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  1. Hi all... I wish I was going to Cinderella2b's house for dinner, it sounds wonderful. Jill, I hope you're feeling better today. Welcome Allyson !! Laurie, the quilt is beautiful. I wish I had the time to do something "crafty". I've been collecting wine corks to make a wreath. I've probably got enough to make several, but just haven't had the time to get started. It's been a good day so far for me. I'm planning on going to the gym for a 6:30 Cardio / Strength class. I expect to earn 3 AP's. I haven't yet decided what's for dinner. Probably a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine entree and veggies. Pudding for dessert. So far, this was my menu Early morning: coffee, 1% milk, and DaVinci syrup 2 pt. Breakfast: yogurt and bran buds 2 pts. Lunch: Progresso Southwestern veggie soup with a package of shiratake tofu noodles added, and an apple 4 pt. I will not go over my target points and AP's for the day. Tonight it's Dancing with the Stars and coloring my hair. I'm off tomorrow, so I plan on taking full advantage of my trial membership at the gym. I may even swim some laps. There is an indoor salt water pool there. Hopefully it won't turn my hair green. Have a good night y'all.
  2. Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I read Lesa's post and found myself in the same place. I posted, and my plan was to get right back on track. I did fine all day at work, but on my way home the compulsive binge thoughts started going through my head and I tried to fight them off. It wasn't easy for me and I was on my way to Target. I had pretty much decided, "screw it, I'm gonna eat, I don't care. I didn't know what, but it was going to be a food orgy for sure". Well... In the same shopping center where Target is, they just opened a brand new 24 hr Fitness. I decided before going to Target I was going to check out the new gym. Well, I took a tour. Was given the sales pitch and a 7 day pass. I decided I was going to go back and take the Zumba class at 6:30. As I was walking towards my car, thought to myself. You don't need to blow it again today. Why do something that's just going to make you feel bad? So I got in my car and went home. I changed my clothes and went back to the gym. I did an awesome Zumba class, and then attempted to do a Yoga class. I really had trouble with the Yoga. I'm not very flexible and the positions the instructor was directing were just too uncomfortable for me. About 15 minutes through the class I left. I went home, had dinner and turned what would have been a disasterous day into a success. I got up this morning and got on the scale. I was up a pound because I had a high sodium day yesterday. (but stayed within my point range). I ate my 20 points, plus the 3 AP's I earned) My one night binge the night before cost me 3.5 pounds. The discouraging part is because of one bad evening, I'm almost back where I started on Nov. 1st. I know it's mostly water. I can feel it in my wrists and fingers, but I feel like this up and down is the story of my life. One I want to rewrite. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's really difficult.
  3. Lesa, your post could have been mine a few weeks ago.... it's also mine this morning. I was doing the same thing as you for months. I was on program all day, sometimes even having an on program dinner, then binging on whatever was available till I fell asleep. After a year of "dieting" I was down 6 pounds.... which is exactly what I lost the first week. It was up and down all year making essentially no progress. My boyfriend couldn't understand how I measure everything, count points, exercise regularly, etc. and haven't lost any weight. Of course I hid the binging behavior from him, and blamed it on our weekend indulgences going out to dinner, my thyroid or new meds my Doc had started me on. I recommitted to WW on Nov. 1st and was doing great till last night. I had a more stressful day then usual at work, came home too tired to exercise, and wanted "comfort food" for dinner. I ate earlier then usual. Had chili on a baked potato and chocolate pudding with cool whip. My total points for the day was 20. My target with no exercise. I wasn't hungry, but for some reason the unopened box of Kashi crackers in my pantry was calling me. I fought it for about 20 minutes, then measured out 15 crackers. I could have used two WPA's for them, but then ate the rest of the box with way too much cheese. Then I ate a second serving of SF FF chocolate pudding and polished off the container of Cool Whip Free. Then I went to bed. I'm not typing this as a confession. It's a plea for how I can stop this vicious cycle. I keep trying, but keep sabotaging myself. I even started the Beck Diet Solution, got to day 2 and blew it. Of course I woke up this morning feeling guilty and remorseful. I just don't want to do this anymore. I'm tired of starting over, tired of having to diet since I was 5 years old (I'm 55 now), and still not willing to stop trying. Again this morning I'm starting over. I could write more, but it's 6 AM and I've got to get ready for work. I'm already running late. I've got a plan, and once again.... I'm going to stick to it. Man down here too, but getting up.. RIGHT NOW.
