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  1. Wow. Those points sure added up. Bummer!
  2. I have a small salad here that I made. It's about 2 cups worth. Here's what I came up with: salad - 0 croutons (4 croutons) - 1 Low Fat Ranch (2 tbls) - 2 1 oz cheese (1 tbsp shreaded) - 2 Small piece of french bread (about the size of two fingers) - 1 I'm so bummed that my little salad is 6 points! Did I do this right?
  3. Yep. They were in the frozen food section at Safeway.
  4. I had one and thought it was great! They come in a packet of two and are only 3 points each. Great chocolate hit with a hint of caramel. Yum!
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