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  1. Only males take things literally and question jokes (LOL). To tell you the truth I lose my wallet, keys and (what was the other thing?) more than my husband and am always blaming him or my son who just shake their heads. It's lucky that we are around to be the "not so typical"........................Lorisa
  2. OKAY, I've been playing every day since you posted this. Finally I got a 100%. I think my first time I got like 52%. I think Geography teachers should use this site. Now I can spend my time on something else. Thanks
  3. I like that changing the seating pattern. I have one of those set up the room each meeting meetings. Am thinking now of putting it in a couple of circles or just backward of my usual "rut" set up, then after a normal beginning saying "and how's that been working for ya ?" Thanks Klutzee, Victoria and Dr. Phil
  4. I put egg substitute (1pt) lettuce, tomatoe & salsa (0 pts each) in a 1 pt tortilla for a 2 pt breakfast burrito. With skim milk (2 pts) it fills me up.
  5. I'vd become adicted to feeding the model. Even got to the second level (not very far into it) I think it's called avoiding the Agent, who intercepts the food. It's more than a game 'cause it's hard to eat and play so it helps to stay OP> Thanks
  6. There is a lesson here just waiting for the right topic. Thank you so much.
  7. I love them. Never heard of a blueberry one sounds great. Have had white, wheat , cinamon and toasted onion. My very favorite way to prepare them is to toast them whole, then cut them in half. it really makes for a fresh bakery taste.
  8. UNBELIEVABLE I said red hammer and I have no idea why
  9. I like it. my favorite has got to be diet cherry coke. thanks for the syrup idea, Grace, because we do not get diet cherry here. Diet lime is a close 2nd.
  10. http://www.westernbagel.com/retail_locations.htm Try their web site. They are really good and adding new locations all the time.
  11. In a rodeo the mugger is the cowboy who is on foot and brings the roped steer the ground. The spelling was correct. The context made it funny.
  12. When my son, who was in the youth rodeo and a fan of rap music, had a 3rd grade assignment to write what he wanted to be when he grew up, answered "a mugger and raper." He's learned to spell since.
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