  4. Lesa : the chicken was "Lean Cuisine" and Laurdee, I was up early this morning because I had to be at work at 7 AM. I just got home. Ed went to a Football game in Jacksonville, so I've got the rest of the evening to myself. I was going to go to Day 2 of the Food, Wine and Jazz fest in the park, but after getting home and getting undressed, I don't want to do anything except lay on the couch, watch a "chick flick" and later hop on the elliptical machine before cooking dinner. What I have for dinner will depend on how many activity points I earn. It's chilly outside. 61 degrees in Orlando is cold. I'm in the mood for some comfort food, I think chili on a baked potato, SF/FF chocolate pudding and Cool Whip Free, but I haven't quite decided. So far, my menu has been Breakfast: coffee, Davinci syrup, 1% milk = 2 pts. Snack: 1 point english muffin, 1 wedge of low fat Laughing cow cheese = 2 pts. Lunch: cauliflower and FF cheddar cheese, very large Fuji apple = 4 pts. I'll be back later to enter my dinner choices.
  5. I've never been too full to eat my daily points... Sick or not.... I hope you feel better.
  6. I just started the book yesterday, and made my first set of "Advantage" cards. Has anyone recently started it, and how are you doing? It seems like just what I need along with WW and Bootcamp. Joanne was kind enough to send me her copy. Thanks Joanne..
  7. Posting Sunday Morning... I worked yesterday, and when I got home I quickly changed clothes to go to the Downtown Food, Music and Wine Fest. BF and I walked aound and checked out all the food booths. There were restaurants from all over the city selling "tapas" sized dishes of their specialties. Ed bought a few of the different offerings and I had a diet coke. Fortunately, I live across the street from the park, so between music sets, we went back to my Condo, and I fixed my own quick dinner. I don't particularly like walking around with a plate of food in my hand or on my lap, so I didn't feel at all deprived. There wasn't enough walking to count as exercise, so that was my only disappointment. Here's my food diary for Saturday. Total: 20 pts. Breakfast: coffee, milk, syrup, pear 2 pts. Snack: english muffin, LC cheese 2 pts. Lunch: crabmeat salad, lettuce, tomato, tangerine Dinner: Chicken a'l'orange, green beans, pudding and cool whip 10 pts. Snack: Bran Buds and milk 2 pts.
  8. I'm back to post my food diary for the day. Total = 20 points Breakfast: coffee, milk, syrup, yogurt and bran buds 4 pts. Lunch: english muffin, laughing cow cheese, apple 3 pts. Dinner: cauliflower and cheese, sloppy joe's made with manwich sauce and morningstar crumbles, peppers and onions, grapes 7 pts. Snack: Chocolate pudding, cool whip 5 pts. Snack: tangerine 1 pt. For some reason I felt exhausted all day. I didn't get the things done I wanted to do, and I just didn't have the energy to work out. Joanne (plcm11195) sent me her copy of the Beck Diet Solution. I haven't had a chance to get into it yet, but I did look through the contents. I think it's going to be just the thing I need to make the behavioral and cognitive changes it takes to be successful for the long haul. Have a great weekend everyone.
  9. Good morning... Laurie, I'm happy to see you again. Isn't it amazing that after all these years we always come "home". Whether it's after a few days, or a few months or even a few years, it's a comfort to know Bootcamp is still here, welcoming us and offering us strength and support through our ups and downs. Even though most of us have never met, there is still a closeness between us that's almost like "family". And in some cases, closer and more supportive then family. I was just thinking about the past 2 weeks since my recommittment. Initially I was feeling a little discouraged because when I looked at my day to day weights, there were some ups on the scale (5 out of 14) even though I've been 100% on program. I thought I should have lost more consistently and had a bigger loss after 2 weeks. Then I realized my Weight on Oct. 31 was 164, and this morning was 157.5. A 6.5 pound weight loss is nothing to complain about. I know weight loss isn't linear, but in the past when staying OP, my weight losses were more consistent. Of course, I was younger, not taking medications and exercising more. We all want to wake up tomorrow at goal weight, but it takes patience and commitment and for some of us, the process is slow... painfully slow. I know I should probably put the scale away, but I'm just as addicted to the scale as I am to food, and it's the lesser of two evils. I think the anxiety I feel when I don't weigh is worse then the disappointment I feel when I see the scale go up, when I know I've been 100% on program. I'm off today and haven't planned my menu for the day yet, so I'll be back later to catch up. I've got too many chores to get done today (I'm working all weekend). BF is here, still sleeping. I'm hopeing he'll get up soon and go home so I can start getting things done. He complains we don't spend enough time together so I don't want to leave before he gets up, but at least I can get my laundry started. Have a good day y'all.
