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  1. What am I going to get from a nice girl? Kind words, understanding, respect, dignity, friendship, strength, love, need I say more...you can be tough, but you can also be kind too... Sarah
  2. I think this quote by Joanne sums up the mentality of this board...she is responding to my cry for help...aka whining. Ok, In the past I just would have ignored this thread and it took a lot of thought before I did, but in light of the recent Disturbing Trend posts I decided it was more important to reply then to be the nice girl. She decided it was more important to reply then to be the nice girl. Well, I felt the lack of nice in her response. Why can't people be nice? Why is that so hard?
  3. I am shocked by the responses I have received. I know this is boot camp and we are all here to stay OP 100%. But no one is perfect and if I have a bad day, I thought that this would be the perfect place to get the support and advice I needed to feel better about my mistake!!!! I am disappointed and quite frankly hurt. I am relatively new here. New to the program too...being new I am going to make more mistakes than usual until I get familiar with my body, my strengths and my WEAKNESSES! Maybe I was putting the blame on something other than my willpower. So what, I was reaching out for advice and help and got slapped. I'm not sure I will be returned to this board. Sarah
  4. Thanks so much for the suggestions! They were great! Halloween is just around the corner so I need to be better prepared!! Sarah
  5. Okay...I blew it yesterday, big time. PMS got the better of me and I had a "Mr. Big" chocolate bar . But I didn't stop there. I had another one after that :eek: . WHY WASN'T ONE SLIP ENOUGH!? Please tell me why I had to go and have another one too!? I felt soooo bad about it . I know everyone is going to say...suck it up and start over tomorrow. But what about next time? I am not kidding myself by saying there won't be a next time. Any advice? Anyone else been here? Thanks. Sarah
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