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  1. I was on vacation this week but I will be running W8D2 tomorrow. Almost there! Good to see so many of us on this program! I really like it!
  2. Hey SuperBowl, question. Have you sorted out your points yet? Has the lower amt been working for you? I ask because I am on program (29 pp per day) but not really dropping weight. And often gain then lose again. I finally decided it must be due to all the running causing water retention. Then rest days, releasing it, etc. Have you found your weight going up and down a lot since doing the C25K program? I'm hoping that once I get to running a consistent 30 minutes that the weight will start to drop again rather than stay at the same level.
  3. Strangely, I had a hard run tonight also - the worst one yet. Just exhausted I guess. Anyway, I'm proud of you! Good work! I know what you mean about pushing through it because the idea of NOT is unacceptable. Good luck with your last five runs. woo!
  4. I'm still doing the program. I have finished W6D1 and am really looking forward to W6D2
  5. Is everyone still running? I did W4D2 today. I'm using Robert Ullrey's podcasts. I can't wait until this week is over. I hate that last 5 minute song lol. SuperBowl, how goes week 5? I know you are a couple days ahead of me.
  6. Moe, how long have you been running? Wow, I can't wait to get to where I can run (jog!) for 40 minutes! W3D2 down, ready for more!
  7. I'm only on W3D2. What's the interval on W4? I know you can do it though, Super Bowl. You've done everything so well that you've put your mind to - this is going to be the same!
  8. I started c25k this month (just did W3D1 on Friday). I'm so excited! Also the weather has been great here in So Cal so we've been hiking almost daily for 1-3 hours. So.much.fun! Anyway, with the c25k, I've decided to participate in a local 5K run in August and I think I've found someone who will go running with me during the event. I'm going slow with the program because I'm really trying hard to not injure myself.
  9. Here's a site also: http://www.c25k.com/ Scroll down to the Couch to 5k Podcasts section and Robert's is the first one listed. I just finished week two this morning. I'll load up week 3 tonight to be ready to go Saturday morning. Oh and I use a Creative Labs mp3 player. I don't have a iPod either.
  10. I also just recently started C25K. I really like it! I'm on week two, day two. I'm using Robert Ullrey's podcast (Podcasts for Running on iTunes). It tells me when to walk and when to run. Are either of you listening to podcasts while doing the program? Also, I've found my weight is going wild recently. My body is getting waaay less flabby and much more toned even though the scale doesn't seem to want to budge (I'm staying OP) Anyway, I committed to doing a 5K in August. This will keep me on target! (i hope lol!)
  11. I don't see why not! Go for it and if it's not ok, then change it.
  12. Super Bowl, I'm curious. Do you save your tracking books? Or toss them after a while? I wonder what to do with all those old things...
  13. We make this all the time and I totally recommend it!
  14. I'm so freaking proud of Dara Torres! She's inspired me too.
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