  10. It was another nightmare of a day at work today, but the idea of binging to deal with it never even entered my mind. Wow, I just thought about that. I'm off tomorrow and Ed and I are going to a Swing Dance tonight..... we do swing DANCING, we are not "swingers". Two hours of dancing will be my fitness plan for today. Here's my menu: Breakfast: Coffee with 1% milk and DaVinci syrup, english muffin and Laughing Cow cheese 4 pts. Lunch: crabmeat salad, tossed salad, grapes 4 pts. Dinner: WW Chicken parmesan entree, zucchini and tomatoes, choc pudding with cool whip 9 pts. I may or may not have a snack when I get home from the dance tonight. I have 3 points left plus depending on how much I dance tonight another 2-3 AP's. I just want to say, I admire those of you who respond to each person individually. I'd have to take notes. I do read all the entries though. Have a nice evening everyone.
  11. I read this this morning and had to share it with everyone. It's pretty powerful, and exactly what I needed today. How To Liberate the Hero In You By Dr. Annette Colby, RD Annette@AnnetteColby.com or http://www.AnnetteColby.com One of the great things about the movies is that the hero always manages to lift up from life’s troubles. While the rest of us mere mortals would curl up in a dark corner, the hero commits fully to the journey ahead and finds a way to restore the world’s balance. If we look closely at the making of a hero, we notice that initially the hero is reluctant to take on the challenge because of personal fears or insecurities. For a short time, the hero faces doubt and perhaps even a momentary meltdown. The hero may panic or break down in a fit of despair or passing hopelessness. But that’s just in the short-term. Overall, the hero doesn’t check out for the rest of the movie until the bad things go away. The hero doesn’t give up and run to the nearest fast food restaurant to escape from life in a double cheeseburger and fries. And the hero doesn’t permanently give up and drown in a bottle of whiskey. Our hero eventually takes a deep breath, accepts the situation, and steps up to the challenge. A transformation occurs as the character faces a situation that demands some kind of change. Our hero is able to let go of a particular mindset, and propel into action to overcome adversity. That’s why we love movies. We identify with the vulnerability of the character as he initially shy’s away from an overwhelming challenge. But then our hearts surge with excitement as we watch the character dig deep within to discover loyalty and commitment to the cause. We feel positive emotional energy as we watch the hero face the challenge with integrity, determination, and persistence. Movie heroes show us that it is possible to be vulnerable yet courageous. It is possible to face our problems while maintaining faith and commitment throughout the journey. Life Is An Action Movie Luckily, most of us will not ever face the extreme situations portrayed in movies. Life is generally much more ordinary and routine. However, we all experience challenges, misfortune, and hardship that demand we grow beyond our current abilities. These changes require that we step beyond our comfort circles and explore new avenues of self-expression. Are you the confident hero of your own life, leading yourself compassionately and decisively – not only when things are smooth, but especially when the going gets tough? Look closely at your self-leadership personality as you face the challenges and goals most important to you. How do you solve problems? How do you respond to pressure? How do you interact with yourself when facing difficulty? What motivates you to stay focused to achieve your goal to great success? To become a confident heroic leader of your own life, follow this empowering checklist: 1) Identify and accept your fear or challenge. Dedicate yourself to achieving a successful outcome, no matter what monsters you may face along the way. 2) Identify the mindset or qualities you wish you had – courage, persistence, optimism, faith, belief in yourself, resourcefulness, inspiration, etc. 3) See the challenge as a situation providing many, many opportunities to develop more of the qualities you wish to posses. 4) Appoint yourself in charge of making decisions related to your goal, cause, or overall desired outcome. 5) Use your imagination to identify the single next step you can take to face your fear or challenge. 6) Take action to move you forward into a positive outcome – but do so in a manner that allows your courage, love of self, or faith to expand. There’s a hero that is always with you, when you are in joy, in pain, or in fear. That hero is your spirit of hope, imagination, and persistence – and that hero lies within you. Follow the tips above and release your hidden inner hero! © 2008 Dr. Annette Colby, RD About The Author Dr. Annette Colby, RD can help you take the pain out of life, turn difficult emotions into joy, release stress, end emotional eating, and move beyond depression into an extraordinary life! Annette is the author of Your Highest Potential and has the unique ability to show you how to spark an amazing relationship with your life! Visit http://www.AnnetteColby.com to access hundreds of content filled articles and sign up for a Fr’ee subscription to Loving Mriacles newsletter. Note: Are you looking for fresh content for your e-zine or web site? Feel free to reprint this article as long as it’s kept intact and unaltered (including the “About The Author” info at the end).
