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  1. How many points are in a can of 98% fat free cream of chicken? I found online how many points are in a serving (1/2 cup) but I don't know how many servings are in a can. Can you help?
  2. I'm in Ohio. I had heard that Krogers in Texas carry the Natural Grains raisin bread. I doubt we have it here in Ohio :-(
  3. I've had a twinkie before (too many times) and I don't think these taste that bad. They're a little more dense than a twinkie but I wouldn't say that they're bad. I still enjoyed it.
  4. I called Country Kitchen and they said that they only sell their bread on the east coast right now :-(. However, I have heard of another brand "Natural Grains" having a light raisin bread. I emailed them this morning to see where they sell it. I'll post when I get a response. I'm dying for some raisin bread because I love making grilled cheese sandwiches with it. YUM!
  5. I got the blueberry ones and I really enjoyed them. When I first looked at them I thought "that will never fill me up!" but actually ONE muffin was quite filling. I had one at 7:30 and the second at 9:30. I really didn't even need the second one but I try to eat every few hours.
  6. I about died when I ate the oatmeal one. It was wonderful. I thought the twinkie-like one was pretty good too, though the oatmeal was better. I buy the Uncle Wally's smart portions muffins so I didn't try the Freshley muffins.
  7. These are very good and taste just like the real thing. They're 4 pts for 6 rolls. They can be found in the freezer section right next to the regular Totinos pizza rolls.
  8. YUMMY!!! They are so good. They're 6 points (for one) and are really great. I've tried all the other variaties but this is by far my favorite.
  9. It sounds like you're trying to drink too much at one time. I know sometimes I get sick to my stomach if I drink too much water in one sitting. Maybe you could try spreading it out over the day.
  10. A coworker gave me a pack of the vanilla ones to try today. Oh my gosh, they are wonderful! I'm going to buy a box tonight!!!
  11. Thanks for all the ideas!! Looking forward to trying them. The wrappers I have are 1pt a piece. Not too bad!
  12. I thought about putting splenda and cinnamon on them and baking them.
  13. I just bought a package of egg roll wrappers. Can anyone give me ideas of what to do with them besides make a traditional egg roll? I don't like vegetables either :-). I was thinking they might work good for a dessert also. Let me know. Thanks!
  14. Try toasting the muffins first before putting the toppings on. The crisp up and don't get so soggy! These are a staple in my house. I love them!
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