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  1. Frozen bananas add great texture to a smoothie. I would suggest taking the peels off before freezing them, though, or they are really hard to peel when frozen. I had a big freeze-fest last week and made a huge pot of lentil-vegetable curry plus some wild rice mixture and put them in those little divided Ziplock containers that are about 4 for $2 (can be reused many times and go in the dishwasher). Those divided containers are great b/c I can put a whole meal in a TV dinner-like configuration, and I know the points and (better yet) can control the points.
  2. Sounds great, and I'll probably try it this year... but it has no crust?? Is there any more-than-one point pumpkin pie out there that has a low-fat crust (making it maybe 2-3 points?) Just wondering...
  3. I have heard from several sources, including part of another thread from today, that I need to eat *more* to lose weight. I thought I was doing a good thing by not eating up all my FP's and AP's. Is this not the case? How does eating *more* of your FP and/or AP encourage weight loss? It freaks me out to dip into the FP. I feel like I'm cheating. Is this a normal way to feel on FP?
  4. Why do so many people specifically suggest water as a part of weight loss programs? I know water is good for you in many ways aside from weight loss, but how, exactly, does it encourage weight loss? Can not drinking enough water keep me from losing weight??
  5. I wish there could also be DSO (dear significant other) or DP (dear partner) for those of us who cohabitate but aren't married.
  6. Gimme Lean rocks!!! It is so low in fat and high in protein. I cook it in patties in a nonstick skilet and cooking spray. It tastes like real sausage only not so nasty and greasy. But then... I guess sausage patties are not really meat even when it's "real" sausage... LOL
  7. Greetings, IU sister! What did you study, and where are you now?? Sadly, the red chair bakery is no more... Village Deli expanded into its space. But now there is a City Bakery on 4th street that has some good things (including several tasty whole-grain breads that aren't too bad on points and of course the occasional on-ptogram treat )
  8. Indeed, (in the online version at least) there is no longer a 4pt cap on AP. I think you can get up to 8 or 10, and I do martial arts up to 8pts worth several times a week, so that is great! Sadly, you don't get to swap today's AP for tomorrow's FP, so reward yourself for the long runs on the day you do the running, and enjoy the APs you have earned.
  9. Hey!!! I lost 3lbs this week on FP!! That is the most I have lost in one week in quite some time. I felt like I was eating a lot, but I still lost weight. Wow!
  10. I don't know the point value for those products right off, but I just wanted to give a shout out to a WWer in Germany! I am from the U.S. but lived in Deutschland for 2 years and first started WW there. The point system there is different, isn't it?? That was a little confusing when I came back to the U.S. I still have all my German point books. It is a fun thing to have around. Viel Glueck!
  11. What are these "universal tools?" asks a Newbie. I know that WW is not jsut about weight, but I was wondering what other things I can look for in my life to change if I just stay OP.
  12. wow... sorry. I'm a newbie. For a minute, I thought it said "crackpot" instead of "crockpot" LOL
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