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  1. Today is my day! I am going to do an experiment at the request of my yoga instructor. While recovering, I will mentally invision my yoga routine, everyday. mental or otherwise, we want to know if it has benefits . There was a study that folk in the hospital who did this showed benefits from it and it helped them heal. Even if it's *all in your mind* I can see how it would have positive benefit. I will ask him today when I can start walking again. I am due at 12 for surgery. You guys have an active, healthy day!
  2. Thank you for that! I wanted to say something but unsure exactly how the comment fit into my current situation. I'm not able to exercise for a while due to a medical reason, I am not giving it up by choice and I'm not angry about the situation. It IS a inconvenience and I AM bothered but.. I am trying to plan ahead and I will probably need a kick in the rump later on to get me back into the saddle. Cheers buddies:bcbkickbu
  3. That is fantastic advice. This surgery is to revise issues from 2 surgeries I had last year. I lost a Lot of weight because I slept most of the time, I didn't eat, I didn't exercise. I lost all my tone, I was out of my walking routine.. I was a mess. That was 9 months ago and only 3 months ago, I got back into it. Never the less, this is not nearly as invasive as those procedures, Being I have had these areas cut before though, I know what my limits are. I think my surgeon has ties with a nutritionist that works in his building. Hmmmm I might ask to talk to him! Thank you BB. We only get one chance to heal and part of why I am having to have revision surgery I think was because I pushed the limits too fast after the original surgeries. Surgeon says no, but I wonder. I just feel SO lazy laying around in bed all day for days on end! Whew... I am used to eating 5-6 ap a day lol.. Better forgo the caramel dip and eat just the apple!
  4. Thank you Claudia. I also found out that at they Y, they have silver sneakers (Sr. workouts) and joint friendly workout along with sitdown workouts. I think I might be able to manage that. I am definatly going to look into it just to keep my routine. xox
  5. I am having surgery next friday. (sigh) This is going to jack my *flow* regarding my exercise. I won't be able to lift weights for a couple of months. I won't be able to do cardio for probably 6 weeks. I am thinking the only thing I can manage is a sloooooow stroll that won't get me sweating (can't do that either due to incisions). What really gets me is I can't do yoga!!!!! I have no clue how long it will be before I can go back to that. Will the stroll even do any good? I am afraid if I don't do something, the *break* will be my undoing. I am not the type of person who can take a break. When I do, I won't get back to it. So if your unable to lift or do cardio, what in the world do you DO!? I am so sorry I am full of questions. It just has been hard to get into this groove and I don't want to loose it. I am really serious about this, It's nearly bringing me to tears.
  6. Maria, It is very expensive. I had to do a lot of back breaking repairs to my house (BY MYSELF!!) in order to refinance it. We had enough in the house for me to get enough out to pay for the procedure. I had a breast lift/reduction, Extended tuck (it almost wraps around) Muscle repair (muscles mid ab were seperated) and lipo of the outter thighs (thrown in for free). I also had a mon pubis lift as that area on my body was so sagged it covered my whole nether region! My pannus also folded over onto my legs. You get sores and rashes, My breasts too because they laid on my stomach. The elasticity was absolutely ruined. The procedure is hard. I will not lie. It is hard. I couldn't walk upright for a month, I was in excrutiating pain and on heavy pain medications for weeks. I had to have help, I couldn't bath by myself. I had drains for 2 weeks. I would do it again in a minute. The time goes by fast, the scars fade... He removed 25lbs of skin, fluids and left over fat. I lost many dress sizes from the muscle repair. I can share photos if you would like. My only real solid advice is to SERIOUSLY research any plastic surgeon you see. Do not go with a cosmetic surgeon... only a certified plastic surgeon. My other advice is to not listen to anyone who tells you there is something wrong with wanting to tweek the massive improvements you've already made. NO ONE lives in your skin. No one else lives your life or deals with your issues. Only YOU! This is for YOU and if you want it, it is worth it. Kind of like loosing weight This is your cherry on that WW friendly sundae. I have an awesome Plastic surgery support board. No one there would ever judge you for this. They are very supportive, all in the same boat and generally a great bunch o folk. I will share that with you if you like. My final note is this... This is NOT NOT NOT NOT for weightloss. I would never suggest such a thing. I did this to remove excess after loosing weight. I am not at goal but I am close!
  7. My goal for the week is to do at LEAST 45 mintues of cardio, 5 days this week. It will be hard because tomorrow is a busy day but if it was easy, it wouldn't be a challange! My choices are cross trainer, Elliptical, walking or treadmill. Goal day 1- Cross trainer-Done! Goal day 2- Cross trainer-DONE! (though I only got 30min before I became sick ) Goal day 3 I will be unable to complete this weeks challenge. I have come down with something and am sick right now. BLAHHHHHH Goal day 4 Goal day 5
  8. You will prob get responses that are very strongly against surgery. However, not all bodies are able to recover from the elasticity having been ruined in the ab area. After 80lb weightloss and 4 children, years of trying to tone and shrink that skin... My only option to rid myself of a (rather large I might add) pannus was surgery and I did. I would do it again in a heart beat!! The elasticity in my abs were beyond ruined. The streachmarks were over and inch in width and covered my stomach. All that is gone now.
