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  1. Good work Lenalady. I have gotten back into journaling also. I have always tracked my food, but my journaling brings in another helpful dimension. When I food shop I start at the far end of the store and walk up and down all the aisles until I get to the produce section. Then I start my shopping. I have to wear my Fitbit on my shoe so that it properly counts my steps as I push the shopping cart. Good luck to you!
  2. Great idea Lena! I also walk the grocery store aisle by aisle before I start my shopping!
  3. Good for you Annie! I picked myself up last week and was able to lose 1.8 lbs. Unfortunately, today I was disappointed because I stayed the same. I worked very hard last week tracking and making good food choices but it didn't show up on the scale! Next week! We are strong and must stay focused!
  4. Good for you Annie. That 1 lb. will be gone by the next weigh in!
  5. Yesterday I started picking myself up also! It has been a rough few weeks for me as well. BABY STEPS ANNIE....WE CAN DO IT!
  6. Glad you are back and on track! How was your business trip? I would be very happy staying the same after a trip! Didn't do that much better on the scale this week...I was down .8 lb. but that seemed to give my brain the license to eat anything that was not nailed down! Today I am back on track and tracking. Breakfast was out...I had two crepes filled with fresh strawberries í ¼í½“, hold the whipped cream! Lunch was 3 baked stuffed shells and dinner is out to Houlihan's for some seared scallops and asparagus risotto, hold all that oil please. Snacks have been on track also, mainly fruits but also a small Starbucks Skinny Mocha Latte. Have a great, well planned out Memorial Day Weekend. í ¼í·±í ¼í··
  7. Good going Annie! I also find that many hotel breakfasts supply hard boiled eggs. I like to get a small jar of light mayo and chop up those eggs into an egg salad. I have gotten away from planning my vacation breakfasts. I tried simply filling on Thursday and trying it again today. No change on the scale so far this week. Wednesday is my weigh-in.
  8. Somebody's mom. Let us know how you are doing. KIT Hey Annie...how are things going? I gained .6 of a lb. at my meeting on Wednesday and am more determined than ever this week. I tried a day of Simply Filling yesterday. I am hoping if I do a day or two of SF each week it might spark something!
  9. Hey Annie, 1.8 is a great loss. Keep up the good work!
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