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  1. Sounds Fabu...where did you find it? Store and section? Hopefully our grocery carries it. Had enough of a time tracking down some Davinci syrups around here. LOL Thanks Shawn
  2. Great idea TexasMom. I'll try that for the kids. They love the CL too. Thanks Shawn
  3. Just bumping this up. Also want to add that I did check out my local Super Walmart (my reg walmart didn't have them). They only had two sugar free flavors. Having to be the frugal mom shopper I only splurged on the Vanilla. So far I've only added a few drops in my evening coffee with my Fat Free Half n Half. Yummy... I'm gonna search back now for other uses/recipes for the sugar free vanilla. Does anyone else know of other stores or distributors? I don't want to have to pay for shipping. Thanks Shawn
  4. Yes don't loose this thread...I can't seem to bookmark it...but still trying to find a way...meanwhile don't disappear@! I'm gonna check my Super Walmart today - as someone suggested and if not any there then ordering one or two. Another time when money is plentiful I'll order more. Can't wait.... Love coffee, smoothies, etc. so this is a God send! Happy on points day SE
  5. Are there any stores or distrbutors that carry the DaVinci syrups? Or is only available via the website? These sound awesome... I can't wait to search for recipes and treats to use these with! Yahoo... SE (thinking more positive about all this now!)
  6. All my Crystal Light mixes list calories as five per 8 oz serving definitely 0 points. . Diet sodas are 0 points. Sparkling water, plain or mixed with Da Vinci SF syrups are 0 points. V-8 is 0 points. Boullion and many kinds of broth are 0 points. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow thanks SFCatWoman... Great to know. I did remember that diet coke was only "0" but I try to limit my intake of that too. For some reason if I drink too many diet cokes I bloat up. By any chance is there a low sodium V-8 juice out there? I'm afraid to try them and the blow up like a balloon. I for sure react to too much sodium intake. Not sure if because of thyroid or just the way I am. Never heard of Da Vinci syrups before...what are they? Where are they? What are they used for? Thanks for the tips! Gotta love this site thanks SE
  7. I got the Crystal Light Lemonade mixes to do up. Looked good since it said only 90 calories on the pkg. Came home and did the slider on it and I figured out "0"? points? Is this correct? I was thinking Water was the only 0 point drink we were allowed to have besides (plain tea and plain coffee). Anyone else drink this? What do you count it as? Any other 0 pt drinks? thanks SE (new WW member) 5' 155.6 10% 15 goal 125-128
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