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  1. Where is the info for the 360 plan? I would like to know the updates on the plan. Unfortunately I am unable to do the online or go to meetings. But I have my points plus stuff from 2012 and my points plus calculator. I am planning on doing it without the meetings with 2 buddies. Thanks.
  2. Wow, you look awesome. Keep up the great work. The prize is very close.
  3. You look great keep up the great work.
  4. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.
  5. I am kind of stumped on ideas for this healthy oils. I just recommitted back to WW after being away from meetings for 2 years. I went to my first meeting back yesterday. I realize I could use the dressings, but aside from that I really wasn't sure and didn't want to get bored with the same thing all the time. The Core program still has me a little confused too, but slowly figuring it out. I mainly wondered about that if you can eat however much you want. What if you are eating enough to keep you from getting hungry , is there a limit of what is too little if you aren't tracking points for it?
  6. I really never thought of like that. I may very well do that. I need something to look forward to , since putting on the weight has made me depressed . My husband tells me I was so much more happy when I did WW before. So when I mentioned going back , he was more than supportive about the idea. He was basically ready to push me out the door to go. Not that he doesn't love me for what I am now, he just likes seeing me really happy.Thanks for the support.
  7. WOW you look stunning!!!!!!!!! AWESOME JOB.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I didn't think you guys thought it was stupid, but I felt maybe it may of been looked at that way. My question was when you go back to WW meetings do they have you start over or can you pick up where you left off even if it has been 2 years and it won't be at the same place you before. I plan on going back to a meeting tonight, but I didn't want to start all over again. I have gained about 13 lbs back , but it isn't bad enough to start all over again. Thanks for caring enough to let me know that you didn't think questions were dumb.
  9. I withdraw the question apparently it was a dumb one.
  10. Congrats. You look stunning now. Imagine what goal will be.
  11. My husband bought me a smoothie machine for Valentine's Day . I finally used it . I made this. It was Oh so YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I was wondering if anyone has tried these and have any success stories to share? I just bought them and I am very excited to try them.
  13. Sorry if I spelled that wrong. I have alot and want some tasty recipes to use them in . Any ideas would be great!
  14. I have been going to Curves since feb, and I love it. I haven't loss much yet. I think that is my fault though. I wasn't doing WW with it . I am now trying to get back OP and I know I will do well. I lost 40 lbs in the past from WW so I know it works. Also if you wanted to look at the Curves forum with any question here it is. http://www.curvesforum.com. It is just like this , but it is all about curves.
  15. They have all the machines, but I just thought since so many other people go around that many times after there first weigh and measure maybe I should. I know I workout hard , because after the second round I am exhausted, energized later after a rest . I will take your advise on doing it twice. Thanks for the encouragement. You guys are great.
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