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  1. They have tons. They even have two "sweet" flavors -- strawberry & cinnamon. I guess those are cream cheese instead of soft cheese, but they're still the same wonderful portion-controlled size/shape.
  2. I have the Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. Wii Fit is fun and if you chain enough of the "aerobics" exercises together, you can build a nice, low-intensity workout out of it. It's not a particularly tough workout, but I have broken a light sweat. My current routine for the Wii Fit is to do the body test, then do Advanced Step (5 min) -> Long Run (5 min) -> Rhythm Boxing (6 min) -> Plank (Strength Training) -> Advanced Step (5 min). It makes a ~20 min workout that is pretty fun and is easy to fit into my day on days when I feel like I don't have time for much. I also have EA Sports Active, which is AWESOME. The 30-day challenge workouts are short - 18-20 minutes - but intense. The first two workouts I couldn't even walk the next day I was so sore! You do not need a Wii Fit balance board to use EA Sports Active, but you can use one optionally. It comes with a leg band (to hold the nunchuck), a resistance band (that is pretty low-resistance, you may have to purchase a tougher one), and the game disk. It combines cardio, strength moves, and sports drills that are actually quite fun. The only downside is that there is no ab work at all. Another game I am interested in for the Wii is My Fitness Coach. It is based on the old game Yourself! Fitness which was available for the Xbox several years ago. I used to use Yourself! Fitness in 2004-2005 and loved it -- also fantastic workouts. Kind of like customized workout DVDs. For this you do not need a balance board (Wii Fit), in fact, I believe no equipment is required, but you can tell it if you have free weights or a balance ball or other workout equipment, and if you do, it will incorporate those into your workouts. I don't own this game, but I hope to -- it looks even better than Yourself! Fitness. Right now, Wii Fit, EA Sports Active, and Walking are my primary sources for exercise.
  3. This sounds good, except I really don't like the taste of stuffing (I know that is weird!). Does this taste like stuffing at all, or is the flavor masked by the other ingredients?
  4. Wow, I just checked Netflix and discovered the best thing -- they have TONS of workout videos available via their Instant Play feature. Meaning you can watch them on your computer, or if you have an Xbox 360 or newer Tivo you can watch them instantly that way, too!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I may check these out, I hope Netflix has some of them!
  6. Thanks, for your suggestions! Starbrite, I am definitely going to check out the workout demos on SparkPeople. That's an awesome idea!
  7. I am excited to try these! I went to their website to read more about them, and found that they are giving away free samples. http://www.quakertruedelights.com/
  8. For the past month, I have started exercising more seriously, mostly with the intent to treat my insomnia/anxiety. My routine, which I am very happy with so far, is 60 min cardio (elliptical or 1/2 elliptical + 1/2 brisk walking on a treadmill) 5-6x per week and yoga 1-2x per week. I do think I need to start some strength training. It's been a long time since I've lifted weights, and I'm terribly intimidated to start at my gym (I know I shouldn't be, but in reality I am). My plan is to save up for a few sessions with a personal trainer so I can become comfortable with the strength training machines under the guidance of someone who is familiar with THIS gym. However, training is expensive! So, in the meantime, I wanted to start working on some strength training at home a few times a week. So, I do have a plan for EVENTUALLY adding a real strength-training routine into my exercise plan. But I probably can't afford a few sessions with a trainer for a few months. So...for the meantime... Can anyone please recommend some videos that will help me build strength (especially upper body & core) at home? I have a set of light dumbells (2lb through 10 lb) and a stability ball. I don't mind investing in other minor equipment, like resistance bands. There are just so many videos and routines available, and I have no idea which to pick. Thanks!
  9. I think it is showing you the points as if you were on Flex. Apples, egg whites, and melon are all Core foods in any amount. It appears as if they are having a technical glitch with the Core planner ... I would send an email to their technical support to see if they can help you.
  10. I haven't posted here yet, but I wanted to jump in and say GOOO BLACK! Knowing that I have a team relying on me really DOES help me stay focused!
  11. The Black Team SW = 253.6 GW = 239.6 Weigh in day = Wednesday Week 1 (9/15 - 9/21) = 252.6 (-1.0) (Total loss = -1.0) Week 2 ( 9/22 - 9/28) = 251.8 (-0.8) (Total loss = -1.8) Week 3 ( 9/29 - 10/5) = 250.8 (-1.0) (Total loss = -2.8) Week 4 ( 10/6 - 10/12) = 250.2 (-0.6) (Total loss = -3.4) Week 5 ( 10/13 - 10/19) =250.8 (+0.6) (Total loss = -2.8) Week 6 ( 10/20 - 10/26 ) = pass Week 7 ( 10/27 - 11/2 ) = 251.4 (+0.6) (Total loss = -2.2) Week 8 ( 11/3 - 11/9) = Week 9 ( 11/10 - 11/16) = Week 10 ( 11/17 - 11/23) =
  12. I'd really like to join! Edited to add: My official start weight: 253.6 My weigh-in day: Wednesdays!
  13. shrinky


    I think lots of people have some intestinal troubles when they make any dietary changes. With WW I think people sometimes are constipated and sometimes, as you have learned, deal with the opposite. One thing to check is if you are eating any cereal bars or low-sugar products...many of them contain sugar alcohols (chemicals like malitol, sorbitol...they almost all end in -itol). Sugar alcohols are used as sweeteners, but they often have a laxative effect on people, causing gas, stomach cramps, loose stools, or all-out diarrhea. Usually just serving of things containing sugar alcohols doesn't bother most people (though some people are more sensitive than others), but it's easy to overlook that an item contains them and eat too many. They're in everything, including WW candies and LOTS of other low point items....so that could be a cause of your tummy troubles. Check the labels on any new items you've bought. If not, try to hang in there...your body will adjust to the new way of eating.
  14. It is kind of rude, though I think sometimes people are so impressed with someone else's weight loss that they are dying to know the details! It's hard because weight is so personal, and yet losing (or gaining) a chunk of it isn't something you can really hide. But she was rude to push it -- you answered her and confirmed you lost weight & didn't volunteer any more info. She probably didn't mean any harm by prodding, but I think in that sort of situation it's MORE than appropriate for you to respond, "I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable discussing something so personal to me."
  15. These are so good! I haven't tried the pesto, but I really love the Chicken Ranch & Chicken Philly flatbreads.
  16. I'm not going to chime in with the whole "which would you rather spend $ on" thing...because if you don't have the $, you don't have the $! But seriously, eating healthy does NOT have to be more expensive. What tends to be the most expensive are convenience foods. 100-calorie packs, pudding/jello cups, individually packaged portions of things (e.g. "Perfect Portions" individually packaged chicken breasts), Lean Cuisines and their ilk, etc. Why spend extra money on baby carrots when you can buy whole carrots and peel and cut them yourself? (They actually taste better when you do this anyway) Steamfresh veggies are convenient, but they are more expensive because of the fancy bag. Store brand frozen veggies in a plain bag/box are only a tiny bit more work and tend to be cheaper. Invest in some dishwasher/microwave safe tupperware/gladware/whatever in a variety of sizes and shapes. And zip-top bags. Don't buy individual portions anymore. Individually portion things yourself. Plan your meals 2 weeks to a month in advance, so you can plan to buy certain ingredients in bulk and use them in multiple ingredients. You might want to sign up for a site like thegrocerygame.com to get help figuring out what is going to be on sale at your supermarket this week. Try to plan your main meals around things that are inexpensive...a bag of potatoes, a bag of onions, canned or dry beans/lentils, broth, eggs, rice (don't buy small boxes, buy the giant bags that are way cheaper), canned tomatoes, etc. Stock up on staples like these - they can be the foundation of LOTS of meals. Some inexpensive to make meals that I like are: Pasta e fagioli soup, beef stew (stew meat is often less expensive because it is tough, but it softens up when you cook it in a stew), lentil soup, pasta w/ sauce and veggies, etc. Good luck!
  17. Hey, I was reading about this, and wasn't sure if anyone here had actually ever signed up and tried it. It looks interesting! http://www.push.tv I tried searching for it, but I don't think the search function can handle "push.tv" ... it just returns all entries with "push" ... so my apologies if this has already been discussed!
  18. You look fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures - it's very inspiring!
  19. These came out ok, but I don't think I am a fan of the cream of chicken soup flavor, or the canned chicken I used. I think next time I might try using cream of mushroom or something and fresh chicken breasts.
  20. Bumping ... I am going to try these this week ... they sound like really good comfort food for the upcoming snowy nights and the leftovers sound like they'd make for good lunches.
  21. It's fun to play with, but it's depressing as a larger person, since there are 50 lb gaps between showing any change in sizes once you're over 200. Here is a little projected timeline for me, at 275, 225, 175, and 145. I'll have to take real photos and make a comparison.
  22. I made this tonight for my husband and I, and served it over No Yolks egg noodles. It was so incredibly good, and also really filling. Definitely a keeper!
  23. Hi everyone - My husband brought home some pre-marinated steak tips that have no nutrition information. Their marinade is "parmesan & garlic" and I know it contains some vegetable oil in the marinade. Can anyone please help me guesstimate the points for a 4 oz portion? I do not see steak tips in the WW online food search... Thanks!
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