  9. Does a cross trainer or elliptical count? I go by strides per minute and miles. I'll join if that counts!
  10. Been there Jack. Recently too. Hang on, everything ends up OK in the end. It always does!
  11. I live in Houston, Texas. I had to stop exercising outside during the summer. I had become acclimated to the heat over the years but it has gotten worse, Last summer, I got caught about 4 miles from my car. I think I suffered a small heat stroke. My ears became compeletely clogged up, My breath was deafing. I walked slower and slower but my legs and feet felt like anvils. I was dizzy and my heart rate was WAY past max although I was walking at a snail pace. I drank my water but it did not help. I got back to the car, not really remembering how and was sick for a week after that. That was the last time I walked outside during the summer anytime after say.... 6am. The heat index reaches near 100 by late morning here. I do all my exercise at the YMCA now. That incident really scared me bad. I was far from the car, in a wooded trail and no one was around. I don't know how I didn't pass out! Please be careful out in the heat.
  12. Thank you Jack. It's not soap because it ONLY Happens when I run or walk too fast. It does not happen on a bike, an elliptical, weights...or anything I do everyday. I thought perhaps it was brought on by the jiggle of my flesh. Also it stops once I am into a good routine say... a month after I start exercising. Weird huh. The difference is however, I can't seem to get it to NOT flare this time. This came on about 8 years ago. Before that, I did not have this problem. The exercise-induced anaphylaxis seems like a logical guess. I would have to see a dermatologist to DX that but from what I read, it's mainly a food allergy that reeks havoc in your body when you eat it and then exercise. This happens to me whether I eat or not and I have no food allergies. I will keep plugging along and working up. If not, I will work with what I have. Tiff
  13. Thanks guys. I can use my regular sports bras when I am walking, doing weights or a bike but if I'm trying to run or on any *bouncy* machine.... Feels like someone punched me in the chest! (going to search for black eyes lol)
  14. I used to run, about 5 years ago. I loved it too! I seem to not be able to get back to it. Not for a lack of trying! The first time, I walked for a while then gradually worked up to a run. I have been walking for months now and I still can't manage a run. My lower back and rump jiggle and it makes my skin itch like fire. I also get this raised irritation on my legs in the front and inner thigh and top of my lower back and it itches horribly. When I try to scratch, it feels like my skin was dipped in lava. It is very painful. What is that and how can I get past it? I would really like to get back into running. This is embarassing but oh well!
  15. What sports bra do you use? I need something with some serious support. When I am on the elliptical, My breasts hurt from the movement. Thanks! Tiff
  16. I figured it just easier to count 1 for weights. Not always going to get it just right so figured counting on the lower side is just safer. I do however squeeze every point out of my cardio that I can
  17. Oh my gosh. Yes, I will be needing to make some adjustments. If I was really fit, 100% would be ok but I am so not that in shape. Not even close. I REALLY appreciate these links. Thank you guys.
  18. When I started my program with the Y, I had a trainer set me up on the FITLINXX program and gave me goals. One of which was heart rate. I was told my target range was 109-160. Of course the higher, the more beneficial. Ok well, when I do heavy incline on the treadmill (stage 15, I have to hold on or fall off lol) My heart rate is in the high 170's. I thought that was GOOD! Ya know.. the higher the better? My husband said he would keel over if that were him. Am I doing something wrong by pushing like that? Should I slow down and keep it in the say... 150's? I was always under the impression the higher the better but now I wonder if I couldn't potentially be hurting myself. By the way, he has to bust butt to get his to 140. It's because he is in better shape than I am. I get out of breath going up stairs and I think that is why my HR goes so high when I am on the treadmill. Thoughts?
  19. Well when I make pasta salad, I don't use mayo/milk/butter. I use a italian dressing style mix (a bit of oil, water and seasons) Maybe they mean THAT kind of pasta salad?
  20. Lol that was me as a kid. I never wore shoes in or outdoors. Drove my mother batty. Might be why my feet move funny when I walk. (they bow out, but just the foot, Im not bowlegged)
  21. Actually what I meant was, I use them for all cardio (treadmill, running, walking etc) everything=cardio workout. Not just running. Honestly I don't like wearing shoes. when I go out... I wear .99 flipflops!
  22. hehe, very clever CW! In all honesty, I don't count eggwhites. I don't eat half a dozen or anything like that, usually 2 but I don't count it.
  23. I LOVE hummus. gotta have a heavy garlic flavor though. No one wants to kiss me but hey... small price to pay
  24. Granola, I wouldnt buy something online if you don't already have experience with that item. I would go on to town and try on to see what works then find it on line. I would be afraid it would come in the mail and not fit right. I can't walk-run in shorts. I am embarrased but they crawl up my inner thigh and I am always pulling it down. I don't want tight bike type shorts either because.. well it hugs my curves (aka LUMPS!) and that is just as embarassing! So I do all my workouts in yoga capri.
  25. Do you guys have a pair of running shoe and another athletic shoe? I find a good running shoe and use it for everything. I do this so when I want to run, I can (which isnt very often but I want a good shoe for that when I do)
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