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    I take a flax seed oil suppliment. It calls for 2 a day which would be like half a point but I only take one so I don't count it. Tiff
  2. Thanks! I actually have some of that in the cupboard too. WIll let you know!
  3. I buy the Oscar Myer FF hotdogs. they are 1pt each and to ME, taste like the real thing. Plus they are long.. like dogbun length. Tiff
  4. Aphreal

    WW Bagels

    Troys gal, go with Saralee Delightful or Natures own instead Is Western bagel still around (not sure on name.. going by memory) they were onlye 1 pt per bagel and DELISH!
  5. I have a muffin mix that calls for heavy cream or whipping cream. what can I use instead? (It says whipping cream so I dont think Coolwhip will work) Tiff
  6. hmmm my first instinct would be to count it like you would the potatoe either by weight or cup measure (weight seems to be more accurate) so it depends on the type of potato. This is all I have on potato: then just add your margarine and what not.... I always mash mine and count 2pt for halfcup Potato-sweet 3 1 large (8 oz cooked or 10 oz uncooked) or 1 cup Potato-white 3 1 large (8 oz cooked or 10 oz uncooked) or 1 cup Potatoes-mashed 2 1/2 cup Potatoes-mashed-frozen (prepared as per directions) 2 2/3 cup Potatoes-mashed-in a cup 3 1 (1/2 oz dry)
  7. the roast I made was not from a prepackaged source like the other one though so Im still wondering how much MY roast came to be... ps: I might just go by that other roast next time at least Id know right? LOL
  8. It had no marble in it and the fat outside was completely trimmed off. I cooked it 8 hrs in the crockpot and it shrunk to like a hockeypuck LOL!!! ' Anyway, Id like to confirm points please.. I was counting it 1pt her oz because once I bought a precooked packaged roast and used the nutr value on the back and it came out to 3oz for 3pts but somehwere else online it says its 3pts for 2oz so now im confused. Tiff
  9. Aphreal


    you can make this with a package *vrs a box mix that serves seven instead of twelve. It brings the point down and you cant tell with the thinner crust. I also cut up apples and make this.
  10. FYI she did not eat all of it. she had 1.5 slices, not two.
  11. Im glad this came up. We love hotdogs and Im not going to use up a bunch of points for one measly all beef hotdog Ive been eating HC and they are good in taste but we like to eat two so 2pts a piece adds up. but Im all for buying something thats only 1pt. we eat 1pt bread anyway so its all good. Thanks for the suggestions! (they surely cant be more expensive!) Tiff
  12. paris you doll! I have stuff for that.. I dont have terrigon but I do have basil and parsely. THANK YOU! ps: I have DILL as well, which do you think would be best? basil, dill or parsley?
  13. Ok I wanted to make chicken enchiladas tonight but had no breasts (that sounded bad) but did have a 4lb fryer in the freezer. I left it out to thaw and put it in the crock with a can of broth to cook. I was going to save some for salads and use the rest for the enchiladas. But I cant make the enchiladas now. Its been cooking for 2 hours and I dont know what I could add that would make it tasty. as is, it would be SO BORING! anyone have a tip? It will probably cook another 6 hours. Tiff
  14. Thing is, once I am regularly exercising it no longer does it and when i run, i sweat 10x more than when I walk. I THOUGHT i remembered something about endorphines but i cant remember. Grrr. It does it whether I sweat or not. Thanks for the idea though! Ill keep eye out to see.
  15. I remember when I first started last time, before I got pregnant, that I had to push through and endure horrible burning in my skin when I walked or jogged. I remember it going away but while it was happening (about the first few weeks until I got a routine down) it burned like fire and would bring tears to my eyes. If I scratched, it made it worse, even if I just rubbed it. It happens on my legs and back and sides at the waist line. When Im done, My skin is all blotchy. Im dealing with that now again and I forgot what caused it or how to help it other than just suffering until it stops. Thanks
  16. Thanks guys! I appreciate your help
  17. I found on a very old link I have that its 15pts per cup. Ive made this in the past.. I have a hard time believing that a cup is that many points! can it be true!? This is what mom is making for easter dinner. If this is true I need to do some planning lol.
  18. Kristi- Not worth it! Next time we will go somewhere else. Thanks for working that out for me, I really appreciate it. And to think I made the better choice of all that was on the menu! 20 points! Tiff
  19. Aphreal

    angel food cake

    Ginaki... I make that all the time. Very easy, super cheap too.
  20. MOLEY! Is that from what they cook it in? What DO they cook it in?
  21. dotties does not have ninfas restaurant on her page and ninfas does not have nutri info on theirs. We splurged today! so I need to asses pt value for my meal. I had the fajita taco salad. The shell was very large and deep fried in oil (shiver) THere was about 2.5 cups of lettuce, two tomato wedges, about 1TBS shredded cheese, about 3oz lean fajita meat and I had about 3TBS queso (cheese). I did not eat all the shell, about 3/4 but I ate the rest. I also had about 8 chips with a smidget of green sauce on them. im sorry if this is food porn but i need help calculating so i can stay op. Thanks! Tiff
  22. alright! Ill take that LOL! Thanks Tiff
  23. I had one of these the other day and I really liked it. according to the jack n box nutr value info, its 10pts as is but I ordered it without the mayo (He said may comes on it) How many points can i take off for mayo? I assumed 2 seeing how they like to put big ole globs of that nasty stuff LOL. Basically all im paying for is the chicken and the bread. The rest on there is veggies, no cheese on that one. Thanks, Tiff
  24. Oh great ideas! how do you 'roast' them? sorry im a dork Tiff
  25. Ive never made them but I have some to cook. What do you put on them? Tiff
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