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  1. Does anyone still have the recipe for that great spinach pie with matzah that was on this site last year around Passover? I did searches of the ethnic recipes section and of the whole site, but the recipe is gone. I think it might have been posted in the Jewish and on WW forum, but that no longer exists. My friends and family loved that dish, and I had hoped to serve it at our Seder this year, too. All I remember is that there were eggs and spinach in it, and that you had to soak the matzah and then use it as the crust. Thanks in advance for any help! gadfly
  2. Last time we tried to cook bulgar, it burned. What ratio of water to bulgar should I use? How long do I need to cook it? How often does it need to be stirred? Thanks in advance for your advice! Gadfly
  3. Thanks! Gadfly 215.8/157.8/145
  4. Does anyone know the points for this? DH and I are having them for dinner, and I can figure out the pts. for whatever I put on mine, but they don't list the points for baked potatoes made without bacon and other toppings. I also intend to eat the skin. Thanks in advance! Gadfly 215.8/157.8/145
  5. DH and I love the S'mores ones, too. They are definitely worth the 3 points! Gadfly 215.8/157.4/145 58.4 pounds gone forever!
  6. gadfly

    Broccoli Sprouts

    I love broccoli sprouts, too! Unfortunately, they are rather expensive around here (upwards of $3 a package!). Gadfly 215.8/165.8/145 50 pounds gone forever!
  7. I weighed in on Saturday, and I have lost exactly 50 pounds! I only have 20.8 to go. I'm so excited; it's a great way to start the new year! Gadfly 215.8/165.8/145
  8. gadfly

    WW Mud Pie

    Wgere did you find them? Are they frozen? Gadfly 215.8/170.2/145
  9. Colorado buddies: I finally found these at a Safeway today, and they were 2 packages for $4. Gadfly 215.8/170.2/145
  10. Sounds good, but I wonder why there is a disclaimer on the site that says that the nutritional value may vary at high altitudes. Any Coloradans or others up here who know why that is? (I live at 6,000 feet.) Gadfly 215.8/170.2/145
  11. Barbara, congratulations on your accomplishments, and thank you for your inspiring words! Gadfly 215.8/173.4/145
  12. Thanks for the info! I just ordered WW magazine, too. Gadfly 215.8/173.4/145 42.4 pounds gone forever!
  13. I love Costco's Berry Sundae, too! However, since I once calculated it out to 12 pts., I now order half of one (and offer to pay full price). Then it is 6 pts., and I get the frozen yoghurt I want without getting sick from so much sugar. Gadfly 215.8/175.4/145
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