  12. I had a stressful day at work today, but on my way home I kept repeating the quote I got from Laurie... "If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution" I kept my committment to stay on program. It's now Day 12. It's been a long time since I've stayed on program for 12 days without binging. Over the past year my weight has fluctuated the same 10 pounds. Lose 5, gain 4.... Lose 3, gain 5... it's really been discouraging. Over the course of the whole year, I'm only down 6 pounds. I decided on Nov. 1st I was going to jump start my New Year's resolution. I WILL GET BACK TO 125 POUNDS, and then never let myself gain more then 2 pounds without taking immediate action. Todays menu was: Breakfast: coffee, 1%milk, and DaVinci Syrup 2 pts. Snack: 1 point english muffin, 1 triangle of low fat laughing cow cheese. 2 pts. Lunch: seafood salad, cantaloupe 4 pts. Dinner: Sloppy Joe's (made with morningstar crumbles and Manwich sauce) on 2 slices of double fiber wheat bread, zucchini and red onion sauteed in olive oil, vanilla pudding and cool whip 11 pts. Snack: Pomegranate 2pts. Total points 21 (20 + 1 AP) Fitness Regime: 45 min Zumba class, 20 minute walk to and from the Church where the Zumba class is. Now, I'm going to take a hot shower and go to bed. Goodnight everyone.
  13. I've gone there several times just to pick up points trackers and I haven't officially a member in more then a year. I can usually find similar or tastier food products for less money at the grocery store with the same point values per serving. When I ask for points trackers they usually say... "take all you want". I have purchased the 3 month food trackers, but I like the weekly ones better... and they're FREE.
  14. I think it really depends on how it's made. Turkey (dark meat) that's been basted with butter for hours I would think is more points then a dry roasted turkey breast that's been baked without skin. Of course if you cook it slow at a low temperature, it will still be moist and juicy. Same thing with ham. If it's covered in brown sugar or honey, it's going to be more calories then if it was cooked without all the "stuff". Also, don't forget to measure by the oz. not the slice. Sounds like a "no brainer", but for "newbies" just learning the program, it could save them several points per serving.
  15. 1 point toasted English Muffin with one "triangle" of Low fat Laughing Cow cheese is my newest favorite 2 point snack. Good anytime, day or night.
  16. As many years as I've been doing this... I've never tried Core. I"m just afraid I'd eat too much. For me, counting points keeps me in control.
  17. Sharron.... Thanks for reminding me why I forgot to have kids.
  18. Hi everyone. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, but felt better throughout the day. I didn't sleep well last night so by the time I got home from work all I wanted to do was take a nap. I'd planned on doing an hour on the elliptical machine, but I just don't have the energy. Todays menu: Target points: 20 Breakfast: oatmeal, coffee and 1% milk and DaVinci syrup. 4 pts. Lunch: shirataki noodles with spicy tomatoe sauce made with morningstar crumbles, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic and tomatoe paste, spices and grapes. 4 pts. Snack: Persimmon 1 pt. Dinner: spicy italian chicken sausage, onions, mushrooms and peppers sauteed in olive oil, Pita bread and vanilla pudding with FF cool whip. 11 pts. I just hope I can stay awake long enough to finish watching Dancing with the Stars.
  19. AmyLynn


    Don't be discouraged, it happens to all of us. If you get back on track immediately, chances are you'll lose it as fast as you gained it. As CW said, it's probably mostly water. Don't cut back on your points to try to "make up". Be sure to eat all your target points, bump up your exercise if you can, and like others said, increase your water intake. Hang in there.... we can do this, and you can stop beating yourself up now.
