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  1. Just had to bump this one up. The family loved it. Great simple recipe that I will be making again. Hey who knows, might even try it with a different type of meat! DeAnna
  2. I have tried them, but to be honest I think they are way over priced. There are many on the market that are bigger or the same size for cheaper. As far as the smoothie issue, I just purchased the chocolate one, but haven't tried it yet. However, I think I will just look up recipes for that since they are a bit expensive. DeAnna
  3. Just in case you didn't get the answer: http://www.afcsushi.com/pages/nutrition.html This is a great site with lots of info! DeAnna
  4. It is great, and you really don't realize you aren't having the real thing. DeAnna
  5. Just had to bump this recipe. The family loved it, and I put it on the GF grill. Wonderful and highly recommend it!
  6. Paris- Just had to let you know that I tried this salad today, and the WHOLE family simply loved it. I didn't have a chance to refrigerate for an hour, and it still tasted wonderful! I will be keeping this one handy! Thanks a million! DeAnna
  7. Just had this very delicious chicken! I personally like it without the sour cream sauce. Very yummy, and would do it again! DeAnna
  8. Sounds wonderful, but the only problem is I don't have a PC. Do you think I can use a crock pot? Thanks! DeAnna
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