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  1. Jason, I love the changes. my username Maddieandpeter was created when I had two grandchildren Maddie and Peter. Now I have 4 more. William Jack Eli Abbie Maybe snowbird Sue, eh! ok, buddies, help me change my username. hugs,
  2. Tell me how Juie is getting along and how are you doing with that and all that's going on regarding Eli?


    Think of u often down there kayaking, biking, walking on the beach. Enjoy your quiet time. Love ya, Joan

  3. I just had a drink, and CW it was scotch. How many points per ounce?
  4. Good Morning Buddies, It sounds like you all are getting ready for the holiday season. All is well here. As Kathy said, I am posting on the old folks thread. Danielle - You are one busy lady. Have a wonderful time in Oregon. This fall, we went to Mt. St. Helens and it was awesome. We also went to Cannon Beach. Tracey - Your life sound great. Glad you didn't have a problem with the ice. Monday, we had ice and it wasn't too bad. Kathy - Come on over to F&S when you can. I'm trying to learn all the names. Amy - Your kids are really growing. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Love and hugs,
  5. This is what I do. I take an english cucumber and sweet onion and slice thinly. I salt (Kosher) and weigh down the cuke and onion. When most of the liquid is out (about 2-3 hours), I put in a bowl and add rice wine vinegar and splenda (you have to taste) and any other spices (dill, mustard seed, etc) that you like. It certainly is CORE and lasts for several days. Enjoy,
  6. Good Morning, I clicked on your post and was thrilled to find so many 'healthy' Chanukah recipes. Last year, I found a yummy zucchini latkes recipe and I can't find it in my notebook. There was a baked potato latkes on BCB and a sweet potato pancake on WW site. I'm getting hungry for them. I think I'll make them after DH and I go to our WW meeting tonight. Thanks for the inspiration. SUe P.S. I just found this recipe. I'd add a potato to the mix, only use egg whites, use less parsley, but it sounds good. ZUCCHINI LATKES A nice alternative to potato latkes for any occasion. Adapted from recipe by Pearl Roseman for California Kosher, ©1991 by the Women's League of Adat Ari El, North Hollywood, CA. .4 cups zucchini, grated 1 cup fresh parsley, chopped 1 tsp lemon pepper 1/4 tsp salt 2 eggs, lightly beaten 3 to 4 Tbsp matzo meal 4 Tbsp oil for frying In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients, except oil. Drop by tablespoon to form 3-inch latkes, and fry in hot oil, in nonstick skillet, until golden brown on each side. Freezes well. well. Yields approximately 12 Latkes. Per Latke: 67 Cal; 5gm Fat; 4gm Carb; Trace Chol; 98mg Sodium; 1gm Fiber; 2gm Protein. Exchanges: 1/4 Starch; 1/2 Veg; 1 Fat.
  7. Yep, I'm in for this week. I had a fairly good week. Lots of upper body work this weekend with 25 pound 9 month grandson. We took lots of walks, but this week aerobics starts, so I'll be logging that as well as walking. This is my plan Sun - rest Mon - Aerobic dancing (done) Tues - Aerobic dancing (done) Wed - Pilates (done) Thurs - 2 hour walk (done) Fri - Aerobic dancing Sat - ? Thanks Dawna for your inspiration. Hugs, Sue
  8. Good Morning Dawna, I'm so sorry to hear about your headaches. I hope they are gone. Last week was good for me too. This week will be a challenge as neither my aerobic dancing nor pilates classes are held. I'll plan on walking every day. Sun - Walk ( 3 1/2 miles) Mon - Walk (3 1/2 miles) Tues - Walk (1 hour 10 minutes, ? miles) Wed - Pilates Reformer Lesson and 1 1/2 hour walk - I'm tired! Thurs - Rest Fri - Plan on walking with DGS Sat -Plan on walking with DGS Have a great week buddies, Hugs, Sue
  9. Good Evening Buddies, I'm in for another week. Question? What is WATP anyway? Sorry for your heat and humidity Dawna. Wait. After two of the hottest days this summer, the low was 49 degrees this morning. Back to exercise. Sun - Walked 6 holes of golf, walked additional 2 1/2 miles Mon - Aerobic dancing Tue - Walked Wed - Aerobic dancing Thurs - nothing, driving to chicago for the day Fri -Aerobic Dancing Sat - Thanks again Dawna, for being our fearless leader. Hugs, Sue
  10. Howdy Dawna - I have been exercising throughout the summer, but haven't been home enough to log my daily exercise. I'm home and want to rejoin this board. I'm so glad to see that it still is happening and I will be happening with it. The following is my plan for the week. Sunday - Bike ride (done) Monday - Aerobic dancing (done) Tuesday - Pilates (done) Wednesday - 3 1/2 mile walk (done) Thursday - Pilates (done) Friday - Aerobic dancing (done) Saturday - walking (done) Have a great week buddies, Sue
  11. I just made salmon on the grill tonight with a marinade that I use often. It is soy sauce, garlic, honey and a bit of cayenne pepper. The quantities are to your liking. I soak the salmon for about an hour, then grill skin side down on medium for about 10-15 minutes. I don't turn the salmon over, but have the grill top down. The skin will stay on the grilll, so all you have is the yummy salmon with a great taste. Hope you like it. Our local store had fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon today. It was a bit smaller than I'd like, but delicious nontheless. Sue
  12. When I make this kind of salad, I grill fresh corn about 10 minutes at medium on my gas grill, turning every couple of minutes. It starts to get dark, and has a wonderful smoky taste. I also am a food network junkie. I loved Sara Moulton's Cooking Live the best and was disappointed when she changed the format of her show. Hugs, Sue P.S. here are a couple of other salsas that I make routinely. 3 ears corn 2 Anaheim chili peppers 1 can (16 oz) black beans, rinsed and drained 3 plum tomatoes, chopped 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice ½ t salt and pepper Grill or broil corn and chilies 8 minutes or until charred (takes longer). Cut corn from cob. Peel peppers; remove and discard cores and seeds, then chop. Mix in a bowl with remaining ingredients. Makes 4 cups. Mango Salsa 1 cup each diced mango and cantaloupe 1 can (4 ½ oz) chopped green chilies, drained 1/3 cup thinly sliced scallions ¼ cup chopped cilantro 2 T fresh lime juice Pinch ground red pepper Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Serve soon or refrigerate up to 3 days.
  13. Howdy, I'm back for another week. I would have walked today, but I was able to drive home and spend a few hours with my DH. My plan is... Sun: nothing Mon: aerobic dancing (done) Tues: aerobic dancing and pilates (done) Wed: aerobic dancing (done) Thurs: pilates (done) Fri: aerobic dancing (done) Sat: biking or walking will be done. Here's to an awesome week of exercise! Hugs, Sue
  14. Good Evening Exercise Buddies, I'm in for another week. Although the weather wasn't wonderful for outside activities, I did get something in every day last week. I'm not starting this week with exercise, but will get 6 days in this week. Here goes: Sun: Rained out Mon: aerobic dancing Tues: aerobic dancing and pilates Wed: aerobic dancing Thurs: pilates and walk Fri: aerobic dancing Sat: plan - walk It sounds like our group had a great week. Here's to another great week. Thanks again to our leader, Dawna! Hugs, Sue [ June 18, 2004, 10:27 AM: Message edited by: MaddieAndPeter ]
  15. Good Evening Buddies, Dawna, I'm in for another week. Sun: 2 1/2 miles on treadmill Mon: pilates, 2 1/2 mile walk Tues: pilates workshop, maybe 1 AP Wed: aerobic dancing Thurs: pilates tape Fri: 15 miles bike ride Sat: 18 mile bike ride Isn't it easier to be accountable when the sun is shining? Hugs. Sue [ June 13, 2004, 02:04 PM: Message edited by: MaddieAndPeter ]
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