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  1. Wow, I just come back here after years of being away and it looks like I looked in at a good time! Thanks for grabbing my attention! (and thank goodness I read to the end of the thread before going off to do the pushups!!!!)
  2. Thanks to the search function, I was able to find the answer to my question within minutes. I've just restarted WW (so ignore my signature line - it is out of date) and I decided to do Core this week in order to really get me thinking about what I'm eating (I count points automatically all the time - not that I stay with in my points allowance, but I count them!) But I only have week one material and, of course, it doesn't mention anything about activity points.
  3. Lele: Have you thought of adding your height to your signature? That might stop people here from assuming you are too thin or obsessing too much at lowering your weight. From 'way up here', 117 looks really low! My dd would love to be 100 - 105 pounds (she's 5'2"). But she just can't seem to gain weight without eating unhealthy, high fat, choices. Last time she went to the doctor he read her the riot act about being too thin, then told her to cut out pasta (which is a staple in her diet as she's married to an Italian who does all the cooking.) I told her to eat healthy and ignore the rest. As long as she is healthy, her hair and skin are in good shape and her blood counts are fine, her body is at the correct weight for her. Her dad was only 119 pounds when I met him and he's 5'6". I originally thought I'd wait to marry him when I weighed the same as he did. Thankfully, I didn't or else we would never have got married!
  4. NebraskaGuy, you aren't a freak. I can get in 5 cans of diet soda a day, easily! Doesn't stop weight loss. After I lost weight last time, I decided to get aspartame out of my diet. First there was the withdrawal (not from caffeine because I was still drinking lots of black tea) and that caused major headaches for 2 days. Within 2 weeks I could taste aspartame as 'virgins' taste it and it was awful! I did not give up soda, I simply had it only when I was out and had the full-sugar version. When home I drank soda water and juice along with my regular water, milk and tea. I slowly gained (about a pound a month.) When I went back to diet sodas, the weight gain stopped. So I'm back to drinking 2 - 5 cans a day. And, as others have stated, it is my one vice, it has no redeeming features and many negative ones but I just can't seem to manage without it.
  5. A good breakfast sets me up for a good day. The opposite is true too. Since I live on the road, eating breakfast out is a huge obstacle for me. I usually overcome this by staying at hotels that include a breakfast buffet or have a fridge (then I buy cereal, milk, and borrow and plates/bowls/cutlery from the restaurant and eat in my room.) This week I'm in NYC and we have a full kitchen in our apartment hotel (by design.) BUT my dh has friends who eat breakfast every morning at the local diner and so we eat with them almost every day since we enjoy their company so much. Monday I had a corn muffin and tea. That was 12 points. Monday was a rough day for me! I did recover by having my normal breakfast (shredded wheat with a serving of fruit on it) for my lunch and using flex points. Since then, I've been ordering dry, whole wheat toast and tea, then having a serving of fruit and a glass of milk back in the hotel room later. If I'm at a breakfast buffet, I pig out on the fruit salad (at least 2 servings), have a high fibre cereal and plan during the week to have some treat once or twice (maybe half a danish or some bacon and a few hash browns.) I also get both my servings of milk in at breakfast because often I find it hard to fit in later in the day. Especially in Europe where drinking milk is not as common. If I eat breakfast later in the morning (i.e. around 10) I'll have an egg-white omelet, a slice or two of bacon as well as my cereal, fruit and milk and then skip lunch and just buy cut veggies from a grocery store for a snack. That is another strategy, plan for a 15 - 20 point breakfast, then have two 5 point meals for the rest of the day and take the points for your snacks from your flex or activity points. Good luck. This is one of the toughest areas to stay on program. There are no excuses because it can be done (I've lost 17 pounds since the beginning of January and this is my 10th week of travel during that time.) But it is really tough so planning is key.
  6. For those trying to avoid artificial sweetners but still wanting something other than plain water. Club soda with lemon juice or lime juice. Lemon juice is 2 calories per tsp for you can add a couple of tablespoons before you hit points. Lime juice cordial has sugar in it so you have to be more sparing with that. Still, 1 tbsp is about 15 calories and more than enough to flavour 8 oz of club soda. Herbal Ice Tea: My girlfriend just tosses 5 or 7 herbal tea bags into 1.5 - 2 quarts of water and puts it into the fridge for a day or two. I put mine out in the sun for a bit, and then into the fridge. Either way, 0 pts for a flavoured drink (my Tetley Summer Berry Herbal tea is 5 cal for 6oz, therefore a large glass is 0 pts.)
