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  1. Hey davey boy..... I'm Alive but have no clue how to answer your question.......can you cut the quantity of barley so it's negligible? Are oats allowed? I guess I'm going to have to take my coupon, hang my head and go to the meeting for the NEW, new new new materials. Sigh. You're doing great btw, if the soup is keeping you from falling off the deep end it must be good. PS, can you post the recipe?
  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us. You have done an amazing job! Wow again. What an inspirational slideshow!
  3. Which videos do you find the easiest on your knees? I am not able to do the step up part with my poor knees. Do you think there are videos from the firm that I might be able to manage or do you think I should stay with something else?
  4. UFO's ! Oh, that is me. I think I've got an 'area 51' downstairs. Doo doo doo doo.......
  5. WOW. That is a very big change. Nice family!!
  6. Brace yourself.... someone wrote on you when you were not looking! What a wonderful difference! Sorry, I won't be sending my topless ones in though......
  7. WOW. You have done an amazing job. You are living the life of a fit, awesome, intelligent beautiful teacher. :bcbsalute
  8. I like the magazine and the stories but there is too much advertising of food for my 'taste'. :lol: No running shoe ads, no gym memberships etc. All food.
  9. Thanks everyone! I'll take all the great advice and make sure I prepare myself AND look after myself post-donation. Wow Joanne, that's a lot of donations!! Excellent! My DH has given blood since he was 17, I waited until I was in my 30's
  10. This is directed mostly at Joanne as I know you are a blood donor!! I'm trying to set my workout schedule for the week and was wondering how I need to adjust it (or if I do) for the days around my blood donation. I'm a wee bit nervous about donating...... The last few times I've either given a partial donation or been refused flat out because of my iron stores. I'm feeling so I'm hoping and praying that this one will go grrrrreat!
  11. I subscribe to fitday.com They keep track of your fat grams, your fiber, calories etc. It's a running total for the day. Do you think it would be an accurate assesment to run the day's totals on the points system??? Just wondered your opinions on this. Would it allow too much fiber for vegetables? Skew the results? Anyone tried it?
  12. Just don't stop stretching! It will help those muscles grow long and lean. :bcbsalute
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