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  1. Thanks so much!! Happy New Year everyone! Let's shine in 2009!!
  2. Thanks, guys, I appreciate it! I'm doing well and am about to approach the 4 year mark of making goal at WW. So hard to believe that much time has gone by! I've got some new pics posted on my site if anyone would like to see an update! Sorry I'm not here to post much, but my girls keep me on my toes as well as being a Community Leader at The Firm site takes a lot of my time. I love hearing from you all!
  3. Just wanted to drop in and say hello to all the Bootcamp Buddies!!! :bcb_bigsmI'm doing well here and hope you are as well!
  4. Unbelieveable!! You look like a completely different person! I know you feel great!! HIGH FIVE!
  5. Wow! YOU are now your younger sister! You look fabulous!
  6. Hello, tigger, thank you for your message. Can you lose all your skin? I really can't answer that. Everyone is so different. I can assure you though you can get your tummy flat...it may look like a deflated tire when you're done... but hey it will be flat!!!! I do have some loose skin on my lower tummy, it doesn't really bother me though and it's fairly easy to hide. I think a lot of my skin is from 3 pregnancies and being over weight with 2 of those... and 2 of those were c-sections that were cut up and down and not across. I can also tell you fat filled skin:bcb_down is never a better alternative than loose skin. Try not to fret and worry about what your skin will look like. You'll feel like a million bucks when you lose the weight and the skin will just be a reminder where you NEVER want to go again.
  7. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes! They are happy tears though!!! Thank you, Joanne, for telling me this message was here. Maile, you'll never know how much messages like this touch me. I want to thank you, Maile, for sharing this with me. Your message motivates me to continue showing others and to stay where I am and even to try a little harder. I never in a million years would have dreamed that my story would have such an impact on people. And that people would be sharing my website address with others and that I'd ever be on TV for losing weight. I'm just a country girl from nowhereville USA. It still blows my mind at times! I'm so glad you're going for the RESULTS NOT TYPICAL!!!! I can not wait to hear about your results!!! Please keep me posted. Thank you to the others that have posted messages as well. Y'all have truly made my day!!!
  8. Hi, I'm really loving the latest system put out by the FIRM. There's a snippet on my homepage of the latest infomercial and you can see what's all about. I think it would be a great place to start with aerbobics and weight training!
  9. Hello, be sure you're doing the lunges with your feet closer together than the way they are done on the transfirmer (stride wise). Since you're not using a step it's best to keep the feet closer, but still try to go deeply with good form (knees over ankles). Hope that helps ya!
  10. YES, My favorites are Body sculpting System 2 and the latest The FIRM Total Body Transfirmation System with the new pink FIRM carrdio weights. There is a snippet of the latest infomercial on my site if you'd like to see it! THANK YOU!
  11. Thanks, ladies!! Here are two times to catch the latest FIRM infomercial if you're interested. They are eastern time zones...they might be dual feed so it could be the same for Pacific..not sure about central. FOOD TUE 26-Jun-07 08:30 AM HGTV WED 27-Jun-07 05:30 AM
  12. I'm so happy you're doing WW now. It really does teach us how to do this for LIFE! congrats on how far you've come! Thansk for the message!
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