  7. Possibly. My frozen blueberries don't have nutritional info on their box. (In Canada we don't have the labeling you have in the US, plus this is a 10lb box, more for commercial use.) My numbers from Laurel's Kitchen would have been for fresh berries so that might have made them higher. As well, there are two kinds of berries, wild and cultivated. The wild ones are very small, therefore more skin per serving. Those are the kind I'm having. The larger ones could easily be less in fibre since there is less skin per serving, therefore if that is the kind that Laurel is referring to, then my numbers will be off. But I don't mind over-counting here or there since I under-count by accident from time to time. I figure it works itself out in the end and I'm still losing at a steady 1.5 lbs per week (averaged over much longer periods of time, the swings on the scale are scary to watch!). I've lost at that rate every time I've lost weight, regardless of which WW program I've used (I've belonged long enough to have been part of 3 points-based programs) or if I was just counting fat and calories. This is a good sign to me, since I'm much older than I was the first time I started to get my weight under control but my metabolism isn't showing any signs of slowing down yet. I figure all the water, fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables I eat has something to do with my metabolism keeping going at a good rate.
  8. Here's another thing: I put 1/2 cup of blueberries on my cereal in the morning. That works out to be 1 pt (source: Laurel's Kitchen). But a whole cup of blueberries are also a point (source: WW week 1 book). So, later in the day, if I need another little snack, I'll measure out the second 1/2 cup and eat it without counting since I know I counted them earlier in the day. The berries are kept in the freezer so I defrost my morning berries but the snack ones I eat frozen so they are like a frozen dessert for me. I never count 0 pt veggies no matter how many servings I have in the day (it wasn't uncontrolled servings of veggies that made me gain weight!) If I hit upon a 0 pt convenience food (in Canada there are precious few of those), I know how 2 or 3 servings point out and if I have more than one serving in a day, I make sure I count the second serving. Same for 1 pt items that seem to be too good to be true. If they point out at 3 pts for 2 servings I make sure I only eat one serving or count 2pts for the second serving. There is a lot of room in the program though. I miscounted my bread for the first several years I was on the program but it didn't stop me from losing 30 pounds and making goal in 5 months so don't sweat a point here or there. Just watch you aren't 'abusing' the program since the only person that gets hurt when you do is yourself.
  9. I'm motivated by the WW points system. Since I eat every point coming to me, I'm often right on the border and if I don't exercise and earn activity points, I'll be off-program. This week had two unexpected meals which pushed me right to the edge of the program. By kicking up my exercise a bit on Tuesday (Pancake Day at the church), I pulled away from the edge and saved a couple of flex points. Those are being used today (my last day of the week), plus I'll exercise tonight. It wasn't a fancy lunch with my dh (just from a chip wagon) but it was a wonderful lunch since we drove into the city, bought from 'our' chip wagon (we've been going once a month for 18 years) and sat inside to people watch while we ate (it is too cold to sit outside here.) This week is why I love WW. I didn't miss out on supporting the church on Pancake Day, dh and I had pizza on Saturday and then we had another nice time together at lunch today. By eating carefully (tonight is 3 oz of white chicken and tons of veggies!) and exercising, I can stay on program. BTW: it isn't like the exercise is optional, my doctor has prescribe 30 minutes of brisk walking each day for my back recovery, but instead of being a chore prescribed by the doctor, it is a reward that allows me to enjoy my time with dh fully - he's recovering from prostate cancer so we are appreciating moments together a lot these days.
  10. We love Swiss Chalet too, me especially since it isn't work to have a huge dinner for very few points, something I often need when traveling. Dh and I will often share a half chicken dinner since I like white meat and he likes dark. We order it with a salad and then a number of sides for the two of us. The breasts are large so I normally count them as 4 pts (no skin, of course), the dipping sauce is 0, the salad, no dressing is 0 and I don't count the rotisserie veggies either. So that is a large dinner for 4 pt. If I'm exceptionally hungry, I'll order a baked potato but count it as 4 pts because it is so big. I don't put butter on it, just use the dipping sauce. Beware of their desserts though. While you can have them (on WW you can have anything as long as you plan!) please check out the website before you go because their desserts are premium and therefore lots of points. More points than you may think.