  20. Wow Trudie... I'm impressed. Well, after a really fun weekend it was back to jail for me this morning. Really... I'm a Nurse at the Orange County Jail (for those of you that didn't know that)... Yeah, the one where Casey Anthony is. I see her everyday. Today's Food Plan: B: Coffee, milk, DaVinci syrup, oatmeal (4pts) L: Chicken noodle soup, grapes (3 pts) S: 1pt. English muffin, light laughing cow cheese (2 pts) D: Salmon ________ (don't know points till it's cooked), ginger wasabi grilling sauce, green beans, ICBINB, chocolate pudding, FF cool whip : salmon ____ + (6 pts.) Will not exceed 24 points (20+4activity points, if needed) Fitness Plan: 45 minute Zumba Class, 40 minute walk
  21. Ditto to Carol's post, plus clothes feeling looser, increased self esteem.
  22. Good morning Buddies. I just had to jump on this morning and tell everyone what happened yesterday. Ed and I went to the Art Festival of the Masters yesterday at Disney. I was a little worrisome about what my food choices would be, but was committed to make good choices whatever was around me food wise. I had breakfast and just a piece of fruit for lunch. I was planning on cooking Salmon for dinner. As it turned out, we decided to go to the Outlet Mall after the Art Festival and Ed kept saying he was hungry. He munched on a few things and I had a bottle of water. It was getting late and we decided to go to Bahama Breeze for dinner instead of going home. I ordered the "Grilled Chicken and greens". It's a chicken kebob with grilled veggies over a big salad. Anyway.... Ed finished his meal and since mine wasn't really hot, we got up to dance. Well.... when we got back to the table the waitress had taken my dinner. There was about 1/2 left. We told the waitress, and she said she'd bring me another salad. I asked for it in a "to go" box. I came home, and had some chocolate pudding. Between the hour on the elliptical machine yesterday, all the walking we did, and the mishap at the restaurant, I got up this morning with a 3 pound weight loss. What I'm most proud about is in the past at Bahama Breeze I usually have a few Bahama Rita's. Ed always orders an appetizer which we share, and I usually finish my entire meal. I think my biggest challenge is Ed. I've gained 30 pounds since we've been together. As much as he's always on me about my weight, at the same time he's also encouraging me to have a drink or two when we go out, and he likes to go out to dinner at least once or twice a week. Yesterday at the mall I said, "I can't wait till I can fit into my Petite Size 4's again" His response was , "that's what you said last year". It hurt my feelings, but I didn't respond. I'm bound and determined that I'm sticking with my food plan this time and I'm not going to let anyone or anything interfere with me getting back to goal. I'm not going to blame him for my weight gain, but I'm sure there were some situations with him that I was angered and ate over. No more. I will no longer use food to sooth my anger, or anxiety. I'm going to remember what I heard years ago at "O.A." HALT!, Never get too hungry, lonely, angry or tired. Today we're going to the Rennaisance Festival, and I'm not at all worried about what I might or might not eat. Have a great day everyone.
  23. Congratulations Cindy... 15 years, wow... add up all my marriages and it doesn't equal 15. Now, no husband, 2 wuzbands, and "Steady Boyfriend" (sounds funny when you're 55) for almost two years. I think I'll keep him... Lesa...how do you like Core Rhythms? I've considered buying the set whenever I see the infomercial, but I'm thinking it's pretty similar to Zumba. I used to teach Zumba and as a former member of the Zumba Instructors Network, I have 2 years worth of training DVD's. I got up early this morning... couldn't sleep. I'm waiting for Ed to get back from his martial arts class and then we're going to the Disney Marketplace for "Festival of the Masters". It's a huge art festival on Disney property. For breakfast I had coffee with almond milk and DaVinci syrup, a 1 pt. english muffin and laughing cow light cheese. I'm not sure what I'm having for lunch yet. Maybe just some fruit, I'm not really hungry right now and I'd like to save points just in case there is something there I just can't live without. I do plan on staying OP, but if my BF gets something to eat, I might have a few bites. For dinner, I'm planning on Salmon, a veggie and if I have enough points left maybe a baked potato. Pudding for dessert. Right now my weigh day is Monday. I think I'm going to change it to Saturday morning. I usually use my WPA's on the weekend, and if I have 2 high point days, my weight loss on Monday isn't great. If my weigh day is after lower points days maybe my weight on Monday will be lower. I know it all evens out in the end, but I think seeing a bigger loss on Monday will be more motivating. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone...
  24. Welcome back. I've been around a long time too. Sometimes active, sometimes lurking, but never stayed away long. There are times when we might abandon the site... but it's always here for us when we have the need to come back. It's always loyal, even when we're not, and always welcomes us back with open arms and open hearts.
  25. It takes some time... just play around a bit. I've been around here for a long time and I still find new things when I have the time. Have fun, and welcome.
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