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  1. If you have access to a local running store with a training program, I would highly recommend it. I started with a 5k class 2 years ago. I just ran 18 miles yesterday with my group training for a marathon. I'm 45, and I've been a couch potato my whole life (UNTIL NOW). I love it.
  2. Does anyone have guesses as to how Applebee's cheesecake is made? It is a very unusual, light, cold texture. I keep think mousse/whipped topping. I would love to find a clone. It is very good.
  3. I don't know if this applies or not, but I have to share my great news. While training for a Half Marathon in February, I developed ITB problems and ultimately a tender knee on the opposite leg. I'm ready to start training for a marathon and visited an orthopedist to be checked out. This man is going to the Olympics with the American track team as the knee Dr. He did a brief exam, and then declared that it was a simple fix. He determined that my Sacro-iliac joint had gotten out of alignment at some point, thus creating pressure on my opposite knee. He pushed it back into place and declared me healed. No pain after months of tenderness. No pills, no nothing. Just instant fix. What is scary is that I can imagine most other orthopedists not being able to spot what he did.
  4. You sound like you are on a diet. The Flex Points are built into the program. Don't be afraid to eat them. If your metabolism has been slowed down due to not eating enough, it may take several months for you to lose AFTER you start eating more. A one week test will not be enough to determine if eating more will help you.
  5. In our area you do have to weigh the first time of the week that you attend the meeting. You do not have the option of paying and not weighing. I think it is important to take the focus off the scale as much as possible anyway. So what if you weigh in after 4 days instead of 7? That isn't changing the fact that you are losing weight. This is a big picture. You are getting healthier. The weight loss will follow.
  6. The 2 Wal-Marts I tried here said that they have been discontinued.
  7. The Leader's Manual info. for Vegetarians says that vegans need to substitute dairy foods with non-animal based, calcium-rich sources. Members should include foods each day that are rich in calcium.... It goes on to emphasize that calcium rich foods do not provide all the benefits of dairy. It specifies that calcium-rich foods do not meet the requirement for milk products.
  8. According to the Leader's Manual, there is no set percentage of RDA of Calcium with Flex Points. The requirement is "dairy". Page 19 of Getting Started has two columns-one lists calcium rich foods, the other has checks by the items that count as a milk product for WW. Calcium alone is not sufficient. There are compounds in dairy that act on the calcium contained. In addition, there are other beneficial nutrients. The ONLY things that meet WW requirements are milk, cheese and yogurt (and things such as latte or pudding made with these things). Calcium really does not have all the benefits of dairy products. Anything that gets calcium as a result of being fortified (soy milk, bars, cereal) cannot count as a milk product. Dairy only. Lots of recent studies regarding the benefits of dairy regarding fat loss. Keep in mind that it takes 2 cups of cottage cheese to count as a milk. That is a lot of cottage cheese. What the study says is that supplements and calcium by itself is better than nothing but not nearly as beneficial as dairy. If you are interested in the more scientific explanation of the study, you can find it here. Yes, it says calcium is good, but dairy increases fat loss substantially. This is the related sentence: Notably, dairy sources of calcium exert markedly greater effects in attenuating weight and fat gain and accelerating fat loss. This augmented effect of dairy vs. supplemental calcium is likely attributable to additional bioactive compounds in dairy that act synergistically with calcium to attenuate adiposity; among these are angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory peptides, which limit angiotensin II production and thereby limit angiotensin II stimulation of adipocyte lipogenesis. These concepts are confirmed by both epidemiological and clinical data, which similarly demonstrate that dairy products exert a substantially greater effect on both fat loss and fat distribution compared to an equivalent amount of supplemental calcium. Dairy Study
  9. Oh, my life is so sad. I just went to Walmart at Spring Creek and Central just for the English Muffins. I couldn't find them. I'll check the one on Coit tomorrow.
  10. Joanne- You are in my neck of the woods. I'm so excited to hear about the 1 point English muffins. That is news to me. I'll stop this afternoon. Woo Hoo!
  11. And the reduced fat is taking out the good fats that are in PB and replacing it with sugar.
  12. If this has been discussed, could someone point me in the right direction? I am newly empty nest and loving it. I bought a food saver and would like to do some freezer cooking to entice my husband to eat at home rather than picking up Chinese food when I'm out for the evening. Any suggestions?
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