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  1. I have a calculator on line for points but would sure like to get one for 1/2 points & ETC. Guess I have to settle for the other. I'm staying OP but not losing. I lost some the 1st week but not now(2nd week) Thanks, Dar
  2. I see this poster knows what I am talking about with 1/2 or so points. I don't have the point slider thing they do. I used to have it as many years ago I went to WW. With 2 moves I no longer have it. Any idea how I can get more accurate point count without it or if one is somewhere on the net?I wish I had seen this post before I posted
  3. A few years ago when I was doing WW I had a point calculator (on the net) that gave the REAL point value. I can't find it now.. You would be surprised at the difference it can make. Does anyone know where I can find it. Using the calculator it can be off several points at the end of the day. There is a big difference in 1.1 & 1.9 points. Thanks, Dar
  4. I see my problem.. I was putting in 40 grams of fat(calories) instead of 14 grams. It still comes to 2 points or 4 for 2 teaspoons. What do U put in to get 1 point per teaspoon. Does olive oil have more fat grams? I think fat is fat. 2 points is better than 4 but I like 1 even better. Thanks for the answer, Dar
  5. I have a OIL question. My olive oil bottle states that 1 TBS is 120 calories & 120 fat. Divide that by 3 to make a teaspoon. That makes the oil 4 points & I believe the recommended amount is 2 teaspoons a day. That's 8 points of just oil. Then milk is 2 cups is a total of 4 points. That is 12 points of just oil & milk. That just leaves me 16 points for other food. I must be figuring something wrong. As the weight goes down so do the allowed points but the oil & milk points stay the same. That would make it hard to get enough food to satisfy you (me at least) I find it rough having 28 points.
  6. I am about to start WW again (1-1-10) I have a question about fiber. I know fiber is capped at 4 but I am eating Kashi hot cereal & eating 2 packs at a time. Can I count 4 for each pack for a total of 8 or do I only count 4 for both packs. I'm probably only doing wishful thinking... but it won't do any good to cheat..or harm to ask Thanks, Dar
  7. It has been awhile since I have been in WW & know things change now & then. Is points for 233 lbs still 26? Thanks, Dar
  8. Thanks plcm111195, For now I won't count extra. I have had a loss between 1/2 & 3 lbs most weeks. When I don't I usually know why
  9. I enjoy veggies & sometimes have them for snacks if I get hungry. My questions is.. how many veggies can I have & still count them as 0 points. I know in the older WW it was limited but have read somewhere that we can now have a many as we want.. is this true Thanks, Dar
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