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  1. I voted to have it done, but then again I've had it done already. I'm one of those that no matter what the apron wasn't going away, I'd been overweight most of my life & had 2 c-sections. I've really worked my butt off to get in shape & at my age (32) I figure might as well show off how hard I've worked! But really what got me was the fact that when I would run you could actually hear the skin just a flapping around, do you know the embarassment when a 7yr old asks you what that noise is??? I'm lucky though, my insurance paid for it, again I do live in Germany. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea here, they don't pay for everyones TT , only under certian cases, I was lucky that's for sure. I know that I'm not at goal but all of my drs agreed that my stomach had little fat left on it so it was okay. I was not given lipo either, just a TT. I knew going in that I would never look like Hedi Klum but I can see my feet (my 1st goal I set when I started losing weight.) Also when I run the only thing you hear is my thighs. Those I might get done after I hit goal & only if the ins. pays for it. I had this done in January & I'm not gonna lie, you can see the scar, but then again in time it will fade & my bathing suit hides it. Just keep in mind scaring is like skin, it's gentic, I normally scar good & my drs are happy with it. There are also things you can do to minimize the scaring, the biggest one is don't expose it to the sun/tanning bed in the first 1-1/2 yrs. If the scar is exposed then chances are the tan it gets is going to last. So next week on vacation I plan keeping it coved & wearing sun screen under my bathing suit, like they told me! As for the boobs, I went from a DD to an A, so yeah I've got the flat tire look, but the insurance has offered to pay for that as well. My thing there is with a good bra I'm fine & face it the only one who sees anything is my dh & he's got no problem with them:bcb_wink3 Oh on my belly button, as they we're bringing back to my room I saw dh & he asked how I was, I told him "Fine, but they messed up & put my belly button on my back!" He just stood there in shock until a nurse assured him I was just joking with him:bcb_grin
  2. Sorry I've been MIA for a while, things are pretty hectic here at the moment. Tomorrow is the last day of school & in the last 2 weeks I've been doing this & that helping out. Then came dh, he had 2 wisdom teeth pulled (& we all know how men can be.) I have been sticking to my running though. Went for one yesterday & looks like tomorrow morning will work for my friend as well. Tomorrow we start the week 4 of the c25k program. I do have a little NSV, I was at the bbq for ds1's class. When grilling I noticed ds2 taking off to the creek (where all the big kids were) I took off running to get him & was going at full speed. Got there in next to no time, wasn't winded or red in the face & one of the boys just looked at me & said "Boy, you sure can run fast!":D It's the little things... Gotta go, have tons to do, need to get some running around done before my WI tonight.
  3. Last night we did our first 2nd week run (couch to 5k) last night. I have to say I impressed myself, after the running I wasn't as dead as I thought I would be. Okay it's only 30seconds more but keep in mind your talking to a convert, I hated running but now I'm liking it a lot. We've set up tomorrow morning for the next run. This means more stretching then normal. I can't wait for it though! Darci~Have fun hiking! Sorry about work & the pizza. I'm glad you were able to use your flexies & counted everything. Axe~Great job on the 50# mark! I think it was great how you managed to get a run in (& might I add a longer one in at that.) Denise~Welcome, I'm a newbie on the thread as well. Babe~Good luck tomorrow! I hope your ankle is ok. Are you even allowed to walk in the 5k? Over here they have strict rules about that. Most places don't let you walk if it's a run, even if you start dead last. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  4. Hi everyone:wave: Got in my 3rd run of the program & I learned a very important lesson, if I'm going to run in the morning I need to spend more time warming up then normal. I did my normal warming up & my thighs/calves we none too happy with me. Good news though, at one point I forgot to look at the stopwatch & what happened? We ended up running 90sec instead of 60, didn't really feel bad either. Okay so that makes me a nerd but what can I say? I'm also registering for the race on Monday, I told my friend that & she said that she was going to register then too! I think thats great since last week (before the 1st run) she wasn't too sure. So I know I'll have a running buddy thats for sure. Darci~Yeah I think the hiking with that much weight on your back will count enough for a couple of workouts this weekend! How was WI? Like the stopwatch huh? Alex gave me permission to use it for as long as I want, freaked me out a little (he still has that only-child-everything-is-mine thing.) Shawna~Hows the weather, getting any better? Have you gone back to the trainer?
  5. Got my second run in yesterday, things went a lot better then the 1st one. We chose a flat route instead of the hills we ran the first time around. I also used my sons stopwatch (it might be hotwheels but it got the job done.) So I could time our running/walking. In the end we did an extra sprint as well. We're going out again tomorrow morning. Nancy~ I'm new to the thread as well! I'm following the couch to 5k program. I have to admit it's pretty good, I've been working out but a certian runner on this thread has peeked my interest in running (don't worry Darci, I won't mention your name:D ) Runningmom~My friend & I have been doing all we can to run when dh is home so he can watch the little one. I've been dreading running with a stroller as well. As for the mp3 player, I love mine! It's built into my handi so no matter where I go I have it. I use it every morning when I workout, helps me on speed & making the time go by on the elliptical. Suzcaplooz~WTG on your loss!
  6. Hey! Well nice weather yesterday so I took the kids to Bad Keruznach. We walked about 5-6km. I ended up carring the little one a long part of it since I was a dingleberry & left his stroller at home. Got a good workout though (my arms are killing me still) As for my run today, it was called off due to rain. Now wait a second we are talking rain mixed with hail & lighting. I've walked in the rain so I'm not a wimp but when I can get hit by lightening I draw the line. We're going tomorrow night instead. Shawna~WTG with the trainer! Give yourself a little rest. Darci~Hey thats pretty good, look at you keeping your music time! Thats why I want to train with my friend, since I know I can't listen to tunes while I run. I had the same problem with my old shoes. I bought them way before WW so I was stupid got them because they were cute & fit like a glove. Little did I know years later (but still new) that my feet swell when I walk/run.
  7. I have to admit I personally have never been 'hungry' while on WW. Then again during the day I eat a lot of 0pt foods (I've never been accused of not being able to get in my daily fruit & veg thats for sure!) I'm a grazer, I love to eat, always have, I've just changed around what I eat, want something sweet, I'll take a piece of fruit, something salty, give me pretzel sticks w/ lf sourcream dip. I've lost a lot of weight with WW & working my butt off, it works for me. That being said I agree with Mrss, if you feel WW might not be for you talk to your nutritionist, I'm sure she would be more then willing to help you out. As for the regaining, when I go to meetings I always here the people saying "Oh I wish I could eat____" To which my gl always has to jump in & let them know they can eat whatever they want, you just have to see how you can work it into your points. The minute you take that route is the minute you turn WW into a diet & as we all know diets don't work! I've also seen this from mil, she went threw WW, had gold, stopped going to meetings. Started eating what she wanted when she wanted, meaning the schnitzel for lunch, cake/ice cream for coffee & then a salad for dinner. That is all workable with WW but you have to keep it real. In the end she waited until 2 months before her GC renewal & then tried to crash diet to get the weight off. Did it work? Nope, then again I didn't expect it too. She deined herself too much while on WW, never ate schnitzel, cake or ice cream. Waited until she was done losing weight & then ate it. Why wait? If you need it then work it in to your program. Heck I love pizza & eat lf pizza but when dh goes to the pizzeria I get a salad with turkey breast & slice a small piece off his, little points spent & that craving has been filled. I wish you all the luck in which ever path you decide to take.
  8. Okay I'm a cs'r in withdrawl, sad huh? Since I've moved here don't cs as much (8yr old & 22mo old boys) but when I do it's something special. For smil's 50th I made this beautiful medieval bust, over 125 colors & tons of time. In the end I really wish I had kept it. She has it hung in the living room & brags about it to everyone. No one here believes you can cs without the pattern stamped on the cloth! I've been a sc'r for around 20+ years (& I'm only 31!) I've found a lot of good patterns online & if we make it to the states this summer I really need to get more floss. They only sell Anchor here & I like DMC's colors better. Thank goodness for mom, she sends me so many colors with each goodie box! Firechick~Just an idea, have you thought about making the cards where the cs can actually be used as an ornament? I tried that a couple of years ago & got a great response from friends & family. Like I said it was just an idea.
  9. WTG EMMA!!! I sooo know what you mean. Last year when I did my first 2 10k walks it was raining BOTH times:crazy: To add to it, yep it was cold too. The 1st one I thought was going to kill me (ie a cold) but by the time the second one came around (a month later) I didn't care. Heck, I'm not made out of sugar so I'm not going to melt!
  10. Good morning everyone! Well I didn't workout yesterday at all. I woke up with a sore back:ugh: I thought at first it was from my jog, not the case apparently I slept funny since my neck started to get stiff later in the day. This morning I'm feeling better so it's back to the elliptical after a little posting. Thanks for the advice on pacing myself. Our next jog is tomorrow night so I'll do my best to not think I'm running for the gold:o Darci~See, I thought you said it was in July & then when you started with the 10k talk I was thinking I had gotten my dates mixed up or something. Zina~Yeah, I have the same speeds as you did (now I know where my 22mo old gets it.) Sorry dh is having problems. Mine seems to think that he doesn't need much practice for the 5k since "I'm on my feet all the time." Yeah so am I but I'm not crazy I know I need to train...men...
  11. Manx~LOL, it's sooo true! It's really sad but I'm an ex JIB addict. When I started WW the first thing I did was figure out my total points for a meal there, almost 70pts for a meal, not for a day but for the meal! Needless to say when I visit the states I stay away from Jack!
  12. Thanks for the welcome! Well, I went for my first run tonight with my friend. I'm following the couch to 5k plan & I gotta tell ya the hills we have here can be deadly! I was fine with the brisk walking but my friend kept having to tell me to slow down with the jogging that I needed to pace myself. I know she was right but I'm a person who pushes herself to the limit. Did or does anyone else have that problem? We're going for another training run on Sunday night so any advice y'all want to give would be great! Darci~Thanks for the invite here! Your a great buddy yourself:buddysmoo Good luck on that 10k! Hey, how often are you doing them?
  13. Okay I'm going to ask, can I join in here too? I'm a newbie runner, but a old hand when it comes to walking. Last Sunday I did a 10k walk in 1:25 & saw a table for Race for the Cure in Frankfurt in Sept. I'm going for it & a friend wants to train with me was well. So tomorrow after WI we're hitting the road. Not sure what shape she's in (she's pretty fit but admits she never works out) So I think it might be baby steps with her. If thats the case I'm going to make sure I get a few extra runs in durring the week.
  14. This is kinda perfect for me. I normally do walks but yesterday I saw a booth for the race for the cure. I've decided I'm going to run my first 5k! It's on the 24th of Sept. here in Frankfurt. I can't believe I'm actually going to run, I used to get winded in no time. I think the 10k walks I've done (including yesterday) & the elliptical workouts I do might help me out. I sure hope so! This is also good since I'm going to the states in August for 3+ weeks & this will really help keep my butt OP & working out!
  15. Okay have to throw in my 2 cents here. I'm a diehard elliptical fan! I've been using ours since January & I've gotten toned, this crazy talk about bulking is just that crazy:crazy: When I first got mine I was doing 3km in 30min now we're talking 10k in a little over an hour. Do I feel the burn, oooh yeah, do I like it, hey yeah! I always wanted a TM but when I saw ours go on sale I talked dh into real quick. We were lucky, it's a mid priced one & goes in reverse without a problem. The other thing thats great about them is they are easy on the joints. I was afraid that my knees would be killing me but nope no joint problems in the time I've had it. Okay 2 cents said....in case ya didn't get it: I LOVE MY ELLIPITCAL!
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