  11. I've only got my 28 points a handful of times but I used to set it as my goal each week. My heart is the kind that jumps from low to high fairly easily (along with the corresponding sweating and shortness of breath.) So I count a 35 minute workout at Curves (going around 3x instead of 2x which I can do at our Curves because it isn't busy) as 4 pts. I also count a 35 minute speed walk in my neighbourhood as 4 pts. And I often go for a 45 minute moderate walk 2x per day (once in the morning and once in the evening) so that's another 4 pts. Often, I'd work out at Curves in the morning and then go for a moderate walk with my friend in the afternoon, making it a 6 AP day. Or spend several hours doing gardening and then go for a walk. That meant that I didn't have to keep it up 7 days a week to still make a 28 AP week. Some people wouldn't count the same exercise as high intensity. I stopped caring about what they counted since what I was counting worked for me. I lost weight, toned, and kept the weight off while eating every point coming to me (33 per day when I was on maintenance.) When I first started back on WW in the fall of 2003, I was counting my floor exercises each morning as 1 AP since they took me 15 minutes to do and I was heavy enough that 15 minutes of light activity was 1 AP. I stopped that once my weight dropped below the magic 150lbs and even though I now have to do floor exercises 45 minutes a day, I don't count those APs. Now, I still do the moderate walks several times a week, and about 3 high intensity walks a week. But Curves is now only 24 minutes for me because I can only do 6 of the 12 machines at our club due to a back disability. I've had to set my AP goal for the week at a more manageable 16 - 18. And since I'm not back at goal yet (after 2 months of extremely limited mobility I went over goal) my target points are lower so staying on program is much more of challenge than it used to be. APs are all that are keeping me OP right now. Thank heavens we can earn them in so many ways.
  12. Your treadmill is an absolutely consistent surface. Your outside route will have minor humps and imperceivable grades. Your body has to adjust to that. Add wind into the equation. One more thing your body is balancing against. I don't run but I do bike and do a little cross country skiing. There is no comparison between doing these things 'in the wild' vs on my machines at home. The machines at home are a snap but in both cases, I don't have to balance myself as well as use the energy to do the exercise. Outside there are balance issues and they take a lot of energy. On the bright side, outside is more interesting, invigorating, and can be combined with either socializing or errands. (On the subject of balancing - lately, due to a back injury, I'm not allowed to sit. While I've raised my laptop computer to the right height to work, I find I can't concentrate as well on my work, simply because a certain amount of my mental energy is spent keeping me balanced upright. I think this is the same reason it is easier to run on a treadmill than outside.)
  13. You are having an awesome week! KC - Check in and let us know how you are doing!
  14. Just a quick post from your cheerleader! I got the go ahead from the therapist today to start walking for fitness again. I only managed a block today but am pleased that I can go out at all. I started by doing laps on the driveway and ended up in pain so lay down on my tummy in the snow and did back stretches while waiting for my dh to come out for the walk. That was enough to 'reset' my back and I was able to go walking and don't seem to have any adverse effects so far. Total time out (including 3 minutes in the snow lying down!) was 20 minutes. Wednesday: 20 minute walk Thursday: 20 minute walk Friday: 20 minute walk with friend, therefore quadruple therapy - exercise, light therapy in the sun, fresh air, and social contact. Unfortunately, it still only translates into 1 activity point! Saturday: longer walk, 40 minutes at a higher intensity, about 2.25 miles, the last half being on the creek so I could enjoy the scenery and sunshine. Running total of activity points for the week: 7
  15. If I can't be working out myself, I'll be your cheerleader! :headover: Glad to see so many of you did really well this week! I'm plodding away with my back exercises. I don't get them done every hour but do them at least 10 times a day, including in the middle of the night if the pain awakens me. The PT added a third on Friday so now I get to fly like Superman twice a day! I'm not sure I'm seeing much improvement. Certainly mornings are still very rough and it takes about 2 hours until I can walk after waking up. On the other hand, I seem to be very strong in the evenings and managed to work for 2 hours standing in the kitchen, working on my lap top last night. The pain is shifting (like it is supposed to) but I've also picked up numbness I didn't have before and pain farther down my leg which is also a bad sign. I'll be back at PT on Monday morning and have a list of questions/comments/observations started for the therapist. I'm supposed to be flying to NYC in 22 days so I'll need to be able to sit by then.
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