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  1. Good morning...how do you all like the new plan? I for one am excited!!! I am happy that ww is finally taking eating good seriously!!!!! Limit sugar. Eat clean!!!!!! Whoohoo~!
  2. I am lifetime to. I just started back to meetings
  3. In the oven now...need to 're do the points plus values..
  4. been looking for this~ Yay i will make this tomorrow~
  5. I changed from online member to meetings! What are you doing?
  6. would be willing to help!!!!!! I will volunteer my time!
  7. When I first joined weight watchers in 2003 I found this site by accident!!!! I found a LOT of support here!!!!!!!!!! What could we do to get this site booming again?? I loved this site at one time them little by little everyone stopped coming!!!!!!!!!! Hopeful!
  8. trying to decide if i want to do online or go to meetings....they have closed most meetings in my area
  9. I have this delimia right now~ been in ww ten yrs almost and I lost and got to goal Our kids grew up moved out got a call to adopt hubbys brothers kids so i gained 20
  10. I am a former leader for weight watchers..I bought Body gospel today I have just a few pounds to lose to get back to work~ Any of you use this workout???????? Thanks Gina H
  11. I have ceberal palsy so do you think it will work for me?
  12. Low in points! is there such a thing with the new points plus?
  13. How do you guys break up your points thru out the day? Breakfast Lunch Dinner and snacks? Should I use a different amount of points a day? I dont use ap or wpa im scared too thanks Gina
  14. Way to go on reaching goal weight~ I hope to get back to my gw soon!~ Keep it up~
  15. are you where you want to be? if so then add them one at a time! If not stay where you are hope this helps~ Gina
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