting over, but what's the alternative? Eat your way through them and gain more weight? The "Eating Season" starts on Halloween and runs through New Years Day. Make a decision and committment that you're going to follow the program, and just do your best. I'm talking to myself as I'm posting this because I have the same fears as you. I think very many of us do. The "Eating Season" scares me, and although it's supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year", for me it just brings a lot of fear and anxiety... All because of the holiday meals and many parties. I hope that someday I reach a point in my life where I'm not afraid of food, and don't let it control my emotions. Just know... you're not alone. For some of us it is a real battle. But we can win if we stay tough. That's why we're in "Bootcamp", to learn how to win this war. Hang in there.... you'll find a lot of support on this Board, and we're all here for eachother.
  24. I'm posting Friday morning as I just didn't have time last night. I had a great OP day. Ate my target 20 + 2 AP's that I earned. Made healthy food choices, no junk food. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical machine when I got home from work, and then, last night we went to a swing dance. There was an hour long Charleston lesson, then danced East Coast Swing for about another hour. It was fun, I wish I could have stayed later but since I'm up at 5 we left pretty early. Allyson, Congrats to both you and your Dad. You're off to a great start. I can't wait to try your recipe, it sounds great. Sounds like everyone had a great day. YEAH!!!! I got on the scale this morning and my weight was back down to 157.5. It took me 5 days to lose the 4.5 pounds I gained in 2 hours on Sunday night. It's depressing, but I did it to myself. This coming week is going to be tough. We've got a Pot Luck at work on Wednesday, and Thanksgiving Day (after work) we're going to Ed's Bosses house for dinner. I won't be in charge of the menu, but I will be in charge of my choices, and I'm determined not to "Blow It" again.
  25. I've had a nice day today. I was off, so I did a few things around the house, went to the Asian market, and finally colored my hair. I also worked on my Beck Diet Solution daily assignment. I'm going to a Zumba class at 5:30 at the church, and then trying a Pilates class at the gym at 7:30. We're having a cold spell here in Orlando and it was almost freezing this morning. Temp is up to 60 now, but it's going to get cold again as soon as the sun goes down. My menu today: Breakfast: coffee, 1% milk and DaVinci syrup, French toast and SF syrup 4 pts. Lunch: Zucchini Pie 3 pts. Snack: Persimmon 2 pts. Dinner: Planning on grilled cajun talapia, and fresh green beans. Pudding for dessert. Not sure about points for dinner (depends on the weight of the fish) Although I'll earn at least 3-5 AP's this evening I probably won't eat them all. I'll be having dinner late tonight when I get home from the gym, and probably will be going to bed soon after that. I hope everyone had a good day.
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