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  1. KPA

    Bars and Smoothies

    Also try the Special K bars (2 pts) and the Nutrigrain bars (3 pts). Low fat granola bars are usually 2 pts. too.
  2. 30 points total. Divide the number of servings into 30. For example, if six servings, it would be 5 points per.
  3. KPA

    Peanut Butter?

    I live on a college campus and we have the Smuckers individuals in the cafeteria. How funny that I never thought to grab a handful when I go in there! I will definitely have to start stealing my peanut butter! I, also, have trouble with peanut butter. I bought a jar recently to eat with apples. I, literally, use the tablespoon on my measuring spoons to scoop out the pb and then dip my apple slices into the tablespoon. And I agree that the regular pb is better than the low fat - you give up the good stuff and spend just as many points. KPA
  4. DOn't know what pizza free is. But, recently tried the new Lean Cuisine round pizzas. They taste like real pizza. Higher in points that the smart ones, which I do not like, and much better than the french bread pizza. I live on a college campus and when a student comes into the dorm with a pizza, it starts that craving. Now I can have a Lean Cuisine to stop the craving and still be OP.
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