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  1. I have this one and love it. Very simple to use, easy to read, and it's so attractive on my counter: http://www.ekitchengadgets.com/somodikiscsi.html If you order, you can get 10% off using the coupon code: AGAIN This scale got high marks from Cook's Illustrated too. From their January 2007 review: With the combination of an easily deciphered display, generous capacity (to 11 pounds), and roomy platform, the attractively modern Soehnle Futura ($79.99) has been our favorite digital kitchen scale since our 2003 testing. Recently, the Futura has been replaced by Soehnle's new model 65055 ($89.99)-an even sleeker, lighter scale. Though the new model loses just over a pound in maximum capacity, it offers a more durable on-, off-, and zero-setting tare button alongside a gram/pound conversion button-conveniently relocated from the scale's inaccessible underside-and, to a baker's delight, extends the measurement reading one decimal place farther, into the hundredths, starting at 1 gram (or 0.05 ounces). It's our new scale of choice. Note that the website link I provided has the scale for under $30. Enjoy, whatever you decide to do! Skymom
  2. nan-see, If the Von's store has a "health food" section, with it's own freezer area, that is where you will likely find it. That's where I see them in the grocery stores that carry them around me. Good luck! Skymom
  3. I really like the Double Chocolate Dream, the Dark Chocolate with Pomegranate, and the new Golden Corn ones. Sometimes there are free shipping offers, or % discounts, which may take the sting out of shipping to you. I like the chocolate ones as a "dessert" more than as a breakfast item. I nuke them for about 3-5 seconds, then top with some FF Reddi-Whip. Yum! Skymom
  4. An alternative to mixing with just water -- if you need to get in a healthy oil, mix it with 1 tsp of canola oil, then add water to the consistency you want. Just another way to make sure you get the healthy oils in! Skymom
  5. Bethsj, They actually recommend that you freeze them -- they have no preservatives, so you will definitely want to. I put sets of 12 into the gallon size ziploc bags -- if you stack them in 2's sideways, you can just fit them. That way they lie flat in the freezer. Hope you enjoy them, I sure do! Skymom
  6. Hi HeidiB, I got mine yesterday, and did try one. I love them!! They are a little on the sweet side, so if you like sweeter corn muffins, you'll like these. I like just about any corn muffin (muffins, corn bread, Thomas' toaster cakes), so I'm a happy camper. Skymom
  7. I have to order these online, so with shipping, they are a bit pricey. But I love them, the sweet wheat is my favorite. If anyone lives in the Northeast, and has a Stop & Shop nearby -- go to the bread aisle, and look for the store brand "Light" Boiled bagels (they only come in plain). These are 1 point for a bagel, and they seem more like "real" bagels. I like to toast one, and spread with wedge of Laughing Cow French Onion, for a 2 point "bagel and cream cheese" breakfast.. Skymom
  8. Thanks Amy, you're right I did find them, and at Shaw's as well! Today I bought some of the yellow cupcakes, to try, and they must have just stocked the shelves -- they were full of each variety. So far I prefer chocolate over carrot cake, and so I'm checking out the yellow cake ones to see if they're worth 2 points. Skymom
  9. MissMelanie, Is Beth the one in the front on the 3-mile that always makes a comment and then goes "wooo!". If so, I totally agree. I still like doing these older videos. Something about the music when it starts just gives me a happy feeling. Skymom
  10. I just started using the WATP videos this year. I had heard of them before, but I never was much of an exercise video type (more of a walking, walk/jog, nordic track elliptical type). I always thought WATP was a walking music tape, but when I saw how much folks liked it, and learned that is wasn't just a "music to listen to as you walk outside" thing, I gave it a try. I started witht he WATP 1, 2, & 3 mile DVD that Amazon has for $19.99. Loved it! I just got the Walk Slim set too, and started with the 3-mile the other day, which was good, but I liked the interval training in the 2-mile and 4-mile. Did the 4-mile this morning, and boy, did "I feel goood!". How do you count APs for these? The WW planner has points for the 1 and 2 mile original WATP videos, but not much more than a two mile program.. Anyway, I can't sign up for the 10-day program, not enough time to do this before work in the AM (I was off today), but I try to do these on weekends/days off. I'll be interested in seeing how I do this week, I've done a WalkSlim set each morning for the past 3, and will continue with the Nordic Track tomorrow - Friday.. I think this is great for bumping up the intensity -- and getting more exercise in with less time needed. Skymom
  11. I forgot to add that I had checked Saturday and nothing, and when I picked up mine today (around lunch time), they were almost cleaned out. I bet the Hostess delivery was this morning, and I'm sure they're cleaned out by now.. Skymom
  12. I found 'em! I had to run into the Shaws in my home town for a few items, and did my usual "fly by" of the Hostess section to see if there were any there. Bingo, there they were. I got a pack of the chocolate and a pack of the carrot cake. I plan to try the chocolate tonight. Carrot cake tomorrow. I have a plethora of 100 calorie packs (TJs, Keebler, Nabisco), probably enough to last till Summer! But I only have one per evening, and only if I have... exercised and have my 8 healthy guidelines covered that day. Variety is a good thing.. Skymom
  13. Thanks Lizzie and Meredi. I'll try asking at the local supermarkets, and will see if I can locate a SWM near me (right now the nearest one is an hour away, but one is supposed to open a little closer to me within a month.. wish there was one close..). I'll keep looking!
  14. I've checked every supermarket I shop at where I live, and have had zero success finding these (Central Massachusetts/Worcester area). I've been to Stop and Shop (more than 1), Hannaford (more than 1), Shaws (more than 1) and Market Basket. Came up empty. (This was over the course of the past week or so -- if I was near a market, I'd stop in to check...). Anyone find them in my neck of the woods? I'm sure once they arrive, you won't be able to swing a stick without hitting a display of them (kind of like how it is for the WW cakes now, when you couldn't get them before..). Skymom
  15. I liked it in my PB&J smoothie (1 c ff milk, 1 WW Vanilla smoothie packet, 3/4 c frozen strawberries, 2 T PB2). I checked the sugar content, since someone mentioned that it was on the ingredients list -- there is 1 g of sugar in 2 T (or about the equivalent of 1/4 tsp of sugar, or 4 calories worth). If you're using in 1 or 2 T amounts, that's a pretty insignificant amount of sugar -- you might want to check how much sugar is in 2 T of regular peanut butter, it's not uncommon to see a gram or two, sometimes more. I'd love to hear how the hummous comes out. It sounds great with some hot chili and coconut flavor -- like a peanut sauce for satay. Skymom
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