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  1. Thanks for the input. I am still not really confident on looking things up I am new to the board. I am going to try to make this today. I can not drink nutra sweet so I am going to try to make this with Dite Rite the only cola I can drink. Have a BCB day! Jeanie
  2. Does any one have the recipe for a cake made with cake mix and a can of coke. My aunt heard about it at a weight watchers meating. I was hoping for some input. Thanks to all Jeanie
  3. How do you find out where you can get these bagels? I live in FL any idea what stores sell them? Thanks for the input! Jeanie
  4. Betina, The Burger Kings in FL have veggie burgers on their menus. I have not had one yet and I don't know the points for one. That may be a fast food option. Jeanie
  5. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!! I find a way to fit it in everyday. I only eat one TBSP at a time. I work at a hospital and they have to small cups of PB for the patients. You all could also contact the local hospitals and see if you could buy some from them. Happy peanut butter eating to all!!!!!!!! Jeanie
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