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    Free Meal??

    if you know you want to splurge fine.. plan for it and look up the items and figure the points BEFORE you eat it. Then eat it with pleasure and count the points. There is nothing in this world that someone here cant figure the points out on.
  2. welllllllllll LOL I can get white bread for .50 a loaf. My whole grain bread costs me 2.69 so.. not a good comparison HAHA.. BTW I only eat whole grain or whole wheat I find it is much better and more nutritionally sound than white but it really IS much more expensive.
  3. Aphreal

    Babyfood anyone?

    I make logans food. If you guys like to keep frozen snacks around.. I make all his fruit and put it in icecube trays. when frozen I pop them out and into baggies. each cube is 1oz. I make pear, pearstrawberry,cinnamon pear, pearblueberry I may or may not add apple to this. I make sauce from peaches, mango, grapes, cantaloupe and it tastes like a fruit slushy. I mix and match any combo of these and freeze in 1oz cubes. Fresh tastes so much better than jarred. Even frozen fruit works because it was picked then frozen, not processed. I also make his squash of various types(green or yellow), carrots, sweet potatoes, regular potates... greenbeans dont purree well and I cant stand peas or the smell so I dont make them that much. I share my dinner with him too Tiff
  4. I show 9.77pts for that dish. Tiff
  5. I could not get over how tiny the slices are and the cost! Ill stick with my saralee delight for the same pt value.
  6. I KNOW!!!!!!! I bought some for the first time in ages and its flippen 3 pts! I wont buy them again until they change it back. Tiff
  7. these things are about 3x3 square... flakey pastry type thing with what appears to be honey and cinnamon on top.. about half inch thick. what would be the point on this pls? Tiff
  8. Ive done this too but not with stuff like icecream either. I've done this with stuff like tortillas that are low cal, low or FF and VERY high fibre (like 8-15g of fibre per tortilla). Without the cap its 0pt. With the cap its 1 point so Ill count it as half a point or if I eat two Ill count one at half and the other at full. I cant NOt count it but I don't want to dismiss the fibre count either. I can recall only two items I do this with. The tortilla and lowcarb high fibre pasta I found but the pasta is gross so I do not even make it anymore.
  9. Does anyone have one of those nifty mastercook things they can use for this? I do not have one. Thanks!
  10. I wish I hadnt looked at this lol Now I will freak out about the amt of calories im having and get a wild hair that I need to eat less which I know isn't true.
  11. Aphreal


    I have no clue but wanted to chime in. Im just like you! if I plan for something juicy like a fast food place.. It BETTER be good if Im going to spend the points on it lol. GL!
  12. I was cutting the serving sizes wrong. I got it now. Thanks!! Tiff I made this crazy pizza found at dottis site http://www.dwlz.com/Recipes/crazypizza.html but Im not sure about her point. if tomatoes are free, Is tomato sauce not also free? the veggies would be free as would the mushrooms and olives wouldn't they? This leaves the buiscuts, meat and cheese. I double the recipe (big family) and calculated the points as follows. These are as close as I could get it... lean beef 15pts (4oz for 4pts, using 13oz of meat) cheese reduced fat 10pts (2pts per 1/4 cup, using 1.25 cups) Buiscuts 30 pts (4pts per buiscut and I use 15 oz which is 7.5 buiscuts) This makes 55pts for the pan, cut into 24 shows 2.29 pts per serving but hers shows 4.5pts per serving. The tomato sauce, counting it because Im using 30oz of it would only add 3 points to the whole pan so this would not effect each serving. what am I doing wrong? Tiff
  13. thanks julie! it was the sauce I couldnt figure. I appreciate your taking the time. I kept that sight for future reference. not sure how many times Ill be having THIS dish though lol
  14. Im still looking for help to point this dish.
  15. Aphreal

    Weighing Meat?

    Hehe a woman after my own heart. I take my scale and salad dressing when I need to
  16. Aphreal

    WW Snack Cakes?

    I buy my groceries and walmart supercenter and its the only place I've seen them.
  17. Aphreal

    WW Snack Cakes?

    I was totally UNimpressed. I got the chocolate ones and they are dry and the size of my thumb. I know they are only ONE point but I rather make something else for that for what you get for $4 which is horribly overpriced for what you get IMHO.
  18. ok guys thanks! Im looking into a food mill anyway. right now I cook and blender. Tiff
  19. I make my own baby food but I've not made squash.. ever. i got yellow squash. it sounds hallow and the skin is firm. how do i cook it? do I peel it and boil, boil and peel...?
  20. My Rival does that too. It's like the keep warm is the same setting as the low. I also have a heck of a time scraping the sides clean. Tiff
  21. 1.5cups of white pasta 2- 3oz boneless skinless rosemary pan seared chicken breasts (appears to be slightly breaded but only slightly) 1c broccoli 3/4cup garlic cream sauce. I do not know the ingredients used but its not low fat so Im sure what ever you would use in any cream sauce is what they use. Thanks!!
  22. I cooked the pears (with some apples thrown in) all night and just added the berries in cold with the warm sauce to the blender. It has a unique taste, not as sweet as I thought. I did cook it with some cinnamon and man did it smell good! I think next time I'll add splenda. I also accidentally pureed it too much lol. I meant to leave it chunkier for my son! oh well I bet he will love it anyway, I know I enjoyed all the BLT's of it I took while blendering it hehe.
  23. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=81367 I know how to make the pear but what about the strawberry. Do I cook that in my crock WITH the pear or just throw it in the blender and add it to the warm pearsauce. Thanks